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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

You know, the Internet can be a wonderful tool for research. Whether it is used to health issues, or to find where to purchase something, or studying a particular subject, I thank God for the help that the Internet, and often Google, provides for me at times.
However, the dark side of GOOGLE and all other SEARCH ENGINES, is the fact that the Internet can be used as ONE MASSIVE GRAFFITI BOARD. I learned many years ago, that NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS ACTUAL TRUTH. (Duh!)
For example, GOOGLE up "Jesus Christ," and you will find websites declaring He was "a homosexual," or "NOT the Son of God", or that "Jesus never existed," etc. 
Because you found it ON GOOGLE and the Internet, does it automatically make it TRUTH? NO!
Anyone can say whatever they want to on the Internet...and THEY DO! There is NO "TRUTH PATROL" (as of yet) on the Internet! Everyone MUST perform further research on ANY subject, to confirm what they read about online.
Many years ago, when I first began my investigative journalism, the U.S. government apparently felt threatened by names and facts I was uncovering and revealing. 
They struck back with COINTELPRO against me, or DELIBERATE SLANDER/LIBEL against me appearing at times on the Internet by various writers. Their accusations were deliberately inflammatory and negative, HOPING to turn the opinions of readers in the USA against me and to TRY to make my reporting lack credibility by attacking my character, etc.
It greatly saddened me to watch as naive people, who NEVER took the time to personally contact me and ASK if these accusations were TRUE, then simply parroted what they had read, and reposted such libel, never performing actual research to SEE IT THIS WAS TRUE ABOUT ME.
THIS then is WHY I warn people that IF they GOOGLE up my name, they WILL occasionally find negative articles filled with false accusations, or with libel and derogatory statements, published with the deliberate intent to discredit my reporting to the American people. This is standard government procedure.
Furthermore, Jesus declared that WE ARE BLESSED whenever we are persecuted and malicious accusations are made against us for His Name's sake. This happened to Jesus Christ, and He promised it WILL happen to His people when they take a stand for righteousness' sake. 
Jesus further warned us when He said, "WOE UNTO YOU, when ALL PEOPLE SPEAK WELL OF YOU, for so men spake of the false prophets which were before you..."
I seriously wish more Christians understood and believed His Word!
I was deeply saddened one day when a pastor's wife, whom I had known for 20 years, took aside a friend of mine, to then attack my character solely BASED UPON WHAT COINTELPRO PAID GOVERNMENT WRITERS had written against me on the Internet. 
My friend was also saddened when he heard her slander me after church that day. He knew it was not true. 
I was forced to later confront this pastor's wife about this, and she apologized to me in tears when she FINALLY understood what slander articles like this really were all about.
So IF you ever encounter such defamatory articles written about me on the Internet, and have any questions, MESSAGE ME by email or FACEBOOK, and I will be happy to give you any answers you may feel the need to know, BEFORE you begin to spread such COINTELPRO around to others, "Oh, did you read THIS on the Internet...?"
Christians, wake up and be mature on issues such as this. I also wish more Christians believed what Jesus declared, about giving an account for every careless word uttered, in the DAY OF JUDGMENT.
GET THE FACTS FIRST...or you may end up hurting innocent people, and thus unwittingly fulfill the devil's plan of attack against God's children. The Communists used this tactic when persecuting Christians in Russia, putting them on trial under false charges and then imprisoning them as well
Yes, I have suffered throughout my career because of such attacks, especially when Christians (who should know better from Scriptures) have become guilty of this as well. But I refuse to be discouraged because of this tactic, because I KNOW THE WORD OF GOD.
Furthermore I strive for accuracy in my research and reporting. And if I ever discover I am in error in any of my articles, I attempt to correct them as soon as I become aware. I fear GOD! And His word declares that ALL who "love and make a lie" shall have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE in REVELATION 22:15. Looks to me like alot of government COINTELPRO writers and lying MSM are going to have a hot time in hell someday!


Know the FACTS FIRST before you attack innocent people.

who dare to stand up 
in America. 


"You shall KNOW the truth, 
and the truth shall set you FREE."
~John 8:32~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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