Monday, April 27, 2009


(April 27, 2009)Finally...I am back ON THE ROAD, investigating and interviewing and reporting from across the nation. SO MUCH HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE! It would take a blind fool not to realize by now that SOMETHING IS UP! And so much legislation has been rushed through, bringing America ever closer to the POLICE STATE USA the NWO has envisioned for a LONG time.

And NOW we are hearing reports of a PANDEMIC SWINE FLU sweeping through Mexico and other countries, and "endangering America" also. Just be advised, we NWO reporters have long warned our fellow Americans that MANY PLANNED EPIDEMICS, developed by their microbiologists employed by the CIA and the US military TO BE USED AGAINST US, and in fact coming. The NWO CHAOS CREATORS will make SURE of THAT!

POPULATION CONTROL and WEAKENING OF AMERICAN RESISTANCE to their NWO agenda are two of the purposes of the planned epidemics. Also, to provide an excuse for what they planned to do already: quarantine and forced evacuations to FEMA CAMPS...many to never return home again.

Many microbiologists are turning up dead..."suicided"..."disappeared" and more. We have last received count of about 40 so far, dying mysteriously. The reason for this is simple: they are being killed by the US government/military /intelligence community in order to cause their secrets to die with them. The secrets about how they were paid by our own government to develop deadly microbes to be deliberately released against us, both to create martial law crises and to weaken public ability to resist NWO takeover under martial law.

Stay posted for further updates on the PANDEMIC THREAT!

-Pamela Schuffert

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