Monday, September 29, 2014

Confronting "Chrislam," Doctrine of Demons

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective. 

Due to the rising popularity of "CHRISLAM" and the tragedy of those Christians being deceived by this deadly deception attempting to ecumenicalize Christianity with Islam, I am compelled to write this article in response. 

It is sad when some major Christian figures and groups begin to promote this deception. (Bob Roberts of NorthWood Church and Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, to name but a few.) 

However, it also serves to expose exactly who has been an infiltrator into the Christian world, sent  in with dark hidden agendas of the NWO.

The enemies of the true Gospel always seek to dilute the eternal truth of God, and corrupt pure doctrines found in the Bible. This has been true from the beginning of the Christian era 2000 years ago.

The Bible makes it clear that there is no fellowship of light with darkness, nor of satan with God. Both are utterly opposed to one another, and in continual conflict until the final battle wherein satan and his works and followers are utterly destroyed forever.

"Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness, and what communion has light with darkness? And what concord has Christ with Belial, and what part has he that believes with an infidel? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols...?" -II Corinthians 6:14

This is why there can be no fellowship between Biblical Christianity and the soul-damning cult of Islam.  While Christians are called to patiently and compassionately proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Moslems, there can be no true spiritual fellowship between redeemed Christians and pagan Moslem idolaters and unbelievers.

As Christians study the Bible, they can clearly understand that the "god" of the Quran, "Allah," is NOT the God and Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is because Almighty God is not schizophrenic: He is of ONE mind and heart, and never contradicts Himself.

The god of Islam denies that God has a Son, and declares Jesus is but a prophet. However, the God of the Bible declares that He HAS a Son, and sent Him into this world to redeem mankind unto Himself. His Name is Yahshua ha Mashiach, or Jesus the Messiah.

The Qur'an commands Moslems to persecute and behead and kill the followers of Jesus Christ, referred to as "infidels."

However, Jesus warns that whoever is guilty of offending even one little one who believes in Him, it would be better for a millstone to be hung around that person's neck and to be cast into the deepest depths of the ocean. He also warned that those who persecute His people and refuse to repent and stop, will be someday condemned to an eternity of torment and damnation for such sins.
Ancient millstone used to grind wheat and grains

We can learn from this, that the god of the Qur'an and the God of the Bible and of Jesus Christ are certainly not one and the same God! Christians also know that any "god" that commands it's followers to persecute and murder Christians, can only originate in Satan himself, whom Jesus describes as a murderer who comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Satan, proclaiming himself as "god," always commands his followers to murder and oppress the Christians throughout the centuries. So it soon becomes clear exactly which spirit is behind the cult of Islam, and it is not the Holy Spirit of the Living God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Qur'an is filled with many other teachings and verses that contradict and deny the revealed truth contained in the Holy Bible, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The ancient Church struggled to preserve doctrinal purity
and battled Islam continually
European Church spire with cross over the Islamic crescent
indicating triumph of Christianity over Islam

Through the pure and eternal teachings of Christianity, we find the revelation to mankind of the One true God, revealing how to have a relationship with Him, provided through His only Son Jesus Christ.

However, through the cult of Islam, we see simply one more false, man-made religion. Islam is one of countless man-made and demon-inspired false religious belief systems in the world today. Islam provides no sinless savior of mankind, no answer to the world's problems, no salvation from sin, no promise of healing for the sick nor comfort for the afflicted.
"I AM!"

When Jesus declared that He alone was the way, the truth and the life, and the only way to God the Father, He meant this. This means every other teaching that deviates from His true word is a deception and void of life or salvation. This must include Islam and CHRISLAM as well.

Under Islam, women are oppressed and often abused, even killed. "Honor killing" is popular among Moslems, with daughters brutally killed by fathers or family members if even being suspected of sexual immorality. Women only suspected, yet not proven to be guilty of adultery, can be tried under Sharia law and brutally stoned to death.
Woman about to be stoned for immorality charges under Islamic Sharia

A person guilty of stealing under Islam is subject to having their hand cut off. Where is the mercy and forgiveness for sin under cruel Islamic law?  There is none. 
Hand cut off for stealing under Islamic Sharia

This is because mercy and forgiveness for sins can only be provided through the One Who died to forgive the sins of mankind, Jesus Christ the only Savior of the world.

