Tuesday, July 26, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

People often ask me, "WHERE IS AMERICA IN BIBLE PROPHECY?" Or is it there at all?

The answer is quite simple. It is found in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament and in secret military documents.

The Book of Revelation  in chapter 13 states that there will be ten kings or world leaders appointed by the NWO leader over the "NEW WORLD ORDER" or world government under satan's dark rule.

The New World Order has already divided the world into TEN WORLD REGIONS. REGION NUMBER ONE is composed of: Canada,  America, and Mexico (or, the entire North American continent including Alaska.)

A former security guard with CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN NORAD in Colorado Springs, CO, Brian, personally  told me how he was invited one day to join the military role in the NEW WORLD ORDER in America. He was shown top secret military documents outlining the plan to bring America under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

"I turned the pages of this document to a map of the North American continent. This map showed the borders between Canada, America, and Mexico erased to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the TEN WORLD REGION of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER."

The truth is very simple to understand, all confirming Bible prophecy perfectly. America IS in Bible prophecy after all! America will simply be swallowed up in REGION NUMBER ONE of the ten world regions under ten world leaders of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

BUT is America in OTHER Bible prophecy? Yes. The book of Revelation speaks of three of these kings of the ten world regions falling. North America WILL fall under her enemies, Russia and China, eventually! Russia and China have long been planning for total takeover of North America. They have prepared militarily for decades. And what is planned will come to pass.

US military sources have admitted to me: "It is not a matter of IF but WHEN. There WILL BE nuclear strikes on American  soil, because of our foreign policies in the Middle East. We are now stockpiling up to ten years worth of emergency food supplies in the deep underground military bases across America, in full anticipation of A PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE!" (From Kirtland AFB, NM sources)

How foolish of any American to think otherwise!

Yes, America is in Bible prophecy. And NO, America is not "BABYLON!" "Babylon" in Revelation is a spiritual kingdom of darkness, a kingdom of spiritual harlotries or false religions departing from the truth of the living God. This spiritual kingdom of darkness is worldwide in every nation. While there may indeed be sin in America and Illuminati/satanist presence (as in every nation,) there are nations far more involved in spiritual darkness and sin and wickedness than America.

Look at INDIA with over two million false gods or idols! Look at communist countries such as China, where Christians are routinely arrested, tortured and killed, and spiritual darkness reigns over her. Being a missionary, I am well aware of the state of many nations throughout the world, and so many of them filled with far more darkness that North America.

America is not "Babylon". But is spiritual Babylon present in America? YES! It is all a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

And this is WHY America's Christians must rise up in spiritual warfare against the spiritual darkness threatening our very Christian existence in North America. Spiritual Babylon and her spiritual bastard offspring will seek to destroy Christianity from America and every other nation on the earth through their NEW WORLD ORDER.

So now you know "the REST of the story" regarding "AMERICA IN BIBLE PROPHECY."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA


  1. The prophecys in the book of Joel in the bible concerning old men dreaming dreams and young men seeing visions come to mind. Some years ago I had a vision and I saw soldiers on the streets of America this was futurist I know now that it is confirmed by what I have just read that Martial Law will come to America in the end times under the New World Order.

  2. I believe this will happen the world is just sleeping and unsuspecting and needs to wake up and realise the prophecies of revelations will come to pass soon.