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The Deadly Rise of NWO Nazis in Germany/Europe

And once again, the Illuminati are behind this ominous rising movement-

UPDATE-May 18,2010-I just finished a phone conversation with former Illuminati member, Doc Marquis. Doc was with the Rothschild Illuminati branch at one time. He later came out to become a Christian, and to expose what he knew about the occult. While working for the Illuminati, Doc had personally handled the modern military guillotines and was even at Fort Lewis, recruiting for the Illuminati NWO agenda at one time.

I have been deeply troubled over what my research uncovered previously in Germany regarding the rise of the modern Nazi movement of today

I remember thinking in Munich, in 2001, as I gazed at piles of modern glossy magazines glorifying Hitler and the Nazi party, plus spewing out anti-Jewish venom, that these Nazi youth in Germany could not possibly have had the enormous funds required to print the volumes of this Nazi literature. I concluded that once again, the Illuminati must be funding this ominous movement and their publication of such literature as I viewed.

Doc has just confirmed this to me, and admitted that indeed the Illuminati has been behind the scenes, raising up this modern Nazi movement in Europe for their 21st century NWO agenda purposes.

We are hoping to get DOC MARQUIS as a speaker for a special Christian convention in ASHEVILLE, NC this summer, exposing the NWO agenda for America and the Illuminati role and much more!

Stay tuned for more info as this exciting possibility progresses...And now the original article!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Strange events are happening throughout our world today. While the Illuminati is raising up the NWO forces in North America through various Jewish and Gentiles, in Europe they are raising up a conflicting group, modern day Nazis. Those of you who have researched the Illuminati realize they are known for raising up opposing sides, with plans to profit financially and in every other way from the resulting conflicts.

While research the NWO agenda in Europe in 2001, I spent 6 months living in Germany, in youth hostels and campgrounds and traveling by bus and train to interview the German people.I was not prepared for the information I was about to receive when I traveled to Munich and began to investigate there. One young woman, Christina, encountered me in Marienplatz, the city square.

She overheard my statements about being an American journalist in Germany, to interview the Germans on various subjects and movements. Walking up to me and smiling, she put her arm through mine and said, "...let me tell you about OUR group! Come to my apartment..." We walked and rode the subway to get there. When we arrived, she looked in both directions, as if to make sure no one was watching her, and then grabbed my arm and rushed with me up the stairs to her second floor apartment. We stepped inside. All the windows were tightly shuttered closed, as if to keep unwelcome eyes from prying inside.

She then shut and locked the door, and then turned on her lights. Smiling broadly, she then said, "NOW...let me tell you about OUR group! And here is our literature!" I glanced around me. There were piles of modern glossy cover magazines everywhere. As I walked closer to one pile to examine it, I began to note with shock that the pictures on the front covers of these magazines were covered with large photographs of Adolph Hitler and Nazi war criminals as well.

Nausea welled up inside me that I had to continually fight, as I looked over these magazines. Being an investigative journalist, I realized that I needed to suppress any revulsion I had that day, in order to find out more about her group. Forcing a smile, I said, "So tell me more about your organization..."

Christina admitted to me that she belonged to the forbidden underground Nazi movement throughout Germany, taking root especially among younger Germans. She admitted they consisted at that time of about 7,000 open members and at least 7,000 underground members and were growing continually.

She then launched into the Nazi rhetoric, of how "...while we do not deny SOME Jews were killed in the camps, the number is not as large as the Jews say...." I remember thinking, if only ONE Jew or Jewish child had been killed in the camps by the Nazis, it would have been one too many. And that includes any other ethnic groups or individuals.

I picked up one magazine copy and opened it randomly to an article. And in that article was a picture of Jews in a synagogue during holy days. I asked her to read that article to me and to translate, since my German is very limited. She did so. As I listened, I realized that the same type of Nazi rhetoric used to justify in the minds of the Germans the persecution of the Jews in Germany, was being presented once again in Germany, this time to a new and younger generation.

One thing that this modern Nazi literature distinctly emphasized,however, was the role of certain Jewish elements in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for Europe and the world. And I noted that what it said about this aspect of the NWO agenda was, in fact, quite accurate.