In fact, despite claims of being a "peaceful religion," Islam is a brutal and primitive warring cult, even demanding that Christians be beheaded and killed as "infidels." 

Christian leader beheaded under Islam in the MIddle East

Providing no forgiveness for sins as Christianity does, Islam demands judgment for the offender. The person who steals will inevitably experience their hand being cut off in retaliation.  The woman even suspected of adultery can be brutally stoned to death.

Contrast this with the wonderful mercy obtained for sinful mankind by the death of Jesus on the cross to atone for the sins of the world! When the religious leaders of Jesus' day brought a woman caught in the act of adultery to Him, and pointed out the judgment dictated under Jewish law for her sin (stoning) His response was to save her from stoning, instead pointing out their sins to these religious  hypocrites.

Jesus provided FORGIVENESS for her sin! Islam cannot however, because Mohammed did not die for the sins of the world, to obtain mercy and forgiveness for mankind. Only Jesus Christ the sinless Son of God did so.

"Behold the Lamb of God,  
Who takes away the sins of the world!"

Islam provokes wars worldwide. Whereas Jesus declared, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God," Islam promotes constant wars and fighting, or jihad, to advance their barbaric kingdom built upon oppression and hostility and murder of all who oppose them.

Slavery continues to thrive under Islam in many parts of the world today. Cruel persecution of Christians can be found worldwide wherever there is Islam. Discrimination based on religion causes Christians to be treated as second class citizens in countries dominated by Islamic law, or Sharia. They can expect no justice under Islamic courts. Neither can Moslem women accused of adultery or fornication.
Islamic jihadists

There is so much more that can be said in exposing Islam and it's heresies and tragic consequences worldwide.

As Christianity is contrasted with the teachings and practices of Islam, it readily becomes apparent that there simply can be no fellowship or unity of the two opposing teachings. For this reason, CHRISLAM becomes a deadly cult providing no salvation and no eternal truths to build upon.

Many of the false teachers introducing CHRISLAM into churches in America at first appear as "angels of light" teaching Bible truths at first, in order to gain a following. But as time goes on, they then begin to subtly introduce "doctrines of demons " into their messages.

And many people, drawn in by their initial teachings, fail to discern when false doctrines are later introduced. This is one way the "deceiving of the elect" is accomplished, and it happens when Christians fail to discern truth from error by carefully studying God's word.

More and more, false teachers and infiltrators are beginning to emerge in the churches of North America. As Jesus declared, you shall know them by their fruits, and this includes their words. A person can be judged by their doctrines and what they teach.

Most Christians are not aware of the hidden infiltration of their churches by various cults, such as the Illuminati and their minions. There has always been an agenda by Satan to corrupt and destroy the Church of the Living God and her people. INFILTRATION is one of the major means this is accomplished in churches today.

For example, the CIA is notorious for infiltrating the churches in North America. As one former CIA operative boasted to me with a sarcastic laugh, "It's true...there's not one church or religious organization in America that the CIA HAS NOT INFILTRATED to a certain degree..."
Could YOUR church be infiltrated?

(The CIA has dark roots in a Nazi/fascist/Illuminati agenda based organization with a satanic NWO goal in mind for America. They hate Christianity and have ominous plans for the elimination of Christians from North America someday, as I have reported previously.)

The CIA computer that specializes in monitoring the churches of America even uses special designations for churches nationwide. According to the CIA church-monitoring computer, most churches are either infiltrated by CIA front pastors, or Satanist/Illuminati pastors, or JESUIT pastors (Vatican infiltration tactics) or  Masonic infiltrators, groomed for their "pastor" roles, and designed to do the will of the Illuminati satanists ultimately.

