Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disturbing NEW Information About Linda Newkirk, False Prophet

"...several people have disappeared after visiting her and there is the stench of dead bodies behind her trailer..."-visitor to Newkirk's home in Arkansas.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have recently been in conversation with an abuse survivor now in ministry in Arkansas, who has visited Linda Newkirk several times and has revealed to me some very disturbing information further exposing this evil woman, masquerading as a "Christian prophet" and proclaiming herself to be reincarnated person from the Bible.

Newkirk, like many hucksters who have crept into the Christian world, makes money by composing false prophecies from "God the Father" which coincidentally always portrays her as a wonderful person in flattering terms, straight from "God Himself."This is a major trademark of the false prophets which God condemns throughout the Bible. Another major trademark of the false prophets is FALSE DOCTRINE. Newkirk teaches and believes in REINCARNATION AND KARMA...a true "doctrine of demons" and totally contrary to sound Bible teaching.She then sells her false prophecies in her books. And tragically, people uneducated in the Word of God fall for them.

Although previously I had attempted to minister to Newkirk and share with her from the Word of God about her doctrinal errors, she turned against me completely as I countered her from the Word of God. Instead of repenting of both her false prophecies and teaching this heresy of reincarnation, she then proceeded to write and publish various attacks against me. I laughed when I took the time to look up some of her libel against me, it was so outrageously unbelievable and obviously written to make me look bad, and from a very evil and troubled heart, apparently.

In fact, I discovered from one fellow investigator that her husband at one point had her committed to a mental ward, due to her aberrant behavior.

But now it appears that things have become far more serious. The person I am now corresponding with, who has visited Newkirk personally, believes she has personally unmasked this woman for the satanic personality she truly is, as she visited her trailer. She told me that in a locked trailer behind Newkirk's home, there is the distinct stench of decomposing flesh, suggesting human bodies.

She also told me of people coming to visit Newkirk, who were later discovered to have mysteriously disappeared afterwards, mentioning to me several people in fact. And when she got too near this trailer behind Newkirk's, Newkirk attacked her verbally and threatened her to NEVER get near that trailer again (!)

And when she mentioned my name to Newkirk, a most interesting thing happened. "It was like a serpent was hissing out of Linda's lips, filled with hatred, when she spoke about you, Pam, " my contact told me. I was even told by this contact that Newkirk truly hates me for exposing her.

( Just like they hated Jesus Christ for exposing their secret sins, eh? My, how history repeats itself!)

This same contact told me how she has also read one article from Newkirk, exposing the fact that she had literally put a death contract out on me, attempting to use STEW WEBB (who has been solicited to murder other people as well.) How sick this world truly is!

I now have Newkirk's phone number and physical address from my contact, and will be turning this information over to proper law enforcement/intelligence agencies in her area to deal with these suspicious circumstances.


-Pamela Schuffert

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  1. Things turned bad during her trip to South Africa as well, I can't believe she is still doing what she is doing.