Thursday, July 16, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

How many of you readers are overweight? Depressed? Discouraged? Major health issues?

How many of your KNOW that you would not stand a PHYSICAL chance IF the NWO were to declare MARTIAL LAW TODAY, and you had to defend yourself and your family, or go on foot with a backpack and survive on your own?

Due to traveling on the road (using fast foods frequently and too little exercise), I too have had to fight overweight problems as well. Finally, I turned to God in prayer and asked HIM HOW TO WIN THE BATTLE AGAINST THE WEIGHT PROBLEM! God answered with "GO VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC" and include walking and exercise and the weight will go.

Of course God said through the Apostle Paul that all things are lawful in eating, but Paul admitted that all things are not profitable! In today's world, the meat/milk/dairy industry are filled with hormones, antibiotics and chemicals, disease and MAD-COW DISEASE MUTATED PRIONS! ALL!

And the meat/dairy industry is not telling you this terrible truth.

It is not profitable for you to eat processed foods with chemicals, disease, MSG, carcinogens, non-nutritive dead ingredients, and more.

HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL GOING ORGANIC VEGETARIAN! Energy, no more colds and depression any more due to allergic reactions to meats, etc. I used to get a cold every month year long! NOW I get NO colds year long! It turns out that most of my "colds" were allergic reactions to meat and dairy and eggs. And NOW NONE! WINTER AFTER WINTER!

And should something seem to happen in my sinuses, I simply put MMS or quality hydrogen peroxide up each nostril and ear canal, from the health food store, and it kills the infection immediately topically.

I obeyed God's leading and quit the meat/milk/dairy foods completely. At first it was hard to give up all my favorite foods! Pizza, ice cream, meat, fast foods, etc. EVERYTHING had to go! I now use healthy vegetarian substitutes and THEY WORK!

And my weight is GOING! In fact much of it is gone. from size 24/26 to size 14!

I walk several miles a day daily, often with a weighted back pack.

I eat vegetarian organic daily.

I also juice! Juicing is wonderful! Juice organic fruit and vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables and carrots.

I use only healthy oils (unrefined and cold pressed) in cooking and avoid CANOLA and cottenseed (ALL GMO and dangerous now.)

Health is important in today's world. You cannot fight the enemy IF your health is poor and you are not feeling well. PLEASE TRY THIS MIRACLE OF VEGETARIAN ORGANIC!

AVOID SOY and all GMO foods completely!
They will make you SICK!

I used to think SOY was so good for you. But the industry LIED! SOY IS TERRIBLE! In fact, it used to bring on uncontrollable weeping depression when I drank/ate soy. Read on websites the horrors of SOY and eat/drink SOY NO MORE! And after I cut out all soy, much artificially-caused depression went. READ about soy!

Study the DANGERS OF GMO FOODS. And make sure you check labels to avoid all GMO foods.

Because you ARE what you eat...literally!

There are many vegetarian organic websites out there today...go visit them today and be BLESSED!

-Pamela Schuffert

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