Apparently, from what a former CIA source and other sources also told me, genuine and sincere Christian pastors in America remain in the minority. These genuine men and women of God in various ministries are those who refuse to be compromised spiritually, morally and financially. And the temptations to be compromised in all three areas are enormous and continual.

Unknown to most American Christians, the Illuminati invests much time and expense in selecting and grooming people to become infiltrators into the Christian world. Their purpose is to subtly infiltrate and destroy Christianity from within. 

Historically, the Vatican has the same goals against all non-Catholic Churches and against Protestants in particular. Jesuits are frequently trained and sent into Protestant churches with hidden Vatican agendas aimed at destroying all Protestant/non-Catholic churches and bringing all Christianity under Rome's worldwide control once again.

The enemies of true Christianity and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ will even use Islam in an attempt to destroy Christianity, both from within and without. 

ISIS ruthlessly murdering all they oppose 
and who stand in their way of jihad

You can witness present attempts of Islam to destroy Christianity in the Middle East today, with ISIS Islamic troops destroying churches and murdering Christians in Iraq and Syria, forcing countless Christians to flee and become refugees. This is very tragic.

(Equally tragic is the evidence emerging of the concealed roles that both American and Israeli hegemony agendas for the Middle East  have been playing behind the scenes in the arming and training and funding of these ISIS Islamic forces. It has always been a part of the plan to eliminate Christianity from the Middle East, and Israeli hegemony plans in the Middle East play a major role in all this as well.)

So much for Islam being "the religion of peace"

Interestingly, Bibi Netanyahu even visited wounded Islamic ISIS fighters in one hospital, congratulating them for  "the great job they were doing." A "great job" being defined, among other things, as murdering Christians and destroying ancient Christian communities and churches? The message of  where Israel's true sentiments are towards Christianity could not be made any clearer. But this has always been true throughout the centuries regarding Jewish/Talmudic hatred of Christianity and it's teachings through Jesus Christ.

Many Christians are wondering as religious leaders like RICK WARREN and others, including some Christian music groups such as HILLSONG, are now coming forth singing the praises of CHRISLAM. You can find many articles on the Internet exposing these infiltrators and their doctrines of demons on various watchmen websites.

It is far past time for those who profess to be Christians, to spend more quality time in the word of God, coupled with prayer for discernment in such matters. This way, you can never be deceived by such tactics of the enemy.

Jesus declared that a tree can be known by it's fruits. What are the evident fruits of Islam throughout the centuries since it came forth? Brutal oppression of all who disagree with it's doctrines, especially persecution of Christianity. Churches have been destroyed beyond number by Islamic jihadists. Christians tempted to deny their faith and join Islam have been imprisoned, tortured and beheaded for their faith.

Even adherents of Islam suffer from within their sect. There are constant battles being waged between opposing sects of Islam. Women are often abused and treated brutally, as second class people under Islam. Female genital mutilation frequently occurs.

Hell is already filled with millions deceived by the cult of ISLAM

The saddest fact of all is that not one person trapped in the cult of Islam can ever find forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Everyone who dies believing in Islam and rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior will perish eternally with no second chance after death.

Great wrath and eternal destruction is also reserved for those Moslems who persecute and murder God's Christian children, even as Jesus warned. 

"Depart from Me, you accursed, into everlasting punishment reserved for the devil and his angels." 

These are the words all who persecute and murder Christians will hear from Almighty God someday, as their lives are judged by His word.

Jesus declares that whatever people do or fail to do for His followers, they have done it or failed to do it FOR HIM. Thus, eternal damnation is the inescapable fate of all who persecute the Christian followers of Jesus Christ.
Bowing down to a false god of a false religion

Jesus warned that the path to destruction is broad, and many perish in that path. But narrow is the path that leads to life, and "few there be that find it." Therefore, how many people have perished for all eternity because of soul-damning cults prevalent in the world today, like ISLAM? And how many more will also perish IF they are deceived by the emerging doctrine of CHRISLAM?

