Monday, February 8, 2016

The Most Important Thing....


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout the past twenty years, I have been publishing my reports on several websites regarding the perilous future millions of Americans face. My research to uncover the truth has taken me across this nation, and all over the world as well.

I now have countless readers from all over the world who follow my reporting.

I have interviewed former NWO globalists, who have become whistleblowers, now intent on warning people of what is planned for America. Such insider sources have included military, intelligence community, and people from many sectors of society who all have a story to tell and information to release to the public at last.

Some are still alive, and others have been murdered by the US government for daring to expose the truth. Still others have gone underground after sharing their dark secrets about where America is being taken by the shadow government and the NWO agenda.

However, after 20 long and intense, often painful and dangerous years spent living on the road at times to travel and research and report to the American people, I have finally come full circle to THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCLUSION  A PERSON CAN COME TO AFTER REVIEWING SUCH INFORMATION.
"Follow Me."

My conclusion is that NOTHING can be more important than a person's personal relationship with Almighty God, IF one hopes to overcome the incredible darkness soon to come  upon America.

ONLY BY WALKING WITH AN ALMIGHTY GOD through faith in Jesus Christ, can anyone dare HOPE to overcome and survive the horrors that are rapidly coming upon America and the world as well. 

What good does it do for anyone, to follow numerous alternative news websites and reporters who have all "the inside scoops, but NOT to have a relationship with the ONLY ONE WHO CAN PROVIDE SOLUTIONS TO THE COMING HOLOCAUST?

Knowledge of things to Hell is the eternal end of all come cannot save you from them! You can read alternative news websites and listen to such radio broadcasts or YOUTUBE videos hour after hour, but STILL not have the answers you need to cope with such coming crises.

And because many people will tragically die under the chaos coming to North America, it is critical that everyone receive the GIFT OF GOD of ETERNAL SALVATION from their sins, found ONLY through coming to Jesus Christ, Who died to save mankind from their sins and the penalty of sin, which is ETERNAL DAMNATION.
HEAVEN is the eternal destiny of ALL 
who repent and receive Jesus Christ

HEAVEN is real, and HELL is real, and you will spend eternity in either one place or the other after you die! Why not guarantee yourself the ultimate victory that all the forces of hell cannot take away? Jesus promised that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE!
Hell is the eternal end of all who reject God's mercy and salvation

Yes, knowledge of Almighty God and Jesus Christ, Savior of mankind, CAN save you and preserve you throughout the uncertain times to come! This is the overwhelmingly GOOD NEWS that every reader needs to know and understand.

In fact, every truthseeker needs to BEWARE of the trap of what is called "military psy-ops" (psychological warfare) cloaked in SOME "alternative news" websites. 

There are actually writers PAID by the US government and military to write "alternative news" articles allegedly "exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER" and things to expect in the future.

However, they then begin to paint a picture so grim and overwhelmingly terrifying of what the future holds, that many Americans then begin to conclude all is HOPELESS, and then adapt a defeatist mentality. 

This is exactly what the US government and military WANTS the public to do! 

They want Americans defeated in mind and spirit BEFORE the anticipated conflict even commences under a planned martial law takeover of America by the forces of oppression of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.


Wherever there is FAITH IN GOD, there is HOPE! 

The God of the Bible is ALMIGHTY! He FOREVERMORE  remains GREATER than all the dark plans of Lucifer and the NWO elitists and their wicked agenda of a world government, including their plans for America.

Unknown to many Americans, there are many factions in America struggling daily to impose their various agendas upon this nation and her inhabitants. 

There are the Nazi fascists who came pouring into America through the CIA and "OPERATION PAPERCLIP" following WW II, bringing with them their ongoing agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Various Nazi leaders decided in the Wannsee Conference that IF the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda failed to be established worldwide through Germany, they would then transplant the entire NEW WORLD ORDER agenda to the USA. AND THEY DID!

Most Americans have no concept of just how far they have succeeded in their hidden agendas for America. The dark truth is frightening, as I personally have discovered. 

I have uncovered and reported on many aspects of their agenda for America, which includes America's own infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles reminiscent of Nazi death trains in Germany, designed to haul all opponents of the Nazi regime to their untimely and brutal deaths in the concentration camps.

In fact, this is one of the reasons I named my blog," AMERICAN HOLOCAUST COMING." And as I write this article, only minutes from where I sit there have been numerous and confirmed eye-witness sightings of modern day prisoner boxcars with shackles uncovered in this region of North America. 

Government insiders I have interviewed confirmed that these prisoner boxcars will some day be used to haul millions of innocent Americans to their untimely deaths in the detention camps of America. Their only real crime will be that they have been secretly profiled as being opposed to the NWO takeover of America under martial law. Sadly, history is known to repeat itself, and this time it will be upon American soil.

Another faction working fervently to establish their control and agenda over America are this nation's leftists/Marxists/Communists/liberals. The Communists of America work feverishly day and night to bring their own version of "the NEW WORLD ORDER" to America. 

One trademark of this faction is that they HATE the God of the Bible and those who worship Him, the Christians. Annihilation of Christianity is one of their major world goals, including crushing Christianity throughout North America.

Under Bolshevik Communism as it emerged in Russia initially, tens of MILLIONS of innocent Christians were attacked, arrested, persecuted and martyred under their brutal tyranny. Churches were razed to the ground. Christian Bibles were seized and burned and forbidden to be printed. Christians were rounded up and sent to the brutal GULAGS in Siberia, to die slow and tortuous deaths for their faith in God and Jesus Christ. 

