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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

UPDATED-July 28th, 2009- I just spent time walking the streets of ASHEVILLE NC during BEL CHERE their street festival. GOD MOVED MIGHTILY! I was on both local RADIO and TELEVISION. One local live broadcasting station interviewed me for my reporting on MARTIAL LAW/NWO and prisoner boxcars with shackles there. The announcer admitted that he had just received an email telling him about PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES in Asheville sighted once again, even as he interviewed me live. One man listening to me, had his own public television broadcast on local public network. He filmed me for 10 minutes on my research in this city and will broadcast it on the local network.

God also used my prayers throughout the city, with my heavy RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS worn around my neck in honor of the Christians who will MEET THEIR UNTIMELY END on the railroad tracks of this region in the prisoner boxcars with shackles. I walked those streets and prayed for many hours during BEL CHERE and also witnessed to many in the booths with tarot cards and palm reading and other pagan occult practices as they waited for customers in their booths at BEL CHERE. AND THEY LISTENED!

And many wanted my blog address as well. PRAY FOR THIS PAGAN MECCA, this BABYLON of the southeast, for GOD TO BRING SALVATION as never before here.-Pamela Schuffert reporting live on location

God bless you today! I am writing to you from the region of America called ASHEVILLE NC. Asheville is known for being a part of the Bible Belt in the Carolinas. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is lovely here! God is doing many things here that are wonderful in many lives. Revival happens here. Lives get changed.

However, Asheville is also known for the lost souls therein. There are many pagans, wiccans, and dark people. They all need your prayers!Please pray for the MANY lost in this area.

Oh, golly, let me dispense with politeness and southern diplomacy and sugary niceness so gooey here. In reality, Asheville REEKS of hard-core, human-sacrificing, child-raping and dismembering, crucifying and torturing, cannibalizing hard-core satanists/Illuminati, from the county courthouse on down.

The police and sheriff's departments are all infiltrated with satanists to cover up the bad guys, including the SBI (state bureau of investigation.) The North Carolina Bureau of Victim Justice warned me of all this personally when I went to investigate and uncover satanic crime here years ago. They told me to never trust the police here, because of so much infiltration for cover up.

Only 5 minutes from where I am staying at beautiful Montreat, NC, (where my church is a a lovely retreat as well) the satanists of this region set up an elaborate abduction attempt on my life in 1995, which THANKS BE TO GOD and MUCH PRAYER failed. I spoke to my father's former satanist high priest, from when he was involved in Virginia Beach, VA, and interviewed him at Bradenton Christian retreat in Florida in 1998.

He used to run with the satanists of Asheville, NC, in fact. I asked him WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME if they had succeeded in abducting me in Ridgecrest, NC. Jericho replied,

"Pam, they had a RYDER rental truck waiting to haul you away, with shackles and duct tape and a knock out drug (common satanist abduction teams materials for restraining the victims.) They were gonna abduct you and haul you to the great satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, nail you to a cross and 'teach you a little lesson' for daring to interfere with them...."

TO see just how much "I interfered" with them, go to and read about the ASHEVILLE SATANISM and my wild adventures that eventually led to my having to leave the Carolinas completely. IN fact, Jericho confirmed this one day while I interviewed him in Florida. He said,

"Take my word for it...NEVER return to those mountains ever again! I just got back, and both the satanists and the Feds wanna put a bullet through your head...they say you KNOW TOO MUCH and you TALK TOO MUCH. Your investigating and reporting and exposing them has done more to shake up their satanist world there than ANYTHING ELSE has ever done...deep into the very heart of the Smoky Mountains. NEVER GO BACK!" I told him at that time I had not intention of returning....unless led by God. Which I am at this time for a season. Read the above article to understand WHY God has brought me back.

The famed BILTMORE ESTATE here was built and owned by the VANDERBILT ILLUMINATI CULT. It is a major tourist attraction, yet as Texe Marrs revealed, and I can confirm, it is a SATANIST mansion, with satanic carvings and symbols, a table for a coven of thirteen, and much more. All aspire to be the "rich, the elite and the powerful" like the VANDERBILTS, and so become satanists like them for filthy corrupt power and money.

IT IS HERE that Jericho also confirmed that PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES await the unfortunate Christians who get arrested here under martial law. He confirmed that my reporting was accurate about them here, that they had chains and a modern GUILLOTINE in each prisoner boxcars. He confirmed where I suspected they were being stored, although he admitted they were relocated to avoid public sighting.

Jericho then paused and said, "And the PRISONER BOXCARS in Asheville have ONE MORE THING in them besides chains and guillotines...." I rolled my eyes and answered sarcastically, "Yes, and what would THAT be...SATANIC ALTARS even???"

He was shocked and said, "HOW do YOU know?" I replied, "Because I know the insane hearts of the satanists in THOSE MOUNTAINS! I researched and reported on them for years!NOTHING is too crazy for them to think of or do! I guess that means they won't even reach the FEMA camps alive, between guillotines and the satanic altars to sacrifice the Christians on...." (As "one more sacrifice" to get power from satan to bring down their NEW WORLD ORDER!

Christians in America (and ASHEVILLE, NC), WHAT HAVE I BEEN WARNING YOU ABOUT for 13 years now! WAKE UP!)

Jericho looked at me seriously and said, "You are correct."

And these is so much more I could say with utter revulsion and disgust and great sorrow about this city, Asheville, NC, and her surrounding mountains.

Pray for these wretchedly lost and miserable Satanist/Illuminati souls to get saved and to turn to Jesus Christ today. Pray against the many prisoner boxcars with shackles here in the region. Pray against the guillotines in the boxcars. Pray against the satanic altars in the boxcars. Pray against their NWO agenda in this region. It is very big and dangerous here. They are poised for MARTIAL LAW and contacts with family members in the City Council and other former insiders told me so.

PRAY FOR PROTECTION of the Christians in this region under martial law!

And frankly, this is the NWO/Illuminati pattern ACROSS AMERICA in city after city and region. PRAY AGAINST ALL THIS IN YOUR REGION AS WELL!

However, God's holy judgment is COMING TO THIS REGION!Great earthquakes are coming to these bloody mountains and city! G0d has given prophecies and visions of earthquakes and judgment in this region to MANY Christian groups! Russian Christians and local Christians as well, including a man of God BILL THURMOND. His wife had a vision of the buildings in Asheville fallen as if by a great EARTHQUAKE!

God said to Bill in 1992, "The longer I wait for these people to repent and they do not, the greater their judgment will be when it comes!" God was speaking of the people into the occult and the dark side and their many abominations in this region. His wife then saw the buildings of Asheville COLLAPSED! Russian Christians living here have also seen the mountains FALL and collapse here as well in visions.

IT is not without reason that Jesus warned of GREAT EARTHQUAKES in DIVERSE places in these End Times.

These mountains around ASHEVILLE NC with their many abominations are truly worthy of judgment.Read all about it:

Pray for my safety here. The article above explains where I am here for a season. And may God bring us ALL through the FEMA EXERCISES happening in FEMA REGION 6 this month, July 2009. PRAY it does not lead into FULL BLOWN MARTIAL LAW!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting

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