Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pray for My Brother John-UPDATE

John in his new nursing home after life saving surgery 2013

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Please pray for my brother John, in a nursing home in North Carolina. I was contacted by a care provider, who told me that John's condition had deteriorated last week. John developed pneumonia, and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, deep vein thrombosis, and had to also have a catheter inserted. He cannot swallow normally now, and everything has to be pureed for him to be able to eat.

Having provided home health care throughout the years prior to my journalism, I knew instantly what the implications were for his health. It appears that John may be entering into that period of gradual decline of bodily functions that inevitably leads to death.

As I meditated on all this, I remembered the wonderful time my brother and I enjoyed together for 6 months, starting in September of 2013 as I visited him at his nursing home in North Carolina. In fact, my visit at that time saved his life. John was suffering from life threatening health issues due to gross malpractice and neglect from his nursing home at that time, Golden Living of Hendersonville, NC.

I had to order them to call an ambulance to take him to the emergency room immediately after visiting him and seeing the horribly infected bedsores that had been neglected to the point of life threatening sepsis complications. There at Park Ridge Hospital in Fletcher, NC,, Dr. Stover performed amazing life saving surgery and my brother was granted an extension of his precious life once again.

How happy John was to see me once again! What wonderful times we had of sweet and precious fellowship and prayer, and remembering the good old days of the past when we were both very young.

But in March of this year, another person in great crisis asked me to come and help her (Sylvia), many states away. I explained to my brother that I had to go where God calls me at this time, but that God would take good care of him and I would be back someday. He released me completely to fulfill God's will for my life. John has remained in my heart and my prayers ever since.

And now I am 2,500 miles away from John, and his time may be short. Please pray for my dear brother John and his health issues he faces now. Pray for me to have the grace to return to spend time in prayer with him while he is still able to communicate. 

Because of all the many terrible things we sense are coming soon to our nation, I believe that it would be the mercy of God to take John home and out of a world of suffering in his already fragile state. 

May the will of Almighty God be done for brother John.

Thank you ALL for your precious prayers and concerns.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Dear Pamela, I read your remarks on your brother John's state of health and was touched by your love for him. I understand now that he is a man of God (not something anyone can take for granted these days). Most of my friends and relatives are unbelievers.
    Jesus told us to leave family and friends and go and serve Him, but as your brother is a believer then perhaps you should go and pray with him. Given that your own health is not good, and that you are suffering fatigue, might I suggest flying down instead of driving as this will help you avoid becoming fatigued again. I have sufficient funds to pay for such a journey so all you need do is ask. However, please bear in mind that our time is NOW and Jesus clearly tells us to do His Work allowing nothing to get in the way. It's not an easy decision for you. Both David and I are praying for you. John