Friday, May 14, 2010

The Jews Who Have Exchanged the Glory of the God of Abraham For Satanism/Illuminati Lies

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

One of the most painful realities I have uncovered during my years of investigating Satanism (or the Illuminati) in America today, is the realization of the large number of Jews who have been tragically deceived into Satanism and the Illuminati. They are frequently also called Sabbateans as well.

While many Jews remain clueless about this and are not involved, there remains those who are.

It is that distinct element of Jews involved in this darkness who primarily form the ranks of the Hollywood satanist Jews. Such Jews also form a major portion of dread Bohemian Grove and it's horrors of human sacrifice, pedophilia and perversion beyond comprehension in their rituals.

Such Jews involved in Bohemian Grove include "Dr. Strangelove," or Edward Teller. One man who came out to become a Messianic Jew, testified to previously being "one of Teller's boys" and the horrors of being forced to participate in Bohemian Grove rituals that included child sacrifice and murder. Many others have been involved as well. It is relatively safe to mention Ed Teller's name: he is dead. I will refrain from mentioning the names of the living who are presently involved in Bohemian Grove and related activities, and for obvious reasons.

According to testimonies I have gathered from across this nation, and in Israel, Sabbatean satanist Jews are very prevalent and usually financially and politically powerful. Satanism is very strong in Israel, even in the kibbutzim, as people with family members in the kibbutzim told me while living in Jerusalem.

And of course, one cannot forget the powerful Rothschild Illuminati bloodline, responsible for heavily funding and bringing into being the Bolshevik Revolution and Communism, the Illuminati's tool of persecution and destruction of Christianity and those who believe in Jesus Christ their Messiah.

When Jesus Christ referred to certain elements of the Jews being of "the synagogue of Satan," He was speaking the truth. And such Jews, choosing to reject the glory of the true God of Abraham and ancient Israel, are sadly serving Satan's purposes in the world to this very day.

As a result, the blood of Christians martyred under Jewish designed and funded communism, now numbers into the tens of millions, and continue to this day with martyrs in every nation suffering under the dark oppression of Communism.

But the worst is still yet to come. Such Jews also have played a major role in setting up what is referred to as "the New World Order." Such Jews have actually told me that it is THEIR New World Order, or world Messianic reign of the Jews finally, with their "new messiah" ruling over the world.

One Jew even told me "...the antichrist you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us into victory worldwide, and get RID of you Christians who stand in our way!" To add to the sins of Jewish communism and tens of millions of dead Christians resulting from their propagating of communism worldwide, they intend to pursue this dark purpose through their present day NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, and commit mass genocide against millions of Christians worldwide once again.

Their modern guillotines are in place throughout North America and also found worldwide, accompanied with the NOAHIDE LAWS justifying in Jewish minds the coming mass genocides of millions of Chrisitians who wil understandably refuse to deny their Savior, Jesus the Messiah, or to become become a NOAHIDE and a member of the NWO.

But of course, it is the NWO leader, Satan/Lucifer, who is demanding more and more acts of human sacrifice, especially of THE CHRISTIANS, to be appeased and to then bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER through his dark power...even as former satanists and Illuminati have admitted to me personally.

Such Jews willingly under satan/Lucifer's control, are the hidden hands behind the writing of the Noahide Laws and millions of modern guillotines now secretly positioned worldwide and across our North American continent, to behead all those who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ to join THEIR "New World Order." (See Revelation 20:4 in the Christian New Testament, and my previous reports regarding the Noahide laws and the evidence of the modern guillotines in our military bases.)

Such NWO Jews have been working heavily behind the scenes for this NWO agenda I have been investigating and reporting on for many years now. For example, GUNDERSON INC of Portland, OR, is Jewish-owned. They have been under secret contract from the US government to produce the thousands of the infamous PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES, discovered to be now prepositioned across our nation, to haul all NWO resisters, political and religious, "to the camps," Bolshevik communist style.

Many of such NWO Jews are also "dual-citizenship" Jews with citizenship both in America, and Israel.They are often found in positions of political prominence, and other power bases in America as well. And you can guess to WHICH country and WHOSE agenda they owe their ultimate allegiance.

But perhaps the ultimate tragedy regarding the Jews who choose to reject the God of Abraham and to follow Satan/Lucifer, is that they are doing so to their own eternal destruction.

When those of us who have put our trust in the Living God and His Messiah die, we in fact live eternally: we have been forgiven their sins and have eternal life.

But when these Jews die who are following Satan/Lucifer, with their sins unforgiven, they have no such hope. They instead perish eternally, in the deepest depths of hell and eternal torments with no second chance.

THIS is truly tragedy. And for such Jews, my heart grieves continually. I spend countless hours in prayer for these people, praying for God to have mercy on them, and to forgive them and bring them to the ONE TRUE GOD of Israel, and to salvation through their ONLY Messiah, Jesus the Christ. The God of Abraham will never accept their "new Messiah" that the Illuminati and Lubavitch Chabad are seeking to raise up to present to he Jewish people as "messiah."

Fellw Christians and Believers in the ONLY Messiah, Jesus, please pray for these Jews deceived into Satan/Lucifer worship. Jesus, or Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, came to this world to save His people from the power of Satan/Lucifer. And therefore He died for THESE VERY JEWS as well. Our prayers will make a difference in the eternal destiny of many in this hour. We MUST choose to love them, to forgive them, and to witness to them and to pray for their salvation.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. "FATHER YHWY" will NOT tolerate wickedness much longer!Even those proclaiming allegiance too "YESHUA" are NOW going astray?"YAHWAY" is about too pour out "HIS RUACH", & to divide the Sheep from the goats?Our "SAVIOR" is about too do something throughout our earth, & MANY will be "SAVED"!

  2. May Father YAHWEH, YAHUSHUAH ha' MASHIACH, & Ruach ha' Kodesh expose the evildoers and protect the children of YAH against the purveyors of darkness. In their eyes (Global Elite; NWO), they will perceive their actions as being noble, and benefiting their master, Satan. But what they will soon find out, they will only be bringing about their own eternal destruction where the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever.