Sunday, October 16, 2016

MAKE SURE You Are Going to HEAVEN Someday!

Jesus Christ Loves YOU TODAY...


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting the TRUTH of God's Word that is mighty to save YOU-And I LOVE YOU too. And that is WHY I am writing these things to you.

2000 YEARS AGO, God sent JESUS CHRIST His only begotten SON to this world, for the SALVATION of all who will receive Him into their lives. He brought mankind the true words of life, and everlasting salvation and forgiveness of sins. 


COME to Jesus Christ today for your HEALING, for your JOY,  for HELP in time of trouble, for WISDOM to guide your life, for the blessed and divine Holy Spirit of God, the COMFORTER and your friend, to FILL and CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever!

His Word promises you JOY! His word promises you HOPE! His word promises you HEALING and miracles in YOUR life!

His WORD is ALIVE and able to fulfill ALL He has promised, because HIS WORD IS ETERNAL and FAITHFUL FOREVERMORE!

His promises cannot be broken and HE WILL FULFILL THEM in your life, in HIS time, but MOST CERTAINLY.

Be blessed today and always as you COME TO JESUS CHRIST your SAVIOR AND HEALER AND RESCUER today.



"Lord Jesus Christ, you died for my sins on the cross, to take the punishment I deserved, so I do not need to suffer and go to hell for my sins. I RECEIVE YOU NOW as my LORD AND SAVIOR!" 

"Wash me with Your precious blood shed to forgive my sins, and save me. FILL ME WITH THE DIVINE HOLY SPIRIT to give me POWER to LIVE FOR YOU! And bring me to Heaven when my mortal body dies."

"Bless and answer my prayers, and help me to walk with You every single day. Forgive me when I sin, and keep me faithful unto death, and to share You with others always!"

"Deliver me from evil constantly. Help me to read and OBEY YOUR WORD AND COMMANDMENTS daily. in Your Holy precious Name I ask this all.-AMEN"

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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