Friday, October 14, 2011

Detecting Federal Infiltration into Christian Churches/Ministries for "DATA-MINING"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Christianity is under assault in America every single day. Some forms of it are  more obvious than others. Assaults that come from the ACLU (or "Anti-Christ Labor Union" as I call it) or Hollywood or "hell"-avision are more obvious.

And other forms of infiltration and attack are virtually undetectable...UNLESS Christians throughout America WAKE UP, become informed and know what to pray about and what to look for.

The age of Christian naiveté in America is over. Your churches are infiltrated from the pulpits down, with everything from CIA to satanist plants...and I can prove it. And former infiltrators have told me so.

The Federal government is busy infiltrating churches nationwide with their highly trained agents posing as "pastors" and "youth pastors", etc., because they want to do a little "data-mining." "Data-mining" is when they want to gather information secretly on any group, including Christians, especially those Christians or gun owners who may pose a threat of resistance to their future "NEW WORLD ORDER" takeover of our nation.

(Not only the Federal government, but also the Illuminati and many other groups opposed to Christianity and determined to undermine and destroy it by what ever means possible are infiltrating churches and Christian institutions throughout America...and the world.)

The NWO agenda elements throughout our government and military greatly fear the NWO resistance movement now found in America today. This anti-NWO agenda resistance movement is growing rapidly nationwide as more and more Americans have access to alternate journalism through the radio and Internet, and begin to realize the horrific NWO agenda that has already been laid out for our nation.

Hence, the government wants to be able to clearly identify those individuals and people groups that compose NWO resistance in our nation.

Due to the very dark nature of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the kind of people and  dark ideology behind it, Christians have already been targeted by them as the ultimate NWO resisters. The NWO knows that Christians above all cannot deny their Christian beliefs and moral codes to jump on board the satanic NWO agenda for America.

Former NWO strategists planning this NWO agenda for America, have told me personally that they considered the Christians in America to be their number one obstacle and threat to their NWO plans, and therefore they were designing detention camps and a plan to remove and eliminate all NWO resistance from our nation under martial law.

This then is a major reason WHY the Federal government and their spy agencies (CIA/FBI/NSA, etc.)are busily infiltrating Christian churches and institutions nationwide.

Federal infiltrators often use "Christian/patriot radio" or "churches"  with an anti-NWO message, to "draw out of the woodwork" the Christians who do not like their NWO agenda. They will often plant a highly trained "pastor" or radio host who will speak the kind of message deliberately designed to draw out a certain type of people they want to detect and gather information against. In this case, it is the Christians who are opposed to a NWO agenda in particular.

Once they have attracted and drawn out this kind of people through their radio broadcasts and  pseudo "churches," and "pastors,"they then provide articles for people to order and purchase, such as books, CD's, DVD's, etc. This requires people to send them their names and mailing addresses to receive such goods they offer for sale.

And as soon as these data-mining operations have the names and addresses of people who are ordering their products, they THEN turn over this important information to various agencies in the federal government, to sort out and store on their computers. In this particular situation, it would be  names of POTENTIAL CHRISTIAN NWO RESISTERS.

Their false-front "churches" and "pastors" perform "data-mining" the same way. As people are attracted to the anti-NWO message the "pastor" preaches, designed to attract Christians against the NWO, they are then enticed to join that church. As members, they then provide their names and addresses and phone numbers to that "pastor." And once again, that information is then turned over to the Federal government.

NO Christian church, institution, radio/television broadcasting network or ministry is ever exempt from Federal plants and infiltration. NONE.

 My own Bible College was infiltrated at one time by a Federal plant, spying on our Bible college and using his position to secretly recruit students to come and work for the intelligence (spy) community in Washington DC. Many years after I left my Bible College, I met with a former co-student in Jerusalem, Israel. She informed me about how this very man, Palmer Johnson, tried to recruit her in to coming to Washington DC to work for "them."

