Monday, September 1, 2014

The Miracle of a Home At Last

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, my prayers of over ten years now have been gloriously answered. God has provided me with a real home to "go home" to at last!

Only those who have experienced the tragedy of losing a home unexpectedly can fully comprehend what I have experienced for the past 13 years. In 2001, I suffered the loss of my only home and vehicle through an unexpected tragedy.

During the time I was performing investigative journalism in Germany for 6 months, my precious mother experienced a terrible accident in which she fell from the top stair of our RV, almost severing her leg.

Without my knowledge or consent,  the RV and truck that belonged to my mother and I was sold out from under me. The people who encouraged her to do this also stole my personal possessions out of the RV and refused to return them after I returned  back to the USA from Germany, threatening to even call the police when I requested my possessions be returned. My mother was hospitalized at this time and too weak to do anything about this.

What a painful and tragic turn of events this proved to be for me. My precious mother instantly lost her independence and had to subsequently be admitted into a nursing home. And my only home and transportation, plus my possessions, gone forever without warning. I was homeless, abandoned and with no home to go home to now!

Oh, how the devil tried to come into that tragedy and to use it for my destruction! Through my tears and grief and rejection, the enemy would whisper, "how could God love you and allow this to happen? God doesn't t care about you! Turn back from following Jesus. Look how he failed you!"

And of course, everything the enemy whispers to us in the hour of crisis is a total lie from the pits of hell, literally.

But God' s Holy Spirit was even stronger in telling me that IF I would reach up out of this terrible pit the enemy had dug for my destruction, and take the hands of Jesus, that He would lift me up from this crisis and enable me to overcome these challenging circumstances.

And so through many tears and heartache, I chose instead to reach up to the One Who loved me with an everlasting love, and to trust in His powerful promises instead of sinking back into the pit of despair, faithlessness and destruction.

Throughout the many years since that life-changing crisis, I have witnessed the grace, power, and mercy of the Living God in providing for my needs continually, and helping me to move forward with His calling upon my life designed to touch the lives of many other people.

But the one thing that has eluded me is finding another truck and RV to replace the ones stolen from me. Because there simply is no regular financial provision in the fields of ministry God has called me to, including this journalism, but rather only sporadic and oftentimes infrequent support, I have been unable to afford  financially to replace them.

Instead, to continue full time in ministry I have been making each motor vehicle my home, and learning how to live by faith and the techniques of true survival under challenging circumstances, especially  through each winter since 2001.

Learning to sleep in an unheated car or van in the winter presents a challenge, but it is important for all God's people to learn how to survive under the most difficult of circumstances. Especially when we know what is soon coming to North America and the rest of the world in these end times.

Imagine my joy when a reader from the UK recently contacted me to declare that he wanted to supply a trailer for me and for Sylvia as well! I was overwhelmed by this act of kindness, and could not thank him enough for such compassion and sacrifice.

This miracle of housing came just in time in this region of America, where temperatures are already dipping into the low 40's and you can see your breath at night and early morning, and when some trees are already starting to lose their leaves. Montana experiences up to 10 months of winter climate, and the cold weather comes early here.

Sylvia and I have been rejoicing with great thanksgiving and praise to the Living God for His mercies. We also are eternally grateful to the kind person from the UK who was moved with compassion over our plight, and chose to respond with Scriptural mercy and concern for my situation.

May this generous soul be blessed forevermore with God's great mercies, even as the words of Jesus in the Bible promises: "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

I hope that all my readers will rejoice with me and thank God for His faithfulness to hear the cries of His elect in time of trouble and great need. Halleluia! All praise and glory be unto our Heavenly Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His unending goodness and mercies.

May He also hear YOUR cries in time of trouble, and answer you in the time of your deep distress, just as His eternal Word of promise assures us that He will, through Jesus Christ the faithful One.

Be blessed today! He will never fail those who put their trust in Him. Though the answer to your prayer seems delayed, He will fulfill the desires of your heart at last.

-Pamela Rae and Sylvia Lynn, thankful beyond measure for His tender mercies which are new every morning-

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  1. Hallelujah for alot storys how God has helped and rescued from sin and from that be destroy and his care are amazing great daily over us and we have a home above where is no sorrow or sin or calamaty, but peace in bright the light to shine forever in glory to God ,thanks and bless and joy,in Jesus name,keijo sweden