Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Readers Ask: "Pam, Are You Armed?"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting invetigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

People frequently ask me,
as the subject of the NWO agenda and anticipated martial law comes up, if I am presently armed with a weapon of self defense, if I store ammunition, etc. And my answer is no. A diligent search of where I live will uncover no weapons, no firearms or ammunition whatsoever. And then the question always come up: WHY? When I KNOW what is coming to our nation, why?

My reasons are deeply personal and what I profoundly feel is very Scriptural. NO one else has to agree with me in this subject, and God may lead people in many ways to different conclusions regarding what is right for them and their situation. But here are my conclusions.

Throughout my many years of personal Christian ministry, including also 15 years of investigative journalism, I have had the time to form and come to many conclusions in my life.

The battles God has called me to, are NOT fought nor won ultimately with weapons that produce the destruction of a person's life. God has called me from His Word to battle on a much higher scale, than that which involves mortal combat with material weapons.

As I uncover and confront the spiritual darkness and research the NWO, I see no enemies before me: I only see men and women for whom Jesus Christ died to save and redeem. And I was once one of them.

Before I ever came to repentance and to believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior, I was groping for truth in New Age paganism and the tragic and dark world of the occult. I was well on my path to hell, when Jesus Christ intervened in my life, brought me to Himself when I was dying, saved my soul and then miraculously healed me, as confirmed by my doctor.

If I had died in my sins, without Jesus Christ and His salvation, I would have perished eternally. Only His mercy reached down and rescued me from such spiritual darkness. Only His compassion brought me to believe in Him, to renounce 5 years of looking for God in the occult, and to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. Only His grace subsequently healed me completely of what two doctors had concluded was hopeless.

And I long to show this same kind of love and mercy towards those who are still groping in the darkness, looking for answers and for the truth. That includes those lost in satanism, paganism, the occult and the NWO agenda.

Several times in my past, when my life was in danger due to various circumstances, I purchased firearms and ammunition and trained to use them effectively. And each time, God spoke to me clearly and told me to put them away. He even has a sense of humor! He said, "For every bullet you could fire, they can fire ten or one hundred. Unless your trust is fully in me to protect you, they will kill you." And so I obeyed God, and sold them each time.

In fact, I was surprised to receive a call from Brian of NC intelligence (SBI) one day, many years ago. This was the time when the regional satanists were trying to kill me because of my ministering to victims in NC. (Read my "ASHEVILLE SATANISM" reports.)

He said, "Ma'am, our records show that you bought a gun recently, and then turned around and sold it a month later. Would you mind telling me WHY?"

I told Brian the truth. God told me to put it away and to trust in Him instead. "Besides, Brian, if I die, I go to heaven. If they die, they go to hell forever. God did not tell me to minister His love and forgiveness to them down the barrel of a 9mm..." Brian was silent and then replied, "I hear your Christian witness..I hear you."

I simply obeyed God. That's all. And God has protected me ever since.

IS there a time for the use of reasonable and justifiable force to stop a criminal act and to protect the innocent? Absolutely. When I had moved in with a young Christian woman who had been threatened with brutal abduction and torture and death by local satanists, I moved in with her to provide spiritual comfort and support. I also chose at that specific time while being with her to carry a firearm 24/7 as I accompanied her wherever she went. I became physical bodyguard and spiritual counselor as well, as we prayed together through the storm of of darkness she faced.

And when the leader of that coven that was threatening to abduct her, called her by phone and said they were finally going to break into her home, shoot me to kill to remove me and then to abduct her for sacrifice, I grabbed the phone out of her hand as she collapsed on the floor in tears and responded.

"Look...we really care about your soul and where you spend eternity and are praying for you. But cross the line of decency and humanity to commit this crime to break into her home and abduct and kill her, and I will have no problem reducing you to bloody history all over her sidewalk before you ever reach her!" And I meant every word I said at that time. I had been praying constantly for the salvation of every member of this coven and it's leader. But there is also a time for the righteous to protect and deliver the innocent from those intent on committing the crime called MURDER.

We can see an example of this principle from the tragic YWAM/Church shootings in Colorado Springs a few years ago. After the gunman had shot and killed two people at the YWAM base in Arvada, he fled to Colorado Springs to attempt to shoot potentially dozens of unarmed church attenders at another Christian facility. ONLY the Christian security guard, attempting to stop him first by commands and then by firing upon him, prevented the untimely deaths of many of those church attendees.

Was she justified in the sight of God for her actions? Yes. There is a time and a place for the use of justifiable and reasonable force to prevent criminal actions from taking place against the innocent.

However, in the situation of my friend and I endangered by a regional coven, it was not a firearm that delivered both of us from a horrible death from this coven, but rather the protection of the Living God, the power of PRAYER, and the power of THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

BY HIS GRACE we both survived that harrowing ordeal and both of us have lived to tell the tale many years later. I visited her a year ago, and she is alive and safe to this day, praise the Lord God through Jesus Christ.

Every day, I am praying for the salvation of those souls tragically deceived by the rhetoric of the NWO and the ugly satanism/Illuminati undergirding it. I pray for those deceived in our government, our military, the intelligence community and beyond. ONLY God touching the lives of those involved in the NWO agenda, will be able to hold it back.

Ultimately, hearts and minds are not convicted nor changed by the use of weapons of the destruction of men's lives. Rather it is the power of the Living God, often through our prayers and our ministering of the word of God to such people, that touches the hearts and lives of mankind and finally changes them.

In dealing with such spiritual darkness as the NEW WORLD ORDER (Revelation 13) I prefer at this time to use the timeless and eternal weapons of the living God, interacting with the lives of people in the world today.

God has ordained me to neither be the judge, jury nor executioner of ANYONE! And when I take up firearms designed to destroy men's lives and seek to live or survive by this means, I become just that. No second chance for those dispatched into eternity, even in my act of self defense.

Every single day, my life and safety is in the hands of Almighty God. I realize that there are people who want to kill me for my Christian testimony and my reporting to this very day.

But, you see, I AM armed! With the mightiest weapons to ever be found. Every day I spend time in prayer. I meditate on the eternal Word of God. I clothe myself with the full armor of God, ask God to fill me with His Holy Spirit daily, and choose to walk in the power of my Savior Jesus Christ. I stand on the power and authority of His Word. I seek His will daily. And then I choose to walk in the power of keeping His commandments.

It is the power of the Living God that has preserved countless saints throughout the ages from wicked generations such as ours today. And His power and grace that has brought them safely "home" at last. These are the timeless and eternal weapons of the saint of God, that have sufficed throughout the ages and will suffice unto this very day. "My grace is sufficient for thee," declared Jesus Christ to the Apostle Paul, who faced many trials and dangers for his faith.

And to this very day, His grace is sufficient for us as well.

But while I may be on their "hit list," I have chosen to BE LIKE JESUS and place them on my prayer list. If I am called to seal my testimony of Jesus Christ to the world with my own blood, so be it. I won't be the first Christian to die for my faith, nor the last.

My untimely death, should God permit, will not be their victory! For the FINAL VICTORY rests in the hands of Almighty God, and I have the promise of ETERNAL LIFE and the RESURRECTION! All through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

"No Fear."

-Pamela Schuffert

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