Tuesday, October 26, 2010


(And he is A GENUINE CHRISTIAN, even!)

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

How many of you have noticed what I have noticed? America is seemingly languishing for lack of modern-day heroes to emulate and be inspired by. People whose lives shine forth as examples of compassion, good will, and caring in today's desensitized world we live in. Young people today often grope around, even wading through the godless muck of Hollywood movies, looking for a viable a valid role model to emulate or to inspire them to do greater things with their lives.

And when you find such a person, you want to learn from their example, and then spread their inspiration around to share with others.

RON GARON of Tulsa, OK, has proven time and again to be exactly this kind of person. And to be included is his precious and caring wife, Diane, who has faithfully stood with him in every endeavor he has sought to undertake throughout the years.
God has used Ron Garon in a mighty way, both in MY life so many years ago, and amazingly enough, so many years later WITH MY BROTHER as well!

Ron is a born again Christian, who is widely gifted in so many areas, including inspirational music (Christian song writing and guitar playing) and the field of the computer and the Internet.

Many of you have read my factual reports throughout the years, exposing the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and what America is soon to face. Well, my reports would never have been read on my own website finally on the Internet , starting in 2001, had it not been for the genius and skills of Ron Garon.

I met Ron personally in Tulsa, OK, following a most terrible tragedy. Returning home from 6 months of investigative journalism in Germany in 2001, I discovered that my mother had suffered a traumatic injury that almost severed her leg, and that our home had been put up for sale, including our transportation as well in order to cover her medical expenses.

I had returned from Germany to find myself INSTANTLY HOMELESS, now with NO transportation, and even discovered that all of my earthly possessions stored in our home had been cruelly seized by people who refused to return them, EVEN when Ron took me to their home and requested the return of my personal possessions they had stolen. Ron Garon is personal witness to this tragedy: I was left with nothing.

Ron's heart of compassion and concern came through for me at that time. He and his wife immediately took me into their home (I had no where else to go.)He then immediately offered to set me up in my career in writing for my own website, AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, free of charge. And from that time in 2001 following my terrible loss, Ron faithfully posted my articles from all over the world onto my website for several years, strictly volunteer.

Ron had previously been the personal webmaster for famed ALBERTO RIVERA, former Jesuit priest under the Pope, who finally became a born again Christian and began to expose the corruption in the Jesuits and the Vatican at his own risk. Rivera's career exposing Vatican corruption was very powerful and effective, and Ron helped to make this possible through his contribution of becoming Rivera' personal webmaster, and later became webmaster to Mrs. Alberto Rivera after Alberto died of mysterious circumstances.

My reports , now well known and read throughout various parts of the world today,would never have reached the millions of readers that they did, on a regular basis throughout those early years of my reporting on the NWO, had it not been for RON GARON.

But it doesn't stop there. Many years later, when my brother became deathly ill in Tulsa, it was Ron who opened his home to me to stay in while I came to visit my brother in the hospital Christmastime in Tulsa. Ron faithfully came with his wife to minister to my brother throughout his terrible ordeal and months of recovery.

And when it became apparent that I would have to make an emergency trip to Tulsa to finally pick up my brother and bring him back here to Montreat, NC, it was Ron who once again came through, kindly lending me the money for gas to come to Tulsa and bring John back to Montreat, almost a 2,000 mile journey of faith.

Thankyou, RON GARON, for being a true brother in Christ Jesus in my hour of great crisis! Your witness shines forth across this nation, as inspiration to the rest of us, of how a Christian should respond to others in crisis and tragedy.

And ultimately, to GOD BE ALL THE GLORY through Jesus Christ our Saviour! For Ron is truly a child of God who has proven BY HIS ACTIONS that he remains a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. "By THIS shall all men know that YOU are MY DISCIPLES, if you have love one for another...."~Jesus Christ

-Pamela Schuffert

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