However, what is extremely important, is HOW such groups or individuals attempt to deal with such truth and revelations. And it was apparent that such modern Nazis in Germany and Europe intend to deal with Jewish roles in the NWO agenda, exactly as their Nazi forefathers did.

This is chilling. The previous Nazis did not discriminate among the Jews as to who was actually involved in communism and certain agendas undermining Germany and her government at that time. They simply stereotyped all Jews together indiscriminately, and brutally persecuted and terminated young and old alike.

Christina justified their modern Nazi movement by using the facts about the Jews and their support and involvement in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. So did these dozens of magazines. And indeed this underground modern Nazi movement has been growing ever since I left Germany in 2001.

However, I am about to make the following statement from a Christian and Biblical perspective. As terrifying as the prospects of a New World Order/antichrist agenda may be to us as Christians, we must remember from the eternal Word of God, that an occult-based Nazi "Final Solution" can never be GOD'S solution to dealing with sin or those we perceive to be our enemies.

The Illuminati has been working hard behind the scenes to fund and fuel what they hope will be the opposing sides, BOTH designed to serve their own dark purposes. Much as the Illuminati and the shadow government work behind the scenes to choose and groom THEIR candidates for both the Republican side and the Democrat side in the American Presidential elections. While both candidates seem to be in opposition to one another in the elections, both have been carefully groomed to do the will of the Illuminati and the Shadow government in the end. It doesn't matter who you vote for!

Both the New World Order agenda with it's decidedly Jewish elements playing a major role, and the rising Nazi network seemingly opposing it, are of Lucifer's kingdom completely. With BOTH sides planning to persecute and terminate their opponents, NEITHER is of God and BOTH are utterly doomed by the Word of God.

The Nazis desperately hope to be accepted as modern heroes against the darkness of the Jewish elements of the NWO agenda. And many people in today's world have been factually educated as to the reality of the NWO agenda and a major Jewish role as well. Many fear it and what they plan to do, including persecution of the Christians under it.

(Remember that in a previous generation, Prescott Bush gave millions of US dollars to the Nazi party of Germany, in hopes that they would provide the world antichrist figure to lead the world into their vision of the NEW WORLD ORDER. The George W. Bush family is in fact a major Illuminati bloodline family.)

Christina emphasized to me in her apartment that they are against the NWO agenda, and that they are going to fight it through this modern Nazi movement. But do these modern Nazis realize, that there are those who have their OWN agenda for the world, the "new order," through the Nazi movement in Europe as well? And interestingly, "666" is being publicly displayed all over Germany on billboards and posters. But WHY? Read Revelation 13!

However, there is only ONE acceptable answer for the Christian in the world today, and that is to be found in the timeless Word of God. It is not to be found in a seemingly opposing force to the Jewish antichrist NWO agenda, the modern Nazi movement.

We are called as Christians to maintain our faith, our virtue and the commandments of the eternal Word of God, countering the darkness of BOTH sides with the glorious light and power and truth of the Living God through Jesus Christ our Savior.

We are called to forgive our enemies, to walk in the love of God towards all who persecute us, and to maintain our testimony to the world of Jesus Christ and His salvation offered to all.

We are furthermore called to be overcomers of this spiritual darkness in today's world. We overcome through our faith, and through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, and also through remaining faithful unto death. (Revelation 12:11)

Neither a Jewish antichrist-based New World Order agenda (II Thessalonians "man of perdition" coming false messiah)complete with Noahide Laws and modern guillotines to behead Christian resisters(Revelation 13, Rev. 20:4), nor yet a Nazi/occult based "New Order" (both of Lucifer's kingdom), are acceptable to the people of faith in the Living God through Jesus Christ the Messiah and Savior of the world.

We as Christians cannot resort to hatred, to revenge, to retaliation, and the methods that the world uses to deal with perceived threats or persecution. Instead, the Word of God must be our only standard we choose to live by in this sinful world today.

