Tuesday, May 3, 2016


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

May 3rd, 2016-

Well, friends and readers, SUMMER IS HERE! The weather is great, and it is time for ANOTHER 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE, both from WITHIN and from WITHOUT. 

There are those Americans who are looking to various political figures to "save America." Some are hailing Trump as America's new "savior". Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and many more are vying for power and pushing their various agendas for the USA.

However, I would like to state the following: a nation consists primarily OF HER PEOPLE. Political figures only account for a tiny minority. Truthfully, it is up to EVERY AMERICAN to help SAVE AMERICA. And that begins with BEING SAVED THEMSELVES.


"If my people, who are called by My name, shall HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY, and seek my face and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then shall I hear from heaven, FORGIVE THEIR SINS and HEAL THEIR LAND."-2nd Chronicles 7:14

Although the US history revisionists would LOVE to rewrite GOD OUT OF AMERICAN HISTORY, truth and historical facts will not permit this. MANY OF AMERICA'S FOUNDERS WERE INDEED GOD-FEARING CHRISTIANS who came to these shores to found A NATION UNDER GOD AND HIS COMMANDMENTS.

I know, because my godly Pilgrim ancestors were among those who came to this continent in 1620, fleeing persecution for their faith in England. 

However, today in America there are the communists/leftists, the fascists and many other godless groups across America which are seeking to utterly obliterate GOD and Biblical guidance from America...from her schools and learning institutions...from our military...from the media...and in fact from every sector of society.

What happens when a nation turns from the Living God, to their own wicked ways called SIN??? As the Bible reveals repeatedly, that nation is DOOMED to judgment in many forms: war, plagues, famine, oppressive tyrannies and more.

But thankfully, GOD HAS A REMNANT ACROSS NORTH AMERICA! God is never known for only working through a MAJORITY! 

Biblical history tells us that God uses HIS MINORITY in every generation, those who are His genuine "called, chosen and faithful" who know and love Him and keep His commandments, who have come to Him by faith in His wonderful Son, Jesus Christ, God's ANSWER to SIN in the world we live in. 

Apart from Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, NO person can come to a holy and unseen God. As the Bible reveals, our sin shave separated us from a holy God. And the only way for SIN to be removed from any one's life, is to receive FORGIVENESS OF SINS provided through JESUS CHRIST His Son. 

Jesus died on the cross, 2000 years ago, to suffer the punishment that we ALL deserve for our sins from a righteous God. This was GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION for mankind, that His Son would die for the sins of the world, to save all mankind from their sins at last. And when people REPENT of their sins and come to God through receiving Jesus Christ, THEY BECOME CHANGED PEOPLE! SAVED from sin and it's power, and can never be the same again.

READERS, THIS ALONE IS WHAT WILL "SAVE AMERICA"! No corrupt and money-bought politician of today has the power to rescue America from where she is heading. Only the power of Almighty God, through Jesus Christ His Son, has the power to RESCUE AMERICA from utter destruction.

There are those who say that GUNS WILL SAVE AMERICA. 

However, I would like to point out that in many Islamic nations today, for example, there are PLENTY of guns. 

But look carefully: have those weapons brought PEACE  to any of those nations? NO! Guns and bullets and bombs have NOT saved nor rescued those nations. Rather, such weapons have only caused war and fighting to ESCALATE, leaving many innocent victims maimed and dead in it's deadly wake.

While there is a time and place for the use of justifiable force to protect the innocent from law-breakers, a gun should be only a final resort when all else has failed and there is no other option available. Weapons of self defense can only maim or kill: THEY CANNOT CHANGE THE HEARTS OF MAN NOR SAVE ETERNAL SOULS.

The BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN SOLUTION to the problems of this world and AMERICA, BEGINS WITH JESUS CHRIST and His teachings, and NOT with guns!

What does America face today? Economic collapse! Danger of military attack by foreign powers, due to greedy US hegemony agendas throughout the world. The potential for great EARTHQUAKES is always present in America. And so much more.

Truly, it is TIME for me to undertake another PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA, to pray over various regions, and to LIFT UP AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE AND DESTINY IN PRAYER. 

I will be traveling soon, and distributing Christian literature and Bibles and tracts as well throughout my upcoming journey of faith and prayer for our nation.

Please pray with me for AMERICA'S DESTINY, and the salvation of over 300 MILLION of her people as well. 

Every God-fearing American should be praying over AMERICA, from coast to coast, and border to border. It's YOUR nation, and it's YOUR future, America! Don't let YOUR future be determined by a bunch of corrupt and godless, money-bought politicians who are being used by satan to lead this nation into tyranny and destruction! 

America was founded by God-fearing people who put their trust and hope in God and His eternal word, and it will be RESCUED by the same Almighty God, Whose divine providence led to the creation of this nation from her beginning.

Thank you for your prayers for my safety and protection on this journey. I hope to meet some of you on the way!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert
Your support is needed for this outreach! I have stepped out in faith, quitting my part-time job, and am now trusting completely in God's provision through His people to help make this all possible. Thank you!

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