Friday, August 8, 2014

In Search of A Miracle From God


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
What an amazing 
this has truly been. I have finally arrived at my 
destination for now after being 13 days on the road and traveling over 2,000 miles filled with majestic splendor 
and beauty. 

Welcome to the glorious "Big Sky" state of Montana!

But this has been no ordinary trip across our nation. Accompanying me has been my precious Christian friend Sylvia Lynn Ferrare. This is the friend that I previously wrote about, who had been Initially diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, given only 3-6 months to live. We both were both deeply devastated initially when we heard this tragic diagnosis and prognosis in the hospital that day.

Our grief was then turned into dynamic intercessory prayer and faith in a living God of miracles. A wonderful gathering of intercessors from a Christian retreat in North Carolina met in a friend's home and prayed over Sylvia intensely one night.

Following this, a week later she had a PET scan of the same area that the previous CAT scan had viewed and detected pancreatic cancer signs. This doctor said that "something had definitely happened" from the time of the CAT scan to the 
latest test. there seemed to be marked improvement in that scanned region. (And of course this was the power of PRAYER and Jesus Christ in action!)

However, the problem of persistent pain in Sylvia's abdominal area that radiated to the back, typical of pancreatic cancer warning signals, has persisted. After being warned of the health hazards associated with the type of biopsy 
techniques needed to ascertain if  this was truly pancreatic cancer, Sylvia declined and decided to go the route of a journey of faith in God's promises plus pursuing an organic-based diet and exercise agenda instead.

Sylvia all "cowgirled up" and determine to overcome 
her circumstances victoriously through Jesus.

Sylvia also decided
that now was the time to dedicate herself fully to following Jesus Her Savior and healer. And so she courageously sold all her furniture

 and most of her possessions in order to leave Florida permanently and accompany me in this prayer journey in search of her own personal miracle of total and complete 

What an amazing woman, and what a bold step of faith she has taken! 
She is also relocating here to Montana, just as I am. Quite a transition from hot and 
humid Florida, to the Northwest where winter can  last ten months and evening temperatures are already down in the forties...and we can only afford to tent camp 
here at this time.

Taking care of Sylvia has been a full time labor of love. Having been trained as a home health care provider many years before I pursued journalism, I knew how to provide proper health care and food preparation for Sylvia when she has been too weak to do so alone. I did this for her for two months previously while staying with her in Florida, and ever since I picked her up from a family member's home in 
Pensacola, Florida, to accompany me in this PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA.

Sylvia has made tremendous physical improvements and grown spiritually through all this. But as my readers have observed, I have not been able to spend as much time writing inspirational articles on my blog, due to the many demands that Sylvia's health care has required frequently.

This has resulted in a tragic reduction in financial support for this ministry, 
leaving me without the necessary support so critically needed to continue at this time. I receive no income for providing full time health care for Sylvia: it is all 
provided freely, just as Christian concern and help for others in crisis should be.

His compassion through us will change the world.

Sylvia has admitted to me more than once that she would have died if I had not stepped into her life to rescue her more than once. But this is exactly what true Christianity is all about in the word today. As Christians, we are all called to love as Jesus loved us, and to lay down our lives for one another, just as He laid down His 
life for us.

We are now facing many critical needs at this time. Our finances are exhausted and we have been forced to now part with important personal necessities 
to sell on EBAY and CRAIG'S list just to afford tent camping fees, food and gas. Fall is coming quickly here in northern Montana, and we have not been able to locate 
affordable housing yet. This morning I could see my breath as I emerged from my 

While hardships like this are nothing new to me, having lived on the road under challenging circumstances to perform this journalism, all of this is quite new to Sylvia. I am amazed at her determination to overcome every new challenge and face 
every hardship with courage and faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Understandably, Christian reader support is needed at this time. 
Winter weather comes early here in Montana

We are facing many challenges now, and colder weather is coming soon wherein we cannot continue to tent camp safely with her health issues. 

At this critical time, we cannot make it without Christian
support from the Body of Christ. Stepping out in faith as we have done has been a tremendous challenge for both of us.

You can send immediate relief support by clicking on PAYPAL below. This way is best because we only have general delivery mailing addresses at this time.
Our mailing address for now is:

Pamela R. Schuffert
C/O General Delivery
424 Baker Avenue
Whitefish, Montana

Please continue to keep both Sylvia and I in your prayers at this important time. Our intercession for you and for America continues on as we pray and travel and camp throughout this time period. Thank you for your love, your support and for your prayers!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Sylvia as INTERCESSORS FOR AMERICA-

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