Monday, April 1, 2013

Visiting the LOCAL GUN SHOW-Insights

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This past weekend, I visited the local gun show  held annually in Kalispell, Montana. I always attend gun shows in my area, primarily to talk to sellers and attendees and to listen to what Americans are thinking and saying.

I finally realized why the US government is so nervous about the gun owners of America. Unlike so many Americans who are ignorant of the martial law/NWO agenda for our nation, the vast majority of people who attend gun shows are not ignorant.

I enjoyed intelligent conversations with many sellers and people who browsed the tables looking for bargains in ammunition and guns, including survival weapons. Many people at this gun show knew all about the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles and the FEMA camps agenda for the good Patriotic people of our nation. 

I wrote articles about local sightings of these prisoner boxcars right in this very area, many years ago. Apparently this truth is still circulating, and people have not forgotten it.

Many also know the truth about Obama the manchurian Communist who would become drone-ruling dictator of "Amerika." Of course, he is controlled  and inspired by foreign powers such as the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Royal institute of International Affairs, Tavistock, and their lapdog  NWO military enforcer, NATO. And of course many other controllers and handlers as well. 

Because the NWO masterminds are primarily foreign in origin, they have no concern for the safety and well-being of the good American people. This is what every American needs to understand when they are shocked by how anti-American so many new pieces of legislation and new government policies are issued.

People I encounter at gun shows know what the gun control issue is REALLY all about. And they realize that it's not about protecting innocent children and victims! Rather, it is all about enforcing a UN/NATO gun seizure agenda...again dictated from Europe and foreign powers.

So many people I encounter at gun shows are smart! They refuse to be dumbed down. They realize that what you don't know can not only HURT you, but it can actually KILL you! 

Discerning Americans have perceived something is dreadfully wrong in America, and have finally done their homework: they are researching WHY. And they have decided to not become the victims of the NWO madness when their globalist agenda attempts to take over our nation. 

It is not the fluoridated, brain-dead, TV-mind-controlled and dumbed-down masses of the American sheeple that the US government fears the most. 

Such uninformed people are already as good as shackled-into-the-boxcars to be led to slaughter, in the government's estimation. 

It is the alert and awakened and activated American people that the US government fears the most.

These are the smart Americans who have done their homework and are fed up to the max with deadly government antics that include "9/11" false flags staged for hidden agendas, staged school and mall "shootings" performed by mind controlled/drugged manchurian killers, deadly chemtrail bombarding of the skies over America, fluoridated and otherwise poisoned public water systems, deadly GMO "food" for a world population reduction agenda, outrageous legislation such as NDAA robbing Americans of their rights, and more.

Such enlightened Americans are further outraged over the kind of heinous future these NWO madmen have planned for millions of innocent Americans. Futures that include deadly use of prisoner boxcars with shackles, modern military guillotines and Noahide laws to enforce their use, ominous FEMA and HOMELAND SECURITY CAMPS, pockets of foreign troops stationed across America to enforce the coming police state under martial law, and much more.

I joked with some about government misinformation planted on various websites to mislead Americans about the NWO agenda.  Like, "Heck no! Those really aren't 'boxcars with shackles' for PEOPLE!  Goodness, no! Would your US government ever do that to Americans???Those are really just chains to secure cargo in the boxcars....honestly!" 

(Chuckle...Since when is the US government ever honest with the American people about their dark secrets???)

We discussed various "agent provocateurs" hidden among the "Patriot radio" broadcasters, who mix disinformation with the truth. These are the nefarious kind whose messages are deliberately designed to suck NWO resisters out of the woodwork. 

Such deceitful broadcasters  then peddle their survival and other goods, and carefully save the names and mailing addresses of listeners, to later be turned into the US government for secret computer lists of Americans to be "taken to the camps" as NWO resisters. Some even claim to be "Christians..." But the Bible states that a tree can only be known by it's FRUIT, and NOT primarily by it's title or words.

Hey! Did you know that there are even CIA "pastors" in the pulpits of various churches across America, to spy on the faithful...and to even clandestinely terminate others considered a threat by the US government as well? I have documented this in more than one article previously.

And frankly, Americans are stupid if they think such "broadcasters" do not exist! Get out of your naivete! For this IS has already begun. And such are the tactics of combat and wartime operations: flush out and identify your enemy.

And please don't ask me for names. All it takes is sincere prayer and honest discernment. Furthermore, should I mention names and even provide solid evidence, such named parties will only pull the old CIA cover-up tactic of "DENY EVERYTHING AND THEN COUNTER-ACCUSE." It's simply not worth the resulting hassle. It's up to YOU to prayerfully discern the truth.

I found this past week-end's gun show to be fascinating, as I met with people from all over this region. It made me feel good to realize that there are so many Americans who are finally waking up.

Oh, and even at the Easter (Resurrection Celebration) luncheon I attended with some fine Christians on Sunday, I encountered enlightened Americans as well.

One waiter I spoke with told me that he knew what was coming to America, and he had even bought land in BELIZE! He showed me pictures of his beautiful property on his tablet.

He finally commented after I tipped him and we parted, "You know, it was interesting how many retired Federal agents and retired military I encountered in Belize, who are all aware of what is coming to America..." 

Uh-huh. Of COURSE they know! And they have wisely decided to quietly relocate to Central and South America. I also have personally already looked into property owned and being sold by a friend, Derrick, in Belize. But of course, for me and millions of other concerned Americans who are aware of what is coming to our nation, there remains THE MONEY FACTOR. It takes money to relocate. One more challenge to face when attempting to find a solution for the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

I hope all of my readers celebrated a wonderful RESURRECTION Sunday!

God bless us ALL as we face America's uncertain future together. Our hope remains in the Savior of the world, Whose glorious Resurrection we as Christians have just celebrated throughout the world. And because HE LIVES, we CAN face tomorrow!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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