The Apostle Paul warned Timothy to pay heed to the doctrine that he taught, and to persevere in them. "For as you do this, you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you." -I Timothy 4:16

Therefore, it is time for God's genuine Remnant, composed of His elect who refuse to be deceived, to take up the mighty sword of the word of God, and effectively destroy every emerging heresy that conflicts with the Gospel in our generation today.

The sword of Islamic jihadists is but carnal and man made. But the sword that God provides for His people is eternal and indestructible. It is called "THE WORD OF GOD." With this mighty sword God has given us, we must counter the lies of the enemy and raise the standard of TRUTH to the world today.

There is no mixing of the holy and eternal Word of God and teachings of Jesus Christ, with satan's lies through Islam and CHRISLAM. There is no fellowship of light with darkness. God calls every person to repent of their sins and unbelief, and to believe in Jesus Christ ALONE for their salvation.

And all those who refuse the message of Jesus God's Son to mankind will utterly perish. Neither Islam nor CHRISLAM provide any hope of forgiveness, salvation or a relationship with Almighty God.

And HELL, a literal place of eternal torment, is filled with the eternal screams and remorse of those Moslems who died in their sins, choosing deadly Islam instead of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ God's Son. CHRISLAM  is equally deadly, teaching that there is another way to God besides Jesus Christ, that somehow Christianity and Islam can be merged successfully. God forbid!

May God's true elect Christians remain ever on the alert for demonic doctrines such as CHRISLAM. If more Christians would study to show themselves approved, as the Bible teaches, such doctrines could never take root in the churches of today. And the heretics attempting to peddle such spiritual deception would soon be thrown out of the pulpits of every church across this nation.

Beware of CHRISLAM and every other cult contradicting the eternal word of God.  As Paul the Apostle declared to Timothy, and now to us, take heed to the doctrine that you believe in, which is able to make you wise unto salvation.

The Apostle Paul warned against doctrines of demons, and how some people would even fall away because of them. (First Timothy 4:1) The Word of God has zero tolerance for compromising of  the truth, and we as Christians should also have zero tolerance also.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finally, A Home To "Go Home To" At Last!

Welcome to my new kitchen!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The miracle has happened. After praying and standing on God's eternal promises for 13 long years, it has happened. God has provided the miracle of a quality home for me to find rest and refuge in, and to share with Christian friends like Sylvia as well.

Unless you have been truly homeless for a substantial amount of time, you can never fully appreciate the value of  a home of your own. In 2001, I suffered the unexpected loss of not only a home, but also my only vehicle and all my possessions stored in that home as well. It was a nightmare tragedy that affected me deeply.

But it had it's spiritual benefits as well, causing me to reach up is despair to Almighty God for one miracle after another to sustain me through out those years of homelessness yet determined to remain in the fields of ministry God had called me to.

Ready to enjoy a wonderful dinner

I am deeply grateful for the unexpected kindness and generosity of the wonderful Christian gentleman over in the UK who reached out with compassion to me and my friend Sylvia as well. 

Concerned over our situation of facing the challenge of a winter in tents in northwestern Montana, he sought God for what to do, and finally felt led by the Holy Spirit to contribute funds for a trailer and truck to pull it as well.

This is exactly what I had been praying for for these past 13 years as I struggled to remain in journalism and Christian outreach, working out of whatever vehicle I had throughout the years. My "home" was whatever truck stop or WALMART parking lot that was close by. My bed was an inflatable mattress set up in the back of my vehicle, hunkered beneath a sleeping bag in cold nights.

There were many who felt sorry for me because of this. However, for the true Christian of faith and who loves adventure for Christ, I simply looked at my situation as allowed by God for my spiritual growth, designed to draw me closer to Him to meet my needs.

Welcome to my new living room

Also, nothing creates compassion in our hearts for others, more than suffering as they have suffered. It is impossible to fully comprehend what others are enduring and going through, until we have suffered as they have.

Although I have always had a tender heart of compassion, enduring many cold winters without a home taught me even more about compassion for others in crisis or need. In time of crisis, you encounter wonderful people at various times who truly care and give. 

