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I Stand VINDICATED in My "May 5th" Reporting

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The rogue nuke threat to America

Earlier this year in April/May 2013, I reported on the shocking revelations given to me by an ex-Navy SEAL, who was active in the military Patriot underground group in struggling to defeat the NWO agenda for America.

There is a Patriot military underground throughout America that remains loyal to God and the Constitution, which has been furiously battling the NWO agenda for this nation from behind the scenes for many years now.

So many of these people are retired military veterans with combat experience. I was told long ago that the government feared these veterans, because they tended to be loyal to the Constitution and would come out fighting against the NWO agenda under martial law.

I have previously read reports of military vets who were compiling names of military veterans who died under suspicious circumstances. One article even stated that there were foreign mercenary teams assigned to terminate targeted US retired vets and former special forces.

This is the real reason behind the US government's push to keep military veterans in America from owning guns and weapons at this time.

Previously this year (April-May 2013), I published articles based on the revelations of a former Navy SEAL, active in the underground resistance movement against the NWO agenda for America. He confirmed the accuracy of my previous reporting regarding "OPERATION RING OF FIRE" and the plan to bring America down under martial law by deliberately detonating massive explosions across this nation, to be blamed falsely upon various select target groups and traditional enemies of America.

And of course a controlled and complicit news media will publish "official government explanations" to cover for horrific black ops and false flags that will wound or kill countless innocent Victims across America when the deadly detonations finally come.

I reported last summer that this SEAL source warned me that the time of deadly detonations was planned originally for May 2013 (specifically May 5th as the kick-off date. May 5th is a major Communist date, in fact.) 

He gave me the name of a general in the USAF, involved in nuclear affairs, who was working against the NWO agenda in the US military. I was personally with this SEAL when he received phone calls from this general, and watched as he spoke to him by phone.

This SEAL warned me that the general revealed to him that he had held in his hands a copy of the actual order signed by President Obama that would authorize the deadly nuclear detonations program to begin May 5th, 2013.

Shortly after this series of conversations I was privy to, The SEAL told me that this general had received a death threat from within the military, and did not expect to be alive by the next day. The death threat note simply said "You're DEAD."The general reaized that he fhad been detected from within the US military and identified as a NWO resister, and they were now going to move to destroy him.

Paying the price from the Obama administration for daring to stand up for what is right in the sight of Almighty God in  America...

As I stood with my SEAL source the following day, he was finishing a conversation from Washington, DC. The call was from the general's secretary: he was found dead in his bathroom, a bullet through his head and a gun in his hand. It was "officially" being called a "suicide," but the SEAL and the secretary both knew about the death threat note, and knew HE WAS MURDERED FROM THE INSIDE.

I knew then that this warning from the general through this SEAL was no idle threat, and I then frantically published a series of articles repeating what the SEAL had revealed to me. I also published a desperate plea to the PENTAGON and the US military, beseeching them to NOT carry out this deadly false flag using planted nukes across America to trigger martial law. 

Thousands of Americans became alerted as this information went viral across America. Concerned Christians began to pray against this horror. I also went on nationwide radio sharing this urgent information with America.

Why was it so urgent for me and others to get this information out? The answer is simple. 

Every time the government and military plan another black op or false flag to trigger martial law, such events will be hastily cancelled if whistle blowers expose their hidden plans, and also as Christians begin to PRAY and cry out to God to HOLD THE DARKNESS BACK.

The NWO elements of the US government and military are afraid of public exposure and knowledge of their dark plans and hidden agendas. They will frequently call off such deadly operations, IF it becomes clear to the US public that THEY ARE THE ONES SPONSORING TERROR IN AMERICA and NOT America's enemies instead. They fear the impact of people revolting against them as the truth becomes evident, and another American revolution against injustice sweeps throughout this nation.

I have noted with great interest in recent month that there is much being reported by alternative news sources confirming the dark  intentions of the Obama administration to use rogue nukes to trigger a state of disaster leading to martial law.

Later, in September 2013, a series of reports came forth warning Americans that it appeared that the government was preparing for  a major disaster in FEMA REGION THREE. 

One report indicated that a nuke was shipped to Charleston, SC, with the intent of it being deliberately detonated to trigger martial law throughout that region.

A later report I read indicated that US military in opposition to the NWO and to this deadly nuke plan had this particular nuke shipped out to the ocean and detonated far out to sea.

