Sunday, May 30, 2010


Military insiders say YES!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following true statements are frank admissions from military insiders in NM.

"Because of America's foreign policies in the Middle East, nuclear strikes are coming to is not a matter of IF but WHEN."

"The DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES are now stockpiling UP TO 10 YEARS food supplies, in full anticipated of a LONG TERM NUCLEAR EXCHANGE!"
Source-Military insiders from Kirtland AFB, NM.

Frankly, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that, because of our agressive agendas for the Middle East, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and eventually spreading to IRAN, and beyond, many other concerned nations are going to decide IT IS TIME TO STOP AMERICA FROM GOING ANY FURTHER! And they will do to us what America has done in the past to stop other warring aggressor nations: they WILL BOMB THE USA!

The US military fully understands this and is preparing accordingly.

However, Americans must then ask the vital question: BUT WHERE are the government-provided mass evacuation fallout shelters for the millions of the American people nationwide? Where are the government-provided survival food supplies for the American people to make it through such times?

And the tragic answer is, THERE ARE NONE.

Except of course, for the privileged and the elite!

Equally frightening is the hot information I uncovered from a USAF source, that many of our US military bases now have their missiles re-directed towards INTERNAL TARGETS USA for a NWO agenda designed to trigger martial law through the creation of disasters in our nation deliberately. The American people face double threat: nuclear strikes from WITHOUT and missile strikes from WITHIN.

Isn't time to take a serious look into purchasing your own personal nuclear fallout shelter for YOUR household? Such pre-fab units are available and affordable for many and can be ordered over the Internet, in fact. Construction companies regularly install such units for purchasers nationwide.

Isn't it time to investigate purchasing long term food supplies for YOU and your family? There are many excellent quality survival food supplies companies and websites to be found across the Internet. Simply go to and begin entering key words/phrases and begin investigating both nuclear fallout shelters and food/survival supplies NOW. You won't regret it later!

But, you may say, haven't I heard about
"laws" forbidding the "stockpiling of food?" And that FEMA will attempt to seize it under martial law???

My response:
Alleged "laws" intending to keep you from stockpiling necessary food supplies to feed your family be damned, literally. The Bible states that a person MUST make provision to feed their family, and that anyone who does not is worse than an infidel and has "denied the faith."

Equally damned is the legislation
they are desperately trying to pass in the Senate and House, stating the HOME FOOD GARDENS WILL BE PROHIBITED...and you cannot grow your own food to feed your family! How utterly in opposition to American independence, culture, tradition and history such "laws" are!

And since such ridiculous laws are unConstitutional and have no basis or foundation in the higher laws of Almighty God,
they have in effect become "laws that are NO laws." Such laws become invalid and unable to be practically enforced or observed.

Please, make ABUNDANT provisions to feed yourself and your family as well.
And keep those backyard and community gardens growing! And don't be afraid to take precautions to protect and defend your loved ones and your food supplies, property, etc., as well.

Now...get UP offa your APATHY, and DO something! Trust will be glad you did someday. Don't wait until it is TOO LATE.

-Pamela Schuffert

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