Thank God for people of compassion, such as my readers who faithfully sent me support throughout the years! I could not have survived without them.

But in times of crisis and loss, you will also encounter people who are void of compassion and insensitive to your plight. These are those people who are in a position to give and to help, but whose hearts remain cold and hardened to the sufferings of others around them. Sadly, I have witnessed even some who consider themselves "Christians" who fall into this category.

Finally, a bedroom for me and my furry friends to stay warm in at night

This is tragic. We are called as Christians to walk in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ towards all who are perishing. We are command to love one another as Jesus loves us.

Without love, the Bible says we are nothing. The Bible declares that faith works through love. We are commanded to love each other as Christ loves us. 

Yet, many times I walked into a local church as I traveled, in need of Christian love and encouragement, and walked out without encountering that Biblically defined and commanded love for the brethren. Deep disappointment and sadness often followed. Other Christians I have discussed this with have frequently admitted countering the same thing in their local churches.

Happily, in this new home God has graciously provided, God's people will find love and compassion, prayer and Christian love and testimony...and a great meal to accompany all this as well!

Will share more later. How great it feels to get out of a tent after months, and get into a real home at last! Much thanks to you, my friend, in the UK! You are in our prayers continually. 

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

-A very grateful Pamela Rae and Sylvia, home at last

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Miracle of a Home At Last

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, my prayers of over ten years now have been gloriously answered. God has provided me with a real home to "go home" to at last!

Only those who have experienced the tragedy of losing a home unexpectedly can fully comprehend what I have experienced for the past 13 years. In 2001, I suffered the loss of my only home and vehicle through an unexpected tragedy.

During the time I was performing investigative journalism in Germany for 6 months, my precious mother experienced a terrible accident in which she fell from the top stair of our RV, almost severing her leg.

Without my knowledge or consent,  the RV and truck that belonged to my mother and I was sold out from under me. The people who encouraged her to do this also stole my personal possessions out of the RV and refused to return them after I returned  back to the USA from Germany, threatening to even call the police when I requested my possessions be returned. My mother was hospitalized at this time and too weak to do anything about this.

What a painful and tragic turn of events this proved to be for me. My precious mother instantly lost her independence and had to subsequently be admitted into a nursing home. And my only home and transportation, plus my possessions, gone forever without warning. I was homeless, abandoned and with no home to go home to now!

Oh, how the devil tried to come into that tragedy and to use it for my destruction! Through my tears and grief and rejection, the enemy would whisper, "how could God love you and allow this to happen? God doesn't t care about you! Turn back from following Jesus. Look how he failed you!"

And of course, everything the enemy whispers to us in the hour of crisis is a total lie from the pits of hell, literally.

But God' s Holy Spirit was even stronger in telling me that IF I would reach up out of this terrible pit the enemy had dug for my destruction, and take the hands of Jesus, that He would lift me up from this crisis and enable me to overcome these challenging circumstances.

And so through many tears and heartache, I chose instead to reach up to the One Who loved me with an everlasting love, and to trust in His powerful promises instead of sinking back into the pit of despair, faithlessness and destruction.

Throughout the many years since that life-changing crisis, I have witnessed the grace, power, and mercy of the Living God in providing for my needs continually, and helping me to move forward with His calling upon my life designed to touch the lives of many other people.

But the one thing that has eluded me is finding another truck and RV to replace the ones stolen from me. Because there simply is no regular financial provision in the fields of ministry God has called me to, including this journalism, but rather only sporadic and oftentimes infrequent support, I have been unable to afford  financially to replace them.

Instead, to continue full time in ministry I have been making each motor vehicle my home, and learning how to live by faith and the techniques of true survival under challenging circumstances, especially  through each winter since 2001.

Learning to sleep in an unheated car or van in the winter presents a challenge, but it is important for all God's people to learn how to survive under the most difficult of circumstances. Especially when we know what is soon coming to North America and the rest of the world in these end times.

