Saturday, November 10, 2012

Exciting Words of Encouragement for My Christian Readers

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Bible Christian perspective-
How many of you experience depression or sadness as you read reports outlining the grim state of America today? I know that I do, and have had to learn how to battle depression resulting from the kind of research I perform, and overcome my depression. 

Sometimes the answer is spending more time in prayer (and fasting as well). Other times I find peace and comfort in reading God's Word, or ministering to others, or listening to soothing Christian music with uplifting words.

But at times, the sadness lingers. Whose heart would NOT be broken by the tragic things planned to come to our nation? The Holy Spirit interrupted my sad thoughts recently, and reminded me of a timeless truth that we ALL must remember as Christians. It is summed up in the following words that came to mind:

"Rome may burn and Babylon may fall, 
but Jesus REMAINS Lord of ALL!"

What does this mean? It means that we as Christians must always remember: we are NOT of this world! Christians remain a nation within a nation, and are a part of a Kingdom that remains unshakable and unmovable and everlasting.

Ancient Rome, though once mighty and reaching around the ancient world, fell because of sin and corruption from within. It is recorded that Rome in fact burned at one point under the reign of Nero.

The Bible states that ancient Babylon was also judged because of her sins and abominations. "Fallen, fallen is Babylon..." declares God's word. Both physical Babylon and spiritual Babylon are declared to be fallen under the judgments of the Living God.These are two of the better known examples of nations and kingdoms which fell both because of corruption within and God's hands of judgment from above.

However, there is ONE kingdom that will NEVER fall! That is the KINGDOM OF GOD.

My true government is led by the Lord God the Almighty, ruler of the everlasting kingdom of God and of heaven. My Commander-in-Chief remains the Lord Jesus Christ. His commandments are my everlasting laws that I will give my life to obey. And I will prosper as I obey His word and follow Jesus Christ! It does not matter if a sinful nation must fall: I am not of this world and my citizenship is in heaven.

Christians who follow Jesus Christ will be BLESSED, even as America falls because of sin and unrighteousness. Christians will PROSPER because they are walking in eternal Biblical principles and truths that never change. 

God's promises will never fail, even if our economy does! Even as God moves to judge the unrighteous in our nation, He will also move to bless and protect and uplift those who worship Him in sincerity and obey His word. God remains faithful to those who remain faithful to Him!

We know from Bible prophecy that the nations of the earth will all fall because of sin and rebellion against the Living God. We know that the cities of the nations will someday even collapse! But we as CHRISTIANS can rejoice, because God's everlasting kingdom cannot fall! And we are citizens of HIS kingdom!

Judgments must come to this world, and to this nation as well. God is just and God is holy. There is much sin and rebellion and unrighteousness in America today. The Bible states clearly in Revelation 15:4: "Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? For ALL nations shall come and worship before Thee, for THY JUDGMENTS ARE MADE MANIFEST." Whenever a nation proclaims itself to be " nation under God..." God holds it especially accountable for the actions of it's citizens and government.

Remember the judgments that God brought upon Israel and Judah in the Old Testament for their apostasy and sin and rebellion against Him and His commandments. They were held doubly accountable for their sins, because they professed to be HIS people.

God has not changed. He remains the same forevermore. And the same holy God Who judged Israel and Judah for their sins many years ago, will also judge AMERICA thoroughly someday for her sins and apostasy and unrighteousness, from the leadership on down. God's Word and His judgments are inescapable! "Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.." from the scrutiny and the judgment of Almighty God!

It will be the holy and just judgments of Almighty God on wicked nations and governments and peoples that will bring rebuke and humbling, and create the fear of God leading to ALL nations coming to acknowledge and serving and worshiping the one true and Living God and His son, Jesus Christ. 

Thus, judgments MUST come. And they are coming to AMERICA as well.

But for those walking in true obedience and fellowship with the Living God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, God is able to bless and protect and uplift and defend His people! Therefore it is urgent that God's people examine their hearts and make certain they are walking in genuine fellowship and truth with the Living God.

"Compromised Christianity" will not have the grace to make it through the times to come! Worshiping God on Sunday, and living in sin the rest of the week will never be blessed. I examine myself daily to make sure I am "in the faith." We ALL must if we are to escape the wrath to come.

I fear God, and I am aware of what is coming to our nation. Because of the magnitude of persecution planned against the Christians in America under martial law, plus many tribulations our nation faces, I am fully aware that my defense and provision for daily needs must come from God and maintaining a right relationship with Him continually.

We as Christians can all experience peace and confidence to face whatever the future holds, when we know that we are walking in integrity with Jesus Christ our Savior. Give Him your fears, your depression, your sorrows, and let Him fill you with peace and assurance that He will be with you through the future, as you walk with Him. "You need not fear what your future holds, when you know Him who holds your future."

So Christians, always remember, whenever you read articles outlining a grim future for America:


The Kingdom that we as Christians belong to, remains an EVERLASTING KINGDOM, and we are eternal citizens of that kingdom! And even the fall of America cannot shake or change this! REJOICE in that your name is written in Heaven, and God will bring His people through the fire triumphantly and eternally victorious through Jesus Christ.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Thanks, Sister Pam, for these beautiful and encouraging words, indeed! :-) GOD's Blessings always your way.

  2. Thank you, Sister Pam I needed this.