It has also become quite apparent through numerous news sources that the Obama Administration is working overtime to eliminate generals and high ranking military who will not cooperate with his communist/NWO martial law agenda for this nation. He obviously does not want military leaders loyal to the Constitution and the American people in power anymore in the US military. In effect, numerous articles I had read since May 2013 have indicated that indeed my reporting was accurate. Many concluded that because the government/military had purged the name of this USAF general from USAF/military websites and search engines as well, that it simply never happened and I was inaccurate in my reporting. 

But in fact it was all true. And before his name and personal information was purged from LINKED IN, I found him there. And the title he referred to himself on in LINKED IN was in fact USAF GENERAL. To protect surviving family members, I will not reveal all my background information related to him that I uncovered.

News reports in recent months have referred to much happening in the realm of America's nuclear weapons and missiles, including DISAPPEARING NUCLEAR WEAPONS as well. And the potential for them to be used against the American people, right here on American soil.

Janet Napolitano, when leaving the Department of Homeland Security, referred to an ANTICIPATED major disaster coming to America. And of course, how could they be so certain of this, unless it was just one more GOVERNMENT/MILITARY FALSE FLAG event just waiting to happen!

Personally, I am confident that this rogue nuke agenda was scheduled for this past summer, just as my SEAL source revealed. However, I also believe that public exposure through articles and radio and resulting PRAYER nationwide all played a major role in causing the NWO elements of the US government/military to reconsider and cancel that black op instead.

We are already involved in a deadly "cat n' mouse" waiting game here in America, with each opposing side watching carefully to see what the other side may be planning to do. 
Look out!

The AMERICAN PATRIOT knows that a brutal police state with detention camps and gun confiscation and religious persecution is planned for America. And many loyal and God-fearing Americans are planning to fully resist this tyranny, and to stand firm for freedom and America's religious heritage of "in God we trust".

And the NWO supporting elements of the US government and military know that the American patriots are alerted to their martial law agenda and that they will never, ever accept  or surrender to it.

Thus, the final stage is now being set for the coming mother of all wars in North America, to decide who will control America's future. Who will win this battle? The Patriots, Constitutionalist and the God-fearing elements of this nation? Or the godless Communist/globalist elements whose spiritual leader is Lucifer himself? 

Tragically, Communist/globalist NWO forces have overtaken many nations in the past: Russia, China, North Korea, Kampuchea, Cuba, and others as well. And the results have always been the same: brutal tyranny, bloodshed of the innocent, internment in detention camps, repression, religious oppression, famine, poverty, gun confiscation.

And that is exactly what the NWO globalists have planned next for North America.....

In short, nothing good ever comes from godless Communism and the hateful globalists, whose god is in fact Lucifer, and whose eternal end is in hell and the lake of fire forevermore. AS Jesus clearly explained, no good fruit can come from a corrupt tree! Communism is a direct product of the Illuminati, who worship Lucifer. It is designed to put power into the hands of their ruling elite, and to control and ruthlessly oppress the masses worldwide

The NWO cat is definitely out of the bag by now, and millions of American have become aware of what is planned by the globalists for our nation. And thankfully, millions of Americans also oppose any plans for imposing tyranny on our Constitutional republic and sovereign nation.

We are living in a desperate hour in America, in which truly ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN...and many terrible things WILL happen in fact in our future. Both spiritual and practical preparedness is essential to emerge victorious and overcoming.

My prayer is that the good and God-fearing people of my nation, North America, will stand up to these forces of hell of the NWO agenda, and make the difference in this critical hour. 
Put the POWER OF PRAYER to work for your life and our nation TODAY!

If bad people are slowly destroying this nation, how much more can good people, armed with the power of the Living God and His word, then help to SAVE this nation from destruction as they stand against the darkness!

We are living in a desperate hour in America, in which truly ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN...and many terrible things WILL happen in fact in our future. Both spiritual and practical preparedness is essential to emerge victorious and overcoming.

Purpose to prepare both spiritually and practically, so that YOU may successfully overcome in the times we face in North America...and throughout the world as the globalists attempt to impose Lucifer's dark kingdom on mankind worldwide.

Thank God we as Christians know from Holy Scripture that this NWO kingdom of darkness is but for a moment in this world, and THEN the King of kings shall return to establish His everlasting kingdom on this earth and banish Lucifer's dark kingdom forever!

"The kingdoms of this world are become 
the kingdom of our God and His Christ, 
and HE SHALL REIGN forever and ever!"

Revelation 11:15-b

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~
P. O. Box 724,
Montreat, NC

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