Imagine my joy when a reader from the UK recently contacted me to declare that he wanted to supply a trailer for me and for Sylvia as well! I was overwhelmed by this act of kindness, and could not thank him enough for such compassion and sacrifice.

This miracle of housing came just in time in this region of America, where temperatures are already dipping into the low 40's and you can see your breath at night and early morning, and when some trees are already starting to lose their leaves. Montana experiences up to 10 months of winter climate, and the cold weather comes early here.

Sylvia and I have been rejoicing with great thanksgiving and praise to the Living God for His mercies. We also are eternally grateful to the kind person from the UK who was moved with compassion over our plight, and chose to respond with Scriptural mercy and concern for my situation.

May this generous soul be blessed forevermore with God's great mercies, even as the words of Jesus in the Bible promises: "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

I hope that all my readers will rejoice with me and thank God for His faithfulness to hear the cries of His elect in time of trouble and great need. Halleluia! All praise and glory be unto our Heavenly Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His unending goodness and mercies.

May He also hear YOUR cries in time of trouble, and answer you in the time of your deep distress, just as His eternal Word of promise assures us that He will, through Jesus Christ the faithful One.

Be blessed today! He will never fail those who put their trust in Him. Though the answer to your prayer seems delayed, He will fulfill the desires of your heart at last.

-Pamela Rae and Sylvia Lynn, thankful beyond measure for His tender mercies which are new every morning-

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Amazing Miracle of Healing for Sylvia

Sylvia rejoicing at COWBOY CHURCH in Montana
"The PAIN is GONE at last!"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, Sylvia's miracle that she trusted God for with all her heart is complete. All praise and glory to the Lord God the Almighty through Jesus Christ His wonderful Son! The tormenting abdominal and back pain that always accompanies pancreatic cancer in it's late stages due to pressure on nerves and organs is completely gone! 

As pancreatic cancer growth occurs, pressure occurs within on other organs, typically radiating to the back. Several months ago, Sylvia's CAT scan indicated stage four pancreatic cancer with only 3-6 months to live. 

I personally read the doctor's diagnosis, printed out following her CAT scan she had performed the very day I insisted that she go to the emergency room in the very hospital that saved my brother's life only a year ago in NC.

I can never forget the sad look on the doctor's face that day as he brought her the results of the CAT scan. "Unfortunately, I have ominous news..." he began as he looked at Sylvia. We both were devastated as he informed us of the results of the CAT scan and handed us the paperwork, and sincerely wished Sylvia the best as he then recommended an oncologist and finally left the room. 

Sylvia felt as if she had been handed the death sentence. I wanted to cry and cry. But I looked at her as the Spirit of God rose up inside me, and said that God's word of promise through Jesus Christ was greater than the word of any doctor, and Jesus had the power to override that death sentence, and heal her instead. From that moment on, we both were determined to fight this cancer with FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS.

Wonderful Christian friends organized a prayer meeting for Sylvia, and we all gathered that night at my friend's home in NC to come against that cancer and claim A MIRACLE for our beloved Sylvia.

A few weeks after, Sylvia went to another doctor who ordered a PET scan. He was excited as he reviewed the results, comparing it with the CAT scan disc she gave him from the previous test. "Something has definitely happened since your last test..." he said as he pointed out the PET scan results to her. He informed her that apparently now she did NOT still have the medical problems that the CAT scan clearly indicated previously.

Sylvia was elated by this wonderful news. God HAD answered prayer! But the painful symptoms related to pancreatic cancer remained, severe persistent abdominal pains radiating to her back. Hydrocodone was prescribed for the pain at that time.

But Sylvia was to learn the hard way that hydrocodone is a terrible painkiller due to side effects that affected her extremely adversely as time went on. She became miserable due to the side effects, and the pain was constantly recurring. But Sylvia and I never gave up as we believed God for a total healing miracle. We prayed without ceasing, standing on His eternal word of promise daily as she battled pain.