Devorah Goldsmith revealed to me in her Jerusalem apartment "...he brought me into his office, closed the door, and spread out my folders with my grades from high school and college in front of him and said,'You are a brilliant person! How would you like to come to Washington DC and WORK FOR US!' I became so angry at that moment, when I realized he was AN INFILTRATOR spying on the students, pretending to be a Christian and working for the Federal government...'"

She did not make it clear if it was FBI or CIA, but it was one of those "alphabet soup agency" organizations trying to recruit her.

Not long after this revelation, I called a friend at my former Bible College. This friend was very upset. "Oh, we have just had a death at the college...PALMER JOHNSON UNEXPECTEDLY DROPPED DEAD for no apparent reason...we are making funeral arrangements...can't talk to you now..."

Hmm, I thought...PALMER JOHNSON, confirmed Federal infiltrator into the Bible College?  In fact, I noted how strangely he had previously reacted to my presence whenever I visited my former Bible college after I got involved in this kind of journalism and related activities. He would like at me with narrowed eyes, and then shake his head as if in disapproval of me. While no one else in my Bible college noticed this, I did. Standard behavior however for a Federal spy...

For some reason, I could not bring myself to mourn over this event. The wheels of God's Divine justice system may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. I am confident that the Holy Spirit of God repeatedly pleaded with this man to repent, to stop the charade and the recruiting and spying. But when the Holy Spirit's warnings are pushed aside and sin continues, judgment often follows.

Frankly, I am not surprised that this man dropped dead unexpectedly. I shudder to think where his soul might be spending eternity. But the Bible states, "Be not deceived: God is NOT MOCKED. For whatsoever a man SOWS, that shall HE REAP." And he above all, planted by the Feds in a Bible College, should have known that word of God by then.

(Federal spy guys monitoring this blog, I pray that you will carefully take note of this true account, and reform your ways accordingly. You may fool some of the Christians and other Americans at times, but at NO time is Almighty God deceived by your tactics. Someday you WILL give an account before Almighty God for your antics. "But I was ONLY OBEYING MY SUPERIORS..." doesn't work for Almighty God!!!Hell is a very real place. And it is FOREVER. If you know in your heart of hearts that God has been pleading with you to get right with him, please don't put it off. For Palmer Johnson, that man said "NO" to God too many times. Look what finally happened. Sad. Don't make his mistake.)

Do I know the names of some Federal infiltrators into the Christian community, churches and radio broadcasts? Yes, I do. And I pray about what I know every single day, that God will expose this and show His people the truth, and STOP the deceiving of His elect. I know alot, and I am weary of their tactics.

However,I am not going to name their names on my blog, and for a very good reason. Such agents of the Federal government are trained professionally in how to respond when people confront them with the truth. As the CIA teaches their agents, they are told to DENY EVERYTHING, and then COUNTER-ACCUSE. 

Always remember, that such people are NOT Christians and hence do not feel bound by the moral codes from the Word of God that are binding upon Christians. They will freely lie and falsely accuse others to accomplish their goals.

And this is exactly what happened when I went to work for one "Christian patriot" radio broadcaster some years ago. I discovered first hand that he was NOT a Christian, that all he cared about was the money, that he was data-mining for the Federal government through his radio broadcast and sales of products, and had in fact hurt and burned many people that I personally encountered.

When I confronted him with the truth, and exposed his tactics and how he destroyed another GENUINE Christian radio broadcaster and his freedom network, AMERINET,at the request of the Federal government, he used CIA tactics and DENIED EVERYTHING and then began to counter-accuse ME with false accusations.

I have learned tthrough all this, to simply pray for God to show His people the truth. And He does. Spend time in prayer and fasting for God to lead you into all truth in this serious matter of infiltration into the Christian community in America today. God is able to give you divine revelation as you seek Him.

I have much more to share with my readers in future reports on this subject. Stay tuned...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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