Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Halleluia! Jesus Christ is ALIVE! Come to HIM~


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

If you are feeling empty, alone, worried and concerned about the future, NOW is the TIME TO COME TO JESUS CHRIST! If you are in pain and sick or hurting, NOW is the time to come to Jesus for HEALING! If you are filled with fear over the things you sense are coming to America, COME TO JESUS CHRIST NOW.

Jesus Christ is HERE for YOUR pain, your sorrow, your needs, your fears. COME TO HIM NOW for everything you need and WILL need in the future and TODAY.

There is a time to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and POWER! And NOW is that time!

If you are a Christian, Jesus Christ wants to FILL you with HIS love and Divine Holy Spirit power and USE you for HIS GLORY! God needs laborers and workers for HIS kingdom. His work continues in spite of all we face in America today.

God knows how to bring His people through the fires of testing that we face, and He will NEVER leave YOU nor forsake YOU!

IF you need prayer, I spend hours in prayer each day. I fast continually. Send me an email to JesusChrist4ever@live.com and share your prayer needs. IF you are afraid of sending me an email due to government tracking, just create a new email account and give no personal information when you create it, send me your prayer requests, and they cannot track it back to you.

Many people tell me their spouses do not believe that these things will come to America. There is division in marriages over this critical issue. Some have told me they are sick. People have told me of all kinds of problems in their marriage, their families, their children, their 501-c-3 churches that they no longer attend, etc.

Please do not hesitate to share your prayer requests with me and I WILL PRAY! That is what this journalism/ministry is all about: it is a ministry to the people and Christians of this nation. NO price tag of filthy Illuminati currency called "money" is attached to my reporting or my ministry, ever. You receive my in-depth reporting free of charge, and my prayer and concern and Christian love free of charge as well. Woe unto those in ministry for the corrupt and unworthy motive of the dollar sign! I refuse to even have a bank account because of where the Illuminati banking system will take us and who is behind it.

You are LOVED and cared about in this hour. Jesus Christ LOVES and CARES FOR YOU!

IF you do not know Him, today is a wonderful day to come to HIM! God gave His Son Jesus Christ for the sins of the world, as the Messiah to the Jews, and as THE SAVIOR of the world to the GENTILES as well, as Scriptures promised.

Pray for my safety. I am praying for YOU!-Pamela Schuffert

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