Unfortunately, this recurring pain and the side effects lasted throughout our prayer journey across America. She tried bravely to enjoy everything and to pray with me as we traveled, but it was so hard for her. She looked at me one day and exclaimed, "when will I ever get well?" My heart broke as I watched her deteriorate under the effects of the hydrocodone and the pain that never seemed to go. 

Sylvia could not wait to get to Glacier National Park in Montana, however. She believed that as she worshipped God in those beautiful and breathtaking mountains of Northwestern Montana, she would be healed completely. I told her that Glacier had become my "cathedral of praise and worship" to God, and she too wanted to experience His presence and power there as she prayed.

Something totally amazing happened at that time. Sylvia decided that it was time to trust God for her healing from the abdominal pain, and withdrew "cold-turkey" from the hydrocodone pain killer. And from that time on, Sylvia gradually began to improve in every way, until the day she came to me recently and informed me that THE PAIN WAS COMPLETELY GONE NOW, and she no longer needed even Ibuprofen for pain relief.

What does this mean? It indicates that  Sylvia has finally experienced COMPLETE HEALING from the pancreatic cancer she was previously diagnosed with. The tumor on her pancreas, originally revealed through the CAT scan, would have to be gone in order for the pain to be gone, since it was causing the pain and pressure in her abdomen originally.

In fact, Sylvia is definitely now a new person. Previously, she was always weak and tired, at times almost collapsing in my arms. I am amazed every single day at the transition she has just experienced at the hands of her Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I feel overwhelmed, in fact, because I had been observing and working with her personally since last March, when I first came down to her home to help her. She appeared very ill, and weak when I first met her in Florida. 

But today, she is walking in victory and apparent total recovery, to the degree that she is going to work out in a local gym, along with me, to begin exercise daily to enhance her health and build up her strength now.
Praise God forevermore!

Readers, can you join with us in praising a merciful and Almighty Heavenly Father for His grace in healing and restoring Sylvia through Jesus His Son at this time? We cannot stop praising God every single day!

However, your prayers and support are still needed. Sylvia and I both are living in tents here in Northwestern Montana until God provides a housing solution for us. Temperatures are already starting to dip towards colder fall weather in this region, and Sylvia is struggling with the cold, having come originally from Orlando, Florida.
My humble abode, the "mini-moose lodge"

But she told me emphatically that God was calling here here to relocate in Montana, and to start her new life following Jesus daily, as she seeks Him for her field of ministry He desires to use her in. I am here with her to help her in this relocation, and to find what God has for her here.

Please pray that God will provide the right housing. We are looking at RV's and mobile trailers as options, instead of paying rent on housing you then have nothing to show for your money in the end. Our funds are small but our faith in BIG in an Almighty God Who has promised to meet our needs according to our riches in glory through Christ Jesus our Savior.
My "bedroom" for now...

IF you know of anyone who is willing to donate a used RV or lightweight travel trailer, please contact me. Years ago, I gave away an RV to a couple in crisis, and I am praying to reap the same at this critical time when housing is an urgent need before winter.

Sylvia and I thank you for your ongoing prayers and support! It is greatly appreciated during this time of transition for both of us as I help Sylvia fulfill her calling in Christ Jesus here.

Praise God with us for her ongoing miracles, and we will keep you updated as things progress. Sylvia says a hearty "THANKS!" to all of you, and so do I.

Sylvia standing triumphant in Jesus at last.

Pamela Rae Schuffert and Sylvia reporting from the latest battlefield for Christ

Friday, August 8, 2014

In Search of A Miracle From God


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
What an amazing 
this has truly been. I have finally arrived at my 
destination for now after being 13 days on the road and traveling over 2,000 miles filled with majestic splendor 
and beauty. 

Welcome to the glorious "Big Sky" state of Montana!

But this has been no ordinary trip across our nation. Accompanying me has been my precious Christian friend Sylvia Lynn Ferrare. This is the friend that I previously wrote about, who had been Initially diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, given only 3-6 months to live. We both were both deeply devastated initially when we heard this tragic diagnosis and prognosis in the hospital that day.

