Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pray Against "...the NEXT BIG ONE" and WHY

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many of you reading this blog are aware of the latest headlines about the car bomb situation in NYC, and the resulting news about massive manhunts and uncovering "terrorist networks".

I even heard one radio broadcast recently
with a government rep stating (with a VERY melodramatic voice that would make Hollywood proud), "We are doing everything we can to uncover this plot and to protect the American people...."

"Protect the American people..."??? How I WISH!

I couldn't help but smile sadly when he said this, as I thought about the information I have uncovered throughout the years about the horrific NWO agenda, or the painful truth about "9/11," the truth about the OKC bombing, or uncovering evidence of the hundreds of deathcamps and thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles in place for American Patriots, and the Pentagon program of testing deadly chemical and biological warfare substances on the unsuspecting American people, plus the CHEMTRAILS filling our skies and making millions of Americans sick, not to mention the DoD's dumping of deadly toxins across this nation and the hundreds of thousands of victims made ill or dying as a result, and much MORE. (I could go on and on...sigh.)

Indeed, American government and intelligence community:
Go AFTER the terrorists! STOP THEM! We ALL hate terrorism that endangers the American people. But please, take the time to focus on the REAL terrorists behind the scenes for a change...won't you??? (And you know exactly what I mean, "Big Brother...")

Frankly, what many of us independent investigative journalists now fear, is that this may be the dreaded prelude to "OPERATION RING OF FIRE," a series of deadly explosions programmed to occur across this nation, as a means of triggering MARTIAL LAW for the NWO agenda laid out for our nation.

OPERATION RING OF FIRE, as exposed through Patriot moles planted deep in the White House, is the NWO plan to trigger massive disasters across this nation, and to then use complicit news media channels to provide a smoke screen by blaming whatever group they want to and for their own agenda ("the official government explanation"), and then triggering martial land and the suspension of our Constitution as a result of these massive government/military "false flag" black ops terrorism DESIGNED to plunge our nation into martial law.

They have to first plant in the American people's minds however that this black op is the work of "terrorists", to throw off all suspicion of the American people as to who the real culprits behind such disasters in our nation are.

And so those elements of news media who are complicit in this NWO agenda with the government (and for BIG bucks) comply with government requests, and feed the American people NEWS MEDIA BIAS/BLACKOUT and misinformation designed to mislead the American people and to cover for their own black ops and false flag operations. This happened with "9/11" and with the OKC bombing, and in several other instances as well.

For those of you readers who are Christians and who understand the power of INTERCESSORY PRAYER, please take the time to pray fervently that this is not going to lead us ultimately to "OPERATION RING OF FIRE"- type "false flag" disasters, and to MARTIAL LAW at last. ONLY fervent intercessory prayer from across this nation has held back the NWO agenda of Disaster Capitalists and the satanists/Illuminati THIS long.

People at times have become skeptical when something has not come to pass when we journalists warned them there was the potential for these events to happen in our nation. But their NWO agenda is fluid and ever changing, day by day, and the POWER OF PRAYER has held back their dark agendas MORE THAN ONCE. Thank GOD for the remnant of fasting and praying Christian intercessors throughout our nation, crying out for God's grace and mercy to HOLD IT BACK yet a season longer!

Please, take the time to PRAY and become part of GOD'S ANSWER to their dark NWO agenda for America.

"The fervent effectual prayers of a righteous person avails much."

-Pamela Schuffert

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