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"Countless churches and Christian ministries across this nation are already infiltrated by the Illuminati, Satanists, cults, often by CIA and the intelligence community, spying on the faithful…even up to the PULPIT itself. Enemies of the true Gospel from many sectors of society and many hidden agendas have infiltrated, corrupted, deceived and even brainwashed many Christians in this desperate hour."
"Satanists are preparing their people to assist in the government/military round-up of Christians when martial law is declared." 
"Just as patriotic Americans are preparing, even forming Constitutionally based and legal militias to fight for their freedoms when martial law is declared, so the satanists/Illuminati are preparing their people in covert paramilitary training camps, to combat ALL future NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTANCE. They will work with the traitorous elements of our military and government and law enforcement, to help round up all NWO resistance, including CHRISTIANS.”
Thank You,
Cisco Wheeler
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Cisco Wheeler is a very precious Christian woman, a true survivor of the horrors and shame of military/intelligence mind control programs in our nation. I am proud to call Cisco my friend over the years. 

Oh, the trauma and heartache she has suffered in the past,  finally to have Jesus Christ become her Lord and Savior and rescue her at last from her ordeals. Jesus is the true friend and healer of all who have suffered abuse at the hands of the sinful and the wicked.

Many years ago, when I first began researching in depth the nature and agenda of the NWO, I began meeting survivors of the horrific military/intelligence mind control programs. America has become a nation literally filled with VICTIMS and SURVIVORS of the sheer depravity and cruelty of mankind that is alienated from God by sin.

From her early years, Cisco was forced by her father into military mind control programs. Like my father, he was military, and like my father, he was also a military satanist and hence NWO agenda supporter. And like myself, she also suffered great emotional trauma and abuse. 

But her father went much further than mine, forcing her into programs in which she suffered greatly. Cisco was often confined in cages and treated much like a lab testing animal. She was forced into mind control programs. She was subjected to torture and mental abuse. And she became involved in satanism, like her father (something my father never dared try to force me into: I never would have complied.) 

And in fact, throughout the years I have battled the deadly cult of satanism, both Scripturally and working with police and intelligence to help document and expose satanism in America today. I remain a committed and  eternal enemy of satan and his wicked kingdom on earth, and will use every Biblical tool God has given His people to destroy satanism. 

But it was in the very midst of a satanic ritual in Oregon, during which an abducted Christian was actually being tortured and sacrificed by her former coven, that Cisco found Jesus Christ as her Savior! 

"We had abducted a Christian man, and were sacrificing him. But he was oblivious to everything happening to him and was instead PRAYING IN TONGUES! Even as they were cutting out his eyes...the power of God was all over Him! I saw this, and I prayed at that moment in my heart and said,'Jesus, if you are stronger than satan, come into my life NOW and save me!' I was saved at that very moment...." Cisco admitted to me on the phone one day.

Once again, it was a Christian martyr, filled with the power and glory of God, that was used by God to bring a sinner to Jesus Christ. Cisco was 16 years old when this happened.

Many former satanists told me that they had been involved in NWO takeover planning for America. Cisco further admitted to me, "We satanists were always planning what we were going to do to CHRISTIANS once we took over America. We decided we would torture them for 13 days, and THEN sacrifice them to satan." This confirms perfectly what other former satanists admitted to me after coming out to become Christians and expose the NWO...THEIR NWO UNDER LUCIFER.

Cisco admitted to many things, such as being forced into torture programs. Children held captive in cages were subjected to torture techniques testing, using them as human guinea pigs. "Children often simply succumbed to the torture used on them and gave up living and died," Cisco admitted sadly. 

Is THIS then how the CIA and the US military develop their "torture techniques," using innocent little children to develop them??? Cisco admitted that much of this occurred in China Lake Naval Ordnance Testing facility in California.

Her revelations often went much deeper. Dr. Joseph Mengele was actually smuggled into North America through the CIA's OPERATION PAPERCLIP program. He continued his mind control and human experimentation programs here, and Cisco was exposed to his dark programs as well as many other child victims like her.

OUTRAGE is the only word I can use to describe how I felt, as Cisco poured out her heart to me many years ago. God Himself is weary of the victims that are continually made by man's inhumanity to man and the disregarding of His commandments. And oh, the WRATH OF GOD that is certain to come upon such horrific activities someday!

And such human experimentation is continuing to this very day, especially in the special labs in the deep underground military bases across America. And infants and children are often used to this very day, as well.

Cisco now has a website and several books to offer readers. I encourage you to visit her website and order her excellent books that will enlighten every reader regarding the 

And please, won't you keep Cisco in your daily prayers? No one fully recovers from such a background as hers, without the healing love of Jesus and ongoing prayer. She has further endangered herself by writing books that testify against the ery NWO she used to be a part of. She is the type of person they would love to destroy...much like me. These survivors are real people! Pray for her, and consider supporting her by ordering her books as well. Thank you!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Pope Benedict has been kidnapped. Details: Worldwide media blackout.

  2. Hi,I am new to your blog,some heavy stuff that you are sharing.I have heard about it before.It is defintly a time to make sure we are right with God.Sad to say so many do not have a clue to what is going on behind the scene's.I am thinking about writing a newsletter.I would like to get the truth out to others.Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks, Pam, for introducing Cisco Wheeler, to us, your readers. I've seen the name and the books advertised before, but, never actually read them. So, WOW, this gal is a minefield of important info. You are her must be TWINS. :-) Keep up the good work, Sister, in informing all who will listen! YAH Bless you!