Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bohemian Grove and 13 Branding Irons: One More Victim

The BOHEMIAN GROVE is often considered the exclusive playboy club of the self-professing "rich, elite and powerful," who hold secretive gatherings and perform occult rituals on their ground in Northern California. Swathed in secrecy and whose dark gatherings are protected by intense security measures surrounding their grounds, merely uttering the name BOHEMIAN GROVE evokes ominous thoughts and images of forbidden rituals and deadly rites.

The BOHEMIAN GROVE has many branches across this nation. One is located in posh Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where allegedly (as the locals love to say)"the BILLIONAIRES are pushing out the MILLIONAIRES."

Dick Cheney even has a ranch there. Dick Cheney is also a well known member and documented participant in THE BOHEMIAN GROVE, as one former victim/survivor recounts in her chilling book, "TRANCEFORMATION OF AMERICA" by Cathy O'Brien. Cheney is mentioned repeatedly in her accounts.

And wherever you have the self-professing "rich, elite and powerful, " you also find the Illuminati, satanists and related ilk.

The following account was given to me personally, as I interviewed him in Jackson, WY. The traumatized young Christian is simply ONE MORE VICTIM of the Illuminati/satanists in America.

His name is "Dennis." He is about 25 years of age. I encountered him quite by chance, while walking through the main park in downtown Jackson, where you will find four elk antler arches at each corner of the park. Jackson in many ways is reminiscent of a traditional old western town .Old fashioned Western style shootouts are held each evening on the streets during the summer. A stagecoach provides rides for fascinated tourists and their children.

However, such outward appearance conceals the reality of many millionaires and billionaires living here.

AS I walked through the park, admiring the quaint arches, I felt tired and decided to sit down on a nearby bench. I had prayed earlier that God would lead me to anyone He wanted me to meet or minister to, something I always do wherever I travel.

I glanced at the young man sitting next to me on the bench. He looked sad and very depressed. I gently attempted to begin a conversation with him. Small talk began, but then took a very unexpected turn. He looked at me with sad eyes and said with a desperate look on his face, "Have you ever heard of the Bohemian Grove?"

Shock. Silence.

He continued to look into my eyes intently, and I could see the sorrow in his countenance.
Finally, when I could overcome my complete shock at this unexpected question, I said, "Of course I know about Bohemian's one of the subjects I have researched in the past..." A look of total relief came over him as he then said, "Then you will believe and understand what I am going to tell you...."

He said his name was "Dennis," but we both knew it was not his real name. Dennis informed me that he was a metal worker and created works of art with iron.

"Someone came to my metal works foundry and asked me to make 13 BRANDING IRONS FOR THE BOHEMIAN GROVE. I had no idea what Bohemian Grove was or what it stood for..." He told me that the branding irons consisted of the letters "B" and "G" and a strange symbol accompanied them as well.

Puzzled, Dennis nevertheless accepted this job and produced the 13 branding irons for them. At the time, Dennis did not realize the significance of the number "13" nor the strange occult symbol he was to place on each one. As I was later informed by former Illuminati member Doc Marquis, now of CHRISTIANS EXPOSING THE OCCULT, the significance of 13 branding irons pertains to the resident coven of witches in Bohemian Grove. 13 is the number of a coven.

"After this, my life became a living nightmare," he said, shaking his head as he recalled his ordeals. "I came under strange occult attacks all the time after that. They went on until I had to leave this region to try and find relief." But everywhere he went, they followed him. In desperation, he even went to California to the region where Bohemian Grove is based in northern California. But he found no answers and no solution to his torment.

Finally, as he suffered prolong attack, his wife left him. Dennis had attended a well known church in Jackson, called Jackson Hole Christian Center. I had attended this church numerous times during my visit to Jackson to research the NWO agenda. I found Pastor Mike to be a nice man, and it seemed to be a nice fellowship. His wife had sung in the "worship and praise" group that sang there every Sunday morning.

However, the sad truth is, that many pastors in ministry in America do NOT understand the facts about hard-core satanism and the occult in America, nor do they always know how to minister to those under such attack. Such pastors are often guilty of accusing those suffering under such attacks of being unbalanced or literally crazy.

However, this is simply not the case in such circumstances where Christians come under occult attack. And then as a result, the victim is left without the compassion and support of the very people they need the most under such attack. And tragically, this is what happened to Dennis.

Although once happily married, his wife left him after he came under attack from the Grove. When Dennis went to his pastor (of five years) for consolation and prayer and support, the pastor treated him as if he were literally crazy, alleging that such things simply cannot happen. (How wrong you ARE, Pastor!)

This left Dennis devastated. He was relieved that I understood everything he was telling me about his terrifying exposure to occult attacks. In turn, my heart was deeply moved for him.

We prayed together that day in the park. I later called his mother. She confirmed the reality of the attacks Dennis had been suffering from. She admitted that while she did not understand everything he was being attacked by, they were beginning to find relief as other prayer warriors finally came to their aid and began intense prayer for them. But the battle is still not over.

Please lift up Dennis (and his estranged wife and his mother)in your prayers. God knows exactly who he is and who/what has been assaulting him. Pray for God to bind the powers of darkness, the Bohemian Grove and the Illuminati in this region behind this attack, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the many other victims of the Bohemian Grove...the precious children who are abducted and used for pedophilia and brutal human sacrifice, for the young women (or men) used as sexual victims by these self-professing "rich, elite and powerful." (God's Word calls such people the wretched, the damned, the naked and the blind.) Such sexual victims are later sacrificed when no longer useful. How much longer will the wrath of God be held back, as He waits for such sinners to repent and turn to God and Jesus Christ for salvation?

And of course, pray for the salvation of the tragically lost involved in such soul-destroying darkness. Jesus Christ died on the cross, to bear the sins of the most wretchedly lost sinners. When such people are touched by the power of the Living God through Jesus Christ, they can no longer commit the crimes against humanity that they are performing now.

-Pamela Schuffert

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