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-Many researchers no longer believe "Jade Helm" 
is merely "a drill" but is GOING LIVE!-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have now been spending hours daily researching JADE HELM 15 for my readers, viewing YOUTUBE posts and articles from many alternative news websites, such as INTELLIHUB, THE DAILY SHEEPLE, RENSE, DAVE HODGES, INFOWARS, and many other sources besides. I also spend, of course, much time in prayer about all of this. 

The implications for millions of Americans, innocent by all pre-existent laws in America, of this coming down as a live military operation across America is serious and quite ominous. 

The US military claims that they will be "practicing" their operations from 12 midnight to 4 AM every night. yet...they are also claiming that they are performing this exercise to familiarize Americans with the military operating in their neighborhoods and regions in America. 

HOW CAN AMERICANS "BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE US MILITARY", when their operations are taking place at THOSE hours, when most people are SLEEPING!!!

This in itself is clear evidence that this is no mere drill. I was warned 20 years ago when I first began this reporting on MARTIAL LAW FOR AMERICA, that near the time MARTIAL LAW as about to be triggered and declared, they would have MASSIVE ARRESTS NATIONWIDE of millions of Americans already secretly profiled to be political or religious "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER" globalist agenda for our nation.

My many reports on this important subject can still be found on the Internet, dating many years back. Here is just ONE example:

It makes for great information, and I recommend you read the above.

Below is a YOUTUBE VIDEO link from a knowledgeable military source, Lt. Col. Potter, who explains that JADE HELM is, in fact, going to be the military operation to round up and arrest everyone on various government and military lists of people secretly designated for arrest, removal and termination under martial law, either as political or religious opponents of the NWO agenda for America, plus related opponents.

The US military and government has prepared for a long time (at least 20 years) for the NWO MARTIAL LAW AGENDA and takeover of our nation, America. It is not something you can accomplish overnight! 

During this time, the US government has been massively spying upon the America people as the revelations of EDWARD SNOWDEN and others has made abundantly clear. How can they otherwise find out which America will go along with their NWO agenda, and who will refuse and fight it???

This is WHY your phone calls, emails, websites and other information sources have been heavily spied upon and monitored by the US government throughout recent decades. This has resulted in massive computer data banks of Americans already profiled as "NWO resisters" and secretly marked for ARREST and TERMINATION AT THE FEMA/DHS CAMPS.

 They are NOT merely looking  for only "terrorists" in the phony "war against terror," but they have been searching for POTENTIAL "RESISTERS OF THE NWO" to later arrest and remove from the American scene, and send them TO THE CAMPS.

WHERE will the military then take the hapless, innocent Americans they arrest, labeled "NWO resisters"??? FEMA/DHS detention camps, above and under the ground, have been quietly established for this very purpose. Also, many closed US military bases have been retrofitted and prepared for such use as well.

My CIA/ONI source Michael Maholy told me over the phone one day in 1995. When I mentioned to him how I was disturbed about reports of "concentration" (detention) camps in America, he replied with confidence:

"Oh, all us in the CIA know about the detention camps in America! We ALL know they are TO TERMINATE THE 'RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER' AS IT COMES DOWN IN AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."

Shock and silence. I remembering thinking about that word "TERMINATE" that he used. I replied, "Michael, do you mean that there are Americans willing to terminate their fellow Americans, all because of an ideological difference...?"

He replied, "YES! And it is not so much because they BELIEVE in the NWO, but rather because they have been given such promises of PAYRAISE AND PROMOTION by their superiors that..."

Incredulous, I interrupted, "Yes...that they would be willing to even execute their own grandmothers!" He replied affirmative. I felt sick and sad within as I thought about this. I had previously studied the Holocaust of Nazi Germany , and also the Bolshevik Communist holocaust of tens of millions of innocents in Russia, many of them Christians.
Nazi extermination camp WW II

So THAT'S what it's finally coming down to in America today! People willing to arrest and execute the innocent, all for payraise and promotion and to keep the killing machinery running smoothly! Just like in Hitler's Nazi Germany...just like in the horrific Soviet gulags! Only THIS time, it will be IN AMERICA (and CANADA TOO.)

Based upon my many years of in-depth research and interviews of former insiders and whistleblowers, I fully believe that the people who will be arrested under JADE HELM, or MARTIAL LAW, will be then taken either to the many PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES now ominously pre-positioned across America and Canada. 
Nazi extermination camp prisoner train WW II

These boxcars will then take these unfortunate prisoners to the many FEMA/DHS or military base detention camps, both ABOVE and UNDER the ground, to be sorted out and dealt with accordingly. Prisoner buses and prisoner planes will also be used, I was told.

I was warned by another former CIA insider that the MOST HATED PEOPLE GROUP IN AMERICA were THE CHRISTIANS. 

"We NWO planners in the CIA hated the Christians more than any other group in America, because we knew above all that Christians would never accept our NWO agenda for America." [More later about WHY.] 

"...So we sat around discussing how to get RID of the Christians in America. We finally came up with a plan to send them to detention camps..." My source said TERMINATION, again, and NOT merely "detention." Remember: there are NOT enough FEMA/DHS CAMPS in North America to possibly "detain" the tens of millions they plan to arrest and send to the camps under martial law. They will be required to get rid of the prisoners as quickly and efficiently as possible to make room for the next batch of victims...just like Hitler's death camps.