I know the truth about many issues and various people in the world today. But I have never allowed this to mar my love for the lost and the perishing all around me. There is a greater battle here, that for the hearts and minds of the lost to be reached for Jesus and God's eternal kingdom. And we reach into the hearts of others with the love of God, by showing mercy and compassion and forgiveness. We must walk in the same kind of love and compassion that Jesus Christ used to reach the lost, and into the lives of all Christians who were once lost sinners also perishing.

It is this Divine, eternal and non-reactionary love God places in our hearts, that enable His people to love and forgive and pray for our enemies.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him the WORLD MIGHT BE SAVED." (From the Gospel of John 3:16-17)

How I enjoy walking and living in this kind of gentle YET powerful love! There is nothing like it. It was with this love of God that I was able to love and forgive my father, when he was lost in many years of cruel and dark satanism. And it was this kind of relentless and persistent love, pleading with him to turn from the darkness and embrace the light, that brought him to repentance and to receive Jesus Christ as lord and Savior finally. In spite of his years of persecuting my wonderful Christians mother and I for our faith, our faith and prayers and love for his eternal soul won the battle.

God used the hatred and darkness of my father, to teach me first-hand about the power of THE LONGSUFFERING LOVE OF GOD. A Christian does not have to be sent to a gulag or prison for their faith, to suffer for their faith. I lived for many years in the prison of my father's hatred and oppression of my Christian faith, due to both his recruitment into the NWO agenda in the US military, and the resulting involvement in satanism that accompanied it. And through this trial of my faith, God developed what the Bible describes as "the patience and the faith of the saints of Jesus Christ" in my life. What we may consider a curse in our lives, God may actually use to promote the growth of godly virtues in our lives as well.

I have worked among the Jewish communities and their children and elderly for years. I can testify to the love of God filling my heart with graciousness and tenderness towards them for many years, and watching His love work in their precious lives. Furthermore, convince me that somehow a small Jewish child (such as the many I have taken care of) or a frail Jewish elderly person (such as the many I have also taken care of) are to somehow be classified with those distinct elements compromising a very dark and real NWO agenda.

Stereotyping of any people or ethnic group, based on what only a percentage may be involved with, is an insidious evil that has led throughout the centuries to indiscriminate persecutions, inquisitions, hatreds, genocides, holocausts and Communist persecutions.

In spite of all I know about communism and it's origins, and the NWO, about Noahide Laws and modern guillotines and the people behind this, the persistent love of God is not changed in my heart towards those for whom Jesus His Son died to forgive and save and redeem. God's love, seeking to reach those estranged from Him because of sin, is never reactionary. Rather, He chooses to love the lost, the sinful, the perishing, seeking to reach them with His mercy and forgiveness instead.

And those choosing to walk in the love and the power and grace of the Living God through faith in His Son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will someday rule the world with Him. We do not have to resort to hatred, revenge, violence and the methods of the world! Rather, we are called to abide in Jesus Christ and to keep His works unto the end.

Beware therefore, of the RISING UNDERGROUND MODERN NAZI MOVEMENT filling Europe and other parts of the world today. Though the US mainstream press remains strangely silent about this, it remains a very ominous presence in today's world.

And though this rising Nazi movement professes to have the "FINAL SOLUTION" against an equally deadly globalist movement, which is the New World Order/antichrist agenda that has fully made provision to terminate(behead or send to the camps) the Christians who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ to join them in the future anticipated world takeover, it is never of God nor will it receive His support or blessings. It is also doomed to utter judgment and destruction in the end. Christians must only seek to take refuge from the coming storm in the power of the Living God and and the grace given to us through Jesus Christ our Savior.

Sorry, Mr. Illuminati, but genuine Christians will never allow themselves to be pushed into either of your NWO camps!

Neither of these NWO agendas with their roots deep
into the Illuminati and ultimately of Lucifer himself, can ever be an option for the born-again Christians and disciples of Jesus Christ. As Jesus declared, "MY kingdom is NOT of this world!" Nor is it brought forth by this world's often repressive and brutal methods.

Let us as committed Christians therefore continue to abide in God's eternal truth and word instead, and refuse to fall into the traps of this present age.

-Pamela Schuffert

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