WARNING: the Communist agenda has NEVER changed, and America's Communists are now well entrenched in the US government, military, the educational system of America, the media and more. And just as their ancestors persecuted the Christians of the former Soviet Union in the past, the same type of horrific persecutions are planned for ALL opponents of Communism in America in the future.

There are other factions also struggling to control the destiny of America and her people.

However, AGAIN, I need to emphasize to ALL MY READERS, that knowledge of all this cannot SAVE you from such things planned to come! It is not knowledge of the PROBLEM that ultimately saves, but rather knowledge of THE SOLUTION instead.

The knowledge that YOU NEED to bring you triumphantly through the dark times we face in America today, is the KNOWLEDGE OF ALMIGHTY GOD and His wonderful Son, Jesus Christ. SALVATION IS FOUND IN HIM ALONE! Refuge and safety can only be found in an Almighty God and Savior, GREATER than all the forces of hell that are warring against the people of the world and this nation.

Many of you are weary, in fact, from reading numerous alternative news websites, filled with grim forecasts for the future. Such reports have caused many of you to be filled with a sense of hopelessness, of inner defeat, and depression as well.

NONE OF THIS IS OF GOD! God's precious Word brings HOPE to mankind in the midst of darkness, JOY in the midst of tribulation, and A REASON TO LIVE when all seems hopeless and dark around you.

And THIS is what I ultimately want my website to be all about. 

Yes, I must share with you the BAD news at various times, so that you may understand what America and the world faces. 

However, I also want to counterbalance that with the OVERWHELMING GOOD NEWS from the promises of God, bringing true hope and inspiration to all my readers.

Does America potentially face economic crisis and even collapse? YES. 
God's eternal promises cannot fail!

But the GOOD NEWS is, that Jesus Christ, God's Son, promises  His believers that He will be with us through dark times, and bring us safely through to VICTORY. God promises to supply ALL our needs as we place our trust in Him!

Can persecution and tribulation come to God's people in North America? Yes, and it will manifest some day, as I have reported throughout the years. 

However, Jesus promises that WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS and that all who trust in Him SHALL OVERCOME THE DARKNESS and emerge triumphant!

Wherever there is FAITH IN GOD, there is also HOPE

My fellow Christians, simply REFUSE to allow your faith to be dampened by grim reports of "things to come." While such information may be true, it can always be counterbalanced by the GREATER truths contained in the eternal WORD OF GOD!

Instead, remember that there has ALWAYS been turmoil in the world for thousands of years, and there will always be until Jesus Christ RETURNS to set up His wondrous millennial Kingdom for 1,000 years of PEACE ON EARTH wherein His people shall reign with Him in righteousness.

Christians have been persecuted throughout the world for 2,000 years now. And yet, that persecution has failed to destroy the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and the testimony of Jesus Christ and His people! With every generation, millions of people are turning to God and the Bible for hope, and to Jesus Christ for salvation and miracles. God's kingdom remains an everlasting kingdom, and is not shaken by the mere temporal events of the affairs foo this world.


This then is the most important message I can send to my readers in this hour of America's uncertain destiny: KEEP YOUR EYES UPON THE TRUTH OF ALMIGHTY GOD! Take the hand of Jesus Christ His Son by faith, and trust Him to lead you safely through the challenging times, both in America and throughout the world as well.

REFUSE to be consumed and disheartened by the bad reports that fill many websites on the Internet today. FOCUS INSTEAD on the eternal promises of the Word of God and the HOPE to be found as you TRUST IN HIM.

I encounter people every single day who are depressed, discouraged and disillusioned by the negative news they are reading daily. And sadly, that includes CHRISTIANS as well. They fail to live joyful and victorious lives, because their focus is on the wrong things! 

If you will focus on the PROMISES OF GOD and that which is uplifting and brings hope, you will find that the darkness is shattered by the glorious LIGHT OF FAITH IN GOD that will guide you safely to VICTORY!

Personally, I refuse to live a defeated life, filled with depression and fear of the future.  20 years of researching the things planned to come to America has not been able to destroy my faith nor my hope in God and His promises!

Instead, I choose to begin every day with praise to my Living God and Father in heaven, coming to Him through my faith in Jesus Christ, Who has redeemed me unto God by His precious blood. Jesus Christ has already purchased my victory over this wicked world when He died on the cross to redeem me from my sins!

As the Bible says, "Who is he that OVERCOMES THE WORLD, but he that believes that JESUS IS THE CHRIST?" The Apostle John writes, " You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN YOU, than he that is in the world." 

The all-victorious Christ dwells within the heart and life of EVERY Believer. And the victory He has achieved over this dark world, is OURS by faith as well! Refuse to look at the darkness, and instead focus on THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Jesus Christ.

And remember the words of Jesus: "With GOD, all things are possible." Yes, you CAN experience peace and joy in the times we live in. Yes, you CAN receive the grace from God needed to live a victorious life in this hour. GOD'S WORD SAYS SO!

My message, though filled with truth about many things we face in America today, is also filled with the GREATER TRUTH from God's Word that will NEVER pass away.

CHOOSE TO KEEP YOUR EYES ON ALMIGHTY GOD AND HIS ETERNAL PROMISES. Walk closely with Jesus Christ His Son. This way, you will never be moved from your faith, ever. 

And someday, you will emerge from this dark world, to stand victorious before the Son of God, safely surrounded by Heaven's glories AT LAST. 

"But he that endures to the end, 
the same shall be saved."

Mark 11:22

~Jesus Christ~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, continuing to "earnestly contend for the Faith."

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