Many Christians in America have scoffed that this could ever happen. But in many nations within the past one hundred years, there are many precedents. How can Christians forget that under cruel and antichrist Bolshevik COMMUNISM, up to 60 MILLION Christians were ruthless arrested and sent to the horrific GULAGS and labor camps of the former Soviet Union?

There, they suffered horrific abuse including starvation, torture, rape, and murder. I can never forget. I personally worked with many Russian and Slavic Christians throughout the years, learned the Russian language, and used to write letters of encouragement to the Christians in the Gulags. I spent many hours in prayer for them as well. Slavic Christians told me all about the many horrors they are their ancestors suffered under many decades of godless, antichrist COMMUNISM. 

Suffering Christians are always close to my heart.

So you don't THINK this could ever happen in America??? Read carefully the following LIST OF POTENTIAL TERRORISTS IN AMERICA AS DEFINED BY DHS, the future tool of communist-patterned oppression in America under Martial Law.

What people types do lists like this contain? 

-Believers in End Time Prophecy (Christians!)
-"Conspiracy theorists"
-Patriotic Americans
-Those interested in "defeating Communism"
-Those that want to "make the world a better place..."
...And never forget the Fundamentalist Christians, so hated by the NWO!

Etc., ad nauseum. You get the picture by now. The above list sure reads like a Communist hit list! But NWO fascists also feel threatened by the same types of good, religious and Patriotic Americans also.

But let's get real: none of the above people-types listed above are true "TERRORISTS"! In fact, they are the kinds of good people, which the corrupt and satanic adherents of FASCIST and COMMUNIST NWO agendas love to HATE. 
Thank God for good, Patriotic and God-fearing Americans!

Good Patriotic Americans are no threat to GOOD and UPRIGHT leaders in the US government! Both Fascism and Communism fall directly under the title of "Satan's kingdom." BOTH have satanic occult roots and masterminds behind them, especially the Illuminati and their bankers. 

Both fascism and communism are simply fronts for the Satanists/Illuminati of the NWO agenda for the world...or Satan's kingdom manifested here on earth. Both are merely tools for the advancement of the world government under Lucifer, as described in Revelation 13. 

Unfortunately, we  have both of these anti-christ/anti-freedom groups heavily infiltrated into the power bases of North America, up into the White House itself, working hard for their NWO agenda and the overthrow of the Constitutional Republic and national sovereignty, and  fighting for the destruction of the Christian powerbases in America, as well as opposing our American Christian Heritage.
America's true Christian Heritage can never be denied nor re-written.

Many things are now happening quickly across our nation, North America. I have read reports and seen photographs of massive movements of military equipment in various parts of America. 

Strange unexplainable WALMART CLOSINGS in the JADE HELM REGION, now seemingly linked with the DHS and underground tunnels, indicate something is coming quickly because of how quickly their employees were laid off, and the stores closed down, now indefinitely.
Strange abrupt WALMART CLOSINGS across the nation

I have personally been forced to conclude by all this strange activity across America, with more suspicious events unfolding every day, that JADE HELM will become far MORE than a mere practice "drill." 

(And I pray every day that I AM WRONG!)

My great concern is that only AFTER it begins under the pretense of "a drill," that many innocent Americans will find their homes being invaded  in the wee hours of morning, and themselves and their families arrest by night and taken away to the prisoner boxcars, trains and buses, to be taken to FEMA/DHS camps, to never be heard from again. 

Some MAY be "DETAINED" and "RE-EDUCATED" as "salvageable" (people perhaps on the BLUE LIST). But as everyone who has studied the Bible knows, Christians cannot be "re-educated" to NOT believe in and confess and obey Jesus Christ! And I am one of those Christians! 

True disciples of Jesus Christ have understood the COST OF DISCIPLESHIP, and that is TO CONFESS JESUS BEFORE OTHERS, AND TO BE WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR FAITH. This is the legacy of true discipleship Christianity for 2000 years now, and the requirements of Jesus Christ for maintaining our salvation HAVE NEVER CHANGED.

~Matthew 16:24-25~

"If anyone would come after, let that person take up their cross, deny self, and follow ME. For whoever wishes to save their life, the same shall lose it. But whosoever shall lose their life for My sake and the sake of the Gospel, the same shall find it."

Christians of America, and all those who suspect their names MIGHT be "on the list," use this grace time to PREPARE YOUR HEARTS NOW FOR WHAT MIGHT LAY AHEAD in America's near future. Christians, seek God for the grace to remain steadfast in your faith to the end.

If you do not yet have salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ, GET IT NOW! You will need the grace and help of Almighty God to bring you through the times that are to come to America. I testify without apology, that many people will die in the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

If you DIE without your sins forgiven and without Jesus in your life, YOU WILL PERISH FOREVER with NO SECOND CHANCE. So reach up and RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST TODAY INTO YOUR LIFE! You will be glad you did. 

I am thankful to this very day, that I received Jesus Christ as my Savior 43 years ago...and every year has been better than the previous, with JESUS IN MY LIFE!

There is no better time to prepare for ETERNITY, than NOW! "TODAY is the day of salvation."

"You need not fear what the future holds, 
when you know Him Who holds YOUR future
...Jesus Christ."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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