Our grief was then turned into dynamic intercessory prayer and faith in a living God of miracles. A wonderful gathering of intercessors from a Christian retreat in North Carolina met in a friend's home and prayed over Sylvia intensely one night.

Following this, a week later she had a PET scan of the same area that the previous CAT scan had viewed and detected pancreatic cancer signs. This doctor said that "something had definitely happened" from the time of the CAT scan to the 
latest test. there seemed to be marked improvement in that scanned region. (And of course this was the power of PRAYER and Jesus Christ in action!)

However, the problem of persistent pain in Sylvia's abdominal area that radiated to the back, typical of pancreatic cancer warning signals, has persisted. After being warned of the health hazards associated with the type of biopsy 
techniques needed to ascertain if  this was truly pancreatic cancer, Sylvia declined and decided to go the route of a journey of faith in God's promises plus pursuing an organic-based diet and exercise agenda instead.

Sylvia all "cowgirled up" and determine to overcome 
her circumstances victoriously through Jesus.

Sylvia also decided
that now was the time to dedicate herself fully to following Jesus Her Savior and healer. And so she courageously sold all her furniture

 and most of her possessions in order to leave Florida permanently and accompany me in this prayer journey in search of her own personal miracle of total and complete 

What an amazing woman, and what a bold step of faith she has taken! 
She is also relocating here to Montana, just as I am. Quite a transition from hot and 
humid Florida, to the Northwest where winter can  last ten months and evening temperatures are already down in the forties...and we can only afford to tent camp 
here at this time.

Taking care of Sylvia has been a full time labor of love. Having been trained as a home health care provider many years before I pursued journalism, I knew how to provide proper health care and food preparation for Sylvia when she has been too weak to do so alone. I did this for her for two months previously while staying with her in Florida, and ever since I picked her up from a family member's home in 
Pensacola, Florida, to accompany me in this PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA.

Sylvia has made tremendous physical improvements and grown spiritually through all this. But as my readers have observed, I have not been able to spend as much time writing inspirational articles on my blog, due to the many demands that Sylvia's health care has required frequently.

This has resulted in a tragic reduction in financial support for this ministry, 
leaving me without the necessary support so critically needed to continue at this time. I receive no income for providing full time health care for Sylvia: it is all 
provided freely, just as Christian concern and help for others in crisis should be.

His compassion through us will change the world.

Sylvia has admitted to me more than once that she would have died if I had not stepped into her life to rescue her more than once. But this is exactly what true Christianity is all about in the word today. As Christians, we are all called to love as Jesus loved us, and to lay down our lives for one another, just as He laid down His 
life for us.

We are now facing many critical needs at this time. Our finances are exhausted and we have been forced to now part with important personal necessities 
to sell on EBAY and CRAIG'S list just to afford tent camping fees, food and gas. Fall is coming quickly here in northern Montana, and we have not been able to locate 
affordable housing yet. This morning I could see my breath as I emerged from my 

While hardships like this are nothing new to me, having lived on the road under challenging circumstances to perform this journalism, all of this is quite new to Sylvia. I am amazed at her determination to overcome every new challenge and face 
every hardship with courage and faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Understandably, Christian reader support is needed at this time. 
Winter weather comes early here in Montana

We are facing many challenges now, and colder weather is coming soon wherein we cannot continue to tent camp safely with her health issues. 

At this critical time, we cannot make it without Christian
support from the Body of Christ. Stepping out in faith as we have done has been a tremendous challenge for both of us.

You can send immediate relief support by clicking on PAYPAL below. This way is best because we only have general delivery mailing addresses at this time.
Our mailing address for now is:

Pamela R. Schuffert
C/O General Delivery
424 Baker Avenue
Whitefish, Montana

Please continue to keep both Sylvia and I in your prayers at this important time. Our intercession for you and for America continues on as we pray and travel and camp throughout this time period. Thank you for your love, your support and for your prayers!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Sylvia as INTERCESSORS FOR AMERICA-