Monday, March 2, 2009

The Truth About the Holocaust-It Happened

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

I marvel today at the reams of articles coming out today attempting to deny a historical event, the brutal Holocaust hosted by Hitler's Nazis in Germany and other countries. Reality dictates that whenever you have a brutal dictatorship and tyrannical regime, as in Hitler's Germany, they must also have detention/termination camps to effectively deal-permanently in many cases-with all political and religious dissenters and resistance.

Russian and eastern Europe under communism certainly had hundreds, if not thousands of gulags and detention camps to deal with tens of millions of political and religious dissenters for many decades. Detention facilities and death camps were always used by various nations during war times to house prisoners of war.Hitler's camps were set up for that very purpose. To remove from society all those considered threats to his National Socialist agenda. And in many cases, those people included the Jews.

I recall as a child, looking at my family's many books published at the end of the war, including A SOLDIER'S ALBUM. A SOLDIER'S ALBUM was filled with photos taken by wartime journalists WHO WERE THERE. AS a child, I saw photos of piles of emaciated bodies stacked like cord wood. I witnessed the photos of the camps and their killing apparatus.Our book shelves were filled with books written by immediate survivors of the horrors of the camps. The grim photos in the dozens of books we had did not lie. The tragic accounts written immediately afterwards of not ONLY Jewish survivors but OTHERS as well, did not lie. The grainy films taken of the camps and victims, piles of bodies, gassing and crematory facilities, did not lie.

While growing up in Germany (Wiesbaden)as a child after the war for several years, my parents took a vacation throughout Germany in the early 1950's.I can never forget my mother's words many years later. "We visited Dachau. It had not yet been sanitized from the war. Blackened burnt bones were still on the litter that loaded dead bodies into the crematory oven...I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible."

And in 2001, I revisited Dachau twice, in honor and memory of the victims that tragically died there, Jew and Gentile alike. Although the bones had been removed from the crematory oven, the oven remained still. I cannot never forget what I sensed in that place. And I too could not bear to remain there for very long each time and had to leave.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive or a prolonged article. I am simply making a statement. The fact is, THERE WAS INDEED A NAZI HOLOCAUST against enemies of the Reich. Many people suffered in it, both Jew and Gentile alike. And indeed some facilities had gassing and crematory facilities for termination of perceived enemies and disposal of those bodies. And yes, it was a tragedy of vast dimensions against many innocent lives. And yes, it was wrong.

As far as I am concerned, the present day debate over numbers killed in those camps is mute. If even one innocent victim died in those terrible camps, Jew or otherwise, it would have been one too many.

And anyone who believes in present day holocaust revisionist disinformation, denying the painful reality regarding people who DID suffer an DID die in the camps, does a grave disservice to the survivors of those people and families who suffered and died in such horrors. Simply put, they are believing a lie.

And just to clarify motivation for what I have just written, none of the above has been written in fear of the kind of persecution now coming against people who are denying the holocaust publicly today. I fear no persecution for anything I write. If I feared persecution for the content of my articles and reports, I would not be hosting this blog, nor presenting my kind of reporting over the past 13 years.

And now, there is an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST COMING to our nation. Just as I would have NEVER REMAINED SILENT over Nazi atrocities with their prisoner boxcars and deathcamps...and just as I would never have REMAINED SILENT over Communist atrocities in the gulags (and in fact have not remained silent) I cannot remain silent about the coming horrors of THE MARTIAL LAW/NWO AGENDA HOLOCAUST now planned for MY nation, America.

Victims are victims, no matter under what tyrannical or oppressive regime, no matter which people group, no matter in what nation they are found. And I will lay down my life to stand with the innocent victims of cruel and brutal repression. And that is what this blog and my many years of performing investigative journalism is really about. GOD CARES ABOUT THE VICTIMS, and so do I. So should we all.

Because someday in America, you just may be AMONG THEM.

-Pamela Schuffert

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