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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I recently received a comment by a reader regarding the information I have shared from my contact, Eric Bermen, friend of Hitler's bodyguard OTTO SKORZENY and  former boyfriend of Skorzeny's daughter, Lori.
Photo taken in Germany of young George Scherf(center in dark Navy suit with his father George Scherf Sr sitting next to him). Photo also include Joseph Mengele (furthest back) and other infamous Nazis. Scherf/Bush was soon after brought to AMERICA. And the rest is tragic HISTORY.

This reader posed questions about Bush/Scherf and how this information could possibly be true, questioning my integrity  and accuracy in making this report.

I suggest that this dubious reader and all other readers with questions PLEASE go to the following websites at the bottom of this article for documentation and historical photographs and other historical documentation confirming the truth about this revelation that Bush Sr was originally a German Nazi, GEORGE SCHERF JR., sent in with is father at the age of 16 or so to be a part of Hitler's NWO fascist agenda through America and the OSS/CIA. He and his father were given a false American family background and name, that of the Bush family, and his background carefully concealed.

Bush Sr. may have indeed been a pilot, but he was no war hero, according to historical reports. He was a war criminal and a traitor to the Republic, a true Nazi infiltrator used to help bring America under the NEW WORLD ORDER of the Bavarian Illuminati and Lucifer himself.

I finally understand so much now...WHY Bush Sr when head of the CIA, used his power to help set up the infamous concentration (detention) camps to kill all American Christians and NWO resisters in under martial law...

WHY the CIA is always  involved in black ops/false flags designed to bring America under martial law and the NWO agenda...

WHY the replay of the Nazi holocaust in America now with prisoner boxcars and crematory ovens and detention camps...

And WHY the picture of Adolph Hitler over the mantle of Yale's SKULL AND BONES meeting house, the TOMB. And WHY the CIA mind control and the horrors of human experimentation, just like back in Nazi Germany....only today in AMERICA.

The FOURTH REICH is unfortunately ALIVE AND WELL, just as the book RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH alleges. 

And now I understand much more about my encounter in 2001 with THE UNDERGROUND RISING NAZI PARTY IN GERMANY, while researching in Munich. I was taken to the home of a secret member Christina, who told me all about the secret rising modern Nazi underground movement. It was large and growing then. I shudder to think how it has grown throughout Germany and Europe since then.

And is this deadly revived Nazi movement  in fact THE BEAST RISING??? The BEAST that WAS, is not, and yet ONCE AGAIN EXISTS, as spoken of in the BOOK OF REVELATION???

Author Constance Cumbey seemed to think so in her book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.

Well, it looks like my battle with the Nazi NWO fascists, begun in my heart as a small child when I first read about the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps of WWII and vowed then  to never sit back if the world was endangered by them again, is ONLY JUST BEGINNING IN EARNEST as we face the ugly specter of martial law in our nation. 

My love for God, is matched only by my hatred for satan and his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, whether manifested through Nazi fascists or NWO Communists. BOTH were created BY THE ILLUMINATI, and BOTH are of Lucifer as well.

The ugly Nazi fascist BEAST is apparently alive and well, and ready to spring to life as THE FOURTH REICH, complete with it's detention camps, prisoner trains, and plan of DEATH for millions of innocent people...only THIS TIME ON AMERICAN SOIL.

Well, NWO Nazis (and "progressives") of America, here is your modern day SOPHIE is your female version of DIETRICH BONHOEFFER...and amazingly from within the Bush Illuminati bloodline as well! God has strange ways of working indeed....The legacy of the CHRISTIAN RESISTER to Satan's NWO agenda goes on indeed. And millions of my fellow Americans stand united in Christ Jesus with me in this battle. We are ONE IN CHRIST against the NEW WORLD ORDER.
Piano in Lake McDonald Lodge where I played hymns and prayed frequently

Just for the record...only  a short distance from where the aged postwar Hitler (alias William Coates) sat in one of the photographs taken at the reunion as Glacier National Park in 1997, I too have sat...playing the piano in Lake McDonald Lodge. Renditions of timeless hymns of the Christian faith have filled that lodge numerous times as I sat playing these precious songs for the glory of God. Tourists would come up to me and comment on how much they enjoyed my piano playing.
Chair and table where Hitler once sat during reunion with Skorzeny in 1997
Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

(How very strange that my first time to Glacier National Park was also in 1997! Stranger still, that I came to this very region in search of the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES that eyewitnesses had described to me, that were seen here. The very prisoner boxcars reminiscent of an earlier Nazi holocaust, to take prisoners "to the camps..." And now, this time on American soil! Undoubtedly a direct product of Skorzeny and Hitler...)
Hitler Bodyguard OTTO SKORZENY and wife, with Hitler sitting at table in blue shirt
(I photographed that very table, pictured in photo above this one.)
Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

But none of these tourists knew that, in my heart as I played these hymns, I was praying every conceivable prayer against the accursed NEW WORLD ORDER I could think of! 

Inwardly I was praying against EVERY prisoner boxcar with shackles, against EVERY detention camp in place to destroy my innocent fellow Christians and fellow Americans under martial law, and praying against EVERY plan of the NWO for my nation, America!

And yes, praying deeply for the salvation of the very lost souls deceived by satan and the rhetoric of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Including for George H. W. Bush, or Scherff, as well. And praying for every lost soul entangled in the darkness of the NWO in the CIA to find forgiveness and peace at last through Jesus Christ and His mercy and truth. 

For me, this is a very private and personal battle. It became my battle when the NWO stole the father that I loved as a child, and turned him into a NWO nightmare that Hitler's SS would have been proud of. It took thirty years to reach that lost man for Jesus Christ at last.

 My very own father (full blooded German/Aryan and Berlin Airlift hero in fact) would come home from the Pentagon making statements like, "Everyone who believes in God and miracles should be sent to concentration camps..." You can only imagine where this concept came from! I fought the NWO in my own home...and  finally WON. Daddy finally came out of the NWO darkness, and came home at last. Jesus Christ forgave and saved that man.

 And what Jesus could do for my own German NWO-agenda father, Jesus can also do for every other Nazi/fascist/German/satanist entangled in the CIA as well. 

Please come to God through Jesus His Son while you can, and receive His mercy and forgiveness for your sins! You cannot imagine the horrors of hell and eternal damnation for following Lucifer and murdering innocent people! Jesus Christ and His mercy and forgiveness is YOUR ONLY HOPE, NWO FASCIST AND SATANIST! Come to Him while you can..........after death it will be TOO LATE.

Yes, my readers, the CIA and NWO adherents read my blog is intended as a Christian witness to them as well. Few have the testimony I and my family have to give them. Very few people actually come successfully out of this darkness...but my father did. And we are BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE on my mother's side as well...YET true born again Christians who choose to stand resolutely against Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER and everything it ever stands for.

So please go to the following websites and articles for enlightenment on this subject. Some will ask, but how about Hitler's age? HOW could he have lived so long? The explanation is simple. The military has anti-aging drugs and therapies not available to the common people. Such therapy is available only to "the elite." For example, it has been used on the Queen of England to extend her age, and many others as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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