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Purchase Your NEXT RV at GARDNER'S RV in Kalispell, Montana!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


As everyone who reads my blog knows, I have just become the grateful owner of a beautiful quality 37 foot RV, or "fifth wheel," trailer to live in. This luxurious RV boasts 4 slides, a living room with  fireplace, THERMOPANE windows to keep the cold out, and many other great benefits besides,

Ever since I lost my former RV  and my truck to pull it 13 years ago, due to great tragedy in our family, I have cried out to God to give me the grace to replace both a truck and an RV. I knew it would take a true act of grace and mercy, since there is no real income in journalism as a ministry.

Here in the beautiful Kalispell region of Montana, I would frequently drive over to  GARDNER'S RV sales lot to look at their beautiful selection of new and used RV's and trailers and campers of every kind. So many beautiful ones to choose from! I know that the sales staff noticed me every time I came. But they also knew me as the woman who desperately wanted a home but could not afford one.

I would then leave with a heavy heart, because I simply could not afford one with my tiny budget, to sleep in the back of my SUV once again, and only dreaming of owning another one.

But faith in God never gives up! I prayed continually for A MIRACLE FROM GOD to be able to purchase yet another truck and RV, and finally have a home to go home to at last. My faith confession in my heart was that someday I would return to GARDNER'S RV and drive out with a newly purchased truck and RV. And I believed that God would do this some day.

As the Bible teaches us, God honors our faith! "But without faith it is impossible to please God..."

The Bible promises us that when we ask the Father in Jesus' Name, God's heart and hands of compassion are moved on our behalf. Of course, it will be in HIS time and for HIS purposes, and in HIS way. Jesus encourages us to keep on seeking and to keep on asking, with faith in our hearts. And so I did, patiently, for 13 years.

No matter how long we as Christians must wait for answers from God to our prayers, we must persevere in our faith, knowing that someday mighty results will come at last. I stood on every word of promise for a new home, knowing that my faith would eventually bring forth a miracle of grace from God's heavenly storehouse of our "riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

In retrospect, I can see that it was no accident that God led me to the local RV sales called "Gardner's RV." Their reputation throughout the valley here is impressive. 

Everywhere I went throughout this region, when I would look at trucks pulling RV's and trailers in this vacation wonderland near Glacier National Park, I would frequently notice "Gardner's RV" emblazoned on the trailer.

As soon as a VERY kind reader from the UK informed me that he was being led of God to help me obtain a home at last, I therefore rushed over to Gardner's RV and met with a sales rep, and explained what I was looking for. They sent me to JEFF SMITH, a veteran of many years specializing in RV and trailer sales.

Jeff was a very likable guy. He listened intently as I explained to him what my budget was and what I was looking for. He then said, "I think we have just the RV you are looking for. Let me show you several out on the lot..." And so I excitedly jumped into the little golf cart to accompany Jeff to several models available that fit my criteria.

Finally, Jeff drove me to this spacious and fine quality RV that boasted of four slide-outs and even an electric fireplace in the living room. Normally, a quality used RV like that model would be selling for at least twice what Gardner's was selling it for. But there at Gardner's the price had been greatly reduced, to become affordable for me. 

Jeff remarked as he looked admiringly at this impressive RV, " Today this model would be able to sell for about $88,000.00 new..." And from years of searching for a quality affordable RV, I knew he was correct. Gardner's price? Only $22,500.00! This was totally within the price range of my kind reader and what he could comfortably afford.

But it doesn't stop there. Jeff declared that Gardner's would also install heating elements for my water tank and heater at no extra cost. A few more extras were also included, such as a safely rail to hand onto when descending down the steep RV stairs. I was overwhelmed by all this gracious service by Gardner's RV. They didn't have to do it...but they did at no extra cost.

As I sit in my lovely new home typing this for my readers, it is no exaggeration to state that God really did lead me to Gardner's RV here in Kalispell, Montana, for a deal that was unbeatable and service that was excellent.

Jeff Smith helped to make this all possible. He was a wonderful person to meet and to work with. Without him, I probably would have never been led to the RV I am living in today, and lovin' it every single day.

When I commented on the wonderful detailed service Gardner's RV provided for me, even beyond the call of duty, Jeff replied:

"When I heard that you both were living only in tents and winter was coming, I did everything I could to help you find and purchase the right RV for you, and to then get it prepared it for winter..." 

This is what sets Gardner's RV apart from most other RV sales companies. Gardner's RV and their sales reps like Jeff Smith take pride in demonstrating that warm and  personal touch when meeting with customers and helping them to find the RV or trailer that is right for their needs and their budget. 

How many sales companies really take the time to do that in our busy world today?

It has been two weeks now since I towed this RV out to an RV park, and began to live in it. The longer I live in this RV, the more I'm loving it. Gardner's RV took quality time to inspect this RV, and to correct anything that was broken and dysfunctional BEFORE I towed it out of their lot. And at no extra cost. 

I have watched as this RV performs beautifully, every single day, and I never stop praising God for His perfect leading that led to the purchase of this exceptional RV at an exceptional price and unbeatable savings besides.

In conclusion, if any of my readers live in the Northwestern region of Montana or nearby, and you are shopping for just that right RV or trailer to call "home," I heartily recommend going to Gardner's RV sales on Highway 93 south, just below Kalispell, Montana.

Gardner's also sells motor coaches and travel vans, campers for the back of your truck, cargo trailers and summer pop-up campers, toy haulers and much more besides. They also have a huge service and repair facility where people throughout the region bring their trailers and RV's for quality repair services. Their large and well stocked RV and trailer supplies store carries everything you could ever need or want for your RV.

Make sure to look up that great salesman, JEFF SMITH. It was a delight to do business with him, and his wisdom and insight (guided by the leading of Almighty God in all this) led to the purchase of this wonderful RV I am proud to call "home". And make sure you tell him that Pamela's article sent you to Gardner's!

Praise God for His goodness and mercy! His promises never fail, and His mercies through faith in Jesus Christ His Son are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness! 

And now my many different ministries can continue through the use of this home, whether feeding the hungry or holding prayer meetings and Bible studies and ministering to many. This RV has become a home dedicated to the glory of God and His holy purposes continually. Halleluia!

If you are living in this region and shopping for a new trailer or RV, head on over to GARDNER'S RV for unbeatable products at unbeatable prices, and say "hi" to Jeff for me as well!

3100 HWY 93 S, Kalispell, Mt 59901

PHONE: 1-406-752-7683

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Northwestern Montana

(Gardner's RV is in no way associated with the rest of the content of this website. )

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