Friday, November 2, 2012

Leaving Alaska to Minister in "LOWER 48" ......



I am finally taking a much needed sabbatical rest from my labors in the Arctic Circle in Alaska. It has almost been a year since I came up here, and finally my hurting body has cried "ENOUGH ALREADY" to the incoming cold  we are now experiencing.

Frankly, I have not planned on leaving for a break, but my hands and arms have been developing excruciating pain, resulting in no sleep at night. Talking to locals, I found this is common among locals due to the cold and weather factors. But for me, it has started to create the beginning symptoms of crippling and debilitating arthritis.

I discovered about a month ago that pain was creeping in as the winter weather approached, to the point where I had to inform my friend Lisa here that I would have to consider relocating and could no longer help her in the capacity I have been helping her with the children in her home, due to these sad symptoms emerging. We tried everything, even buying new kitchen appliances so I would not have to use my hands so much for cooking, etc. But nothing helped.

And so, with great regret and sadness, I will be leaving here, flying out soon to the "LOWER 48" to stay with friends and find out what great mission the Lord Jesus has planned for me NEXT. But I take with me warm memories of the wonderful Inupiaq people here in Kotzebue, and the unsung heroes of Kotzebue who are able to remain here in these challenging circumstances and make a difference.

Several kind and generous people sent up boxes of QUALITY BIBLES to distribute among the children and teens. I have already distributed some, but the others I have turned over to Brother LANCE KRAMER, who has a burning passion to reach out to the children and teens here in ministry.

I frankly had no choice: my flight unexpectedly leaves this week-end! (The person purchasing my ticket never warned me it would be so soon...) And so I will not be here long enough to finish final distribution of the Bibles. 

But it is also good that I am leaving at this time, because of the increasing effects the cold is creating for my health problems now. Everything is frozen here now, and people are just waiting for the first real snowfall to get out their SNOWMOBILES and have some fun in the winter wonderland here!
Brother Lance and Corina Kramer

When I told Brother Lance Kramer and his wife Corina that I regretfully had to leave before the fierce Arctic winds and cold made life even more miserable for my hands and arms, I also informed him that I had some wonderful Bibles sent up by my great readers, that he could now distribute to the kids here in Kotzebue. He was SO EXCITED! 

These are quality expensive Bibles, and Lance simply cannot afford them at this time. He and his wife both recently lost job positions, putting them in great financial crisis. But ministry to children and teens remains foremost in Lance's life and his wife as well. And so, I was happy to turn over these wonderful donated Bibles to Brother Lance and Corina. He will know exactly how to make good use of these priceless treasures among his people here.

Please continue to support Brother Lance's vital outreach to these precious Inupiaq people and children. He needs your help!

Pray for my safety in this challenging trip and transition, and my flight of faith and I launch out into the GREAT UNKNOWN. I am sure glad Jesus knows where He wants to send me...because I really don't! I am praying and seeking His wisdom at this time, and planning to temporarily stay with friends in the Pacific Northwest. First stop: Montana to visit friends to pray over this region for PEACE and NON-VIOLENCE should martial law erupt throughout our nation.
Thank you ALL, my readers, for  your love, prayer and support for me in ALASKA and the ARCTIC CIRCLE! I could not have made it through this difficult year without you!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

(Note-My NEW temporary mailing address is: Pamela Schuffert, C/O P. O. Box 2212, Columbia Falls, MT 59912)

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