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Elim Bible Institute-A Wonderful Place for Christian Growth


Logo for Elim Bible Institute, Lima, New York

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Elim Bible Institute

Throughout my life, I have faced many challenges over the past 43 years of serving Jesus Christ. More than once, my life was endangered for what God called me to do, as I reached out to serve God and touch the lives of others.

My ministry has included missionary training and work among various peoples, Christian pro-life outreach which resulted in being imprisoned at times for righteousness' sake, working among various ministries including Christian television, caring for the elderly and children, plus radio and writing thousands of articles based on my Christian investigative journalism.

But beneath every successful ministry, there must be that FIRM FOUNDATION IN THE WORD OF GOD. A person must have a viable relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son. There is NO GENUINE MINISTRY without scriptural sanctification and righteousness. The eternal and everlasting WORD OF GOD must reside in the heart and be evidenced in the life of everyone who wants to touch lives for Jesus Christ.

Many of you know my testimony of how I was saved, and miraculously healed when I faced death in 1971. Jesus Christ came into my life, saved my soul, healed my body, and changed my destiny forever. I "fell in love" with God and His wonderful Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ and was filled with a passion to both serve Him and KNOW HIM!

I prayed, and others prayed as well for God's destiny for my life. God spoke through a wonderful Christian friend of mine, and said by His Holy Spirit that He as going to send me to a school of learning wherein I would receive all the love, the prayer and foundational teachings in the Word of that I would need for my Christian walk. I wondered where that would be.

I then learned about ELIM BIBLE INSTITUTE. Elim is a place with an amazing history, raised up by REVIVAL and the Holy Spirit working mightily through various men and women of God, filled with passion to raise up a holy people trained for God's service. And what's great about Elim is, it is a small and personal school of training, able to devote quality time to each and every student who attends.

I applied and was accepted in 1973, and began my first year of study there. What a wonderful place Elim was for me! A haven and shelter from the terrible persecution in my home from my sinful father. A place of Christians love, sincerity and fellowship. Just what I needed!

I enjoyed classes filled with qualified, sincere and dedicated teachers and instructors who built up my faith, and helped to form a firm foundation in God's Word, that would serve to uphold me against the dark world and the many battles to come in my life. 
Chapel Hour in the Tabernacle
Chapel time was always something to look forward to. Students would join hearts and lift their voices in worship and praise to the Living God. Powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit would be manifested, "in decency and in order" as the Scriptures admonish.

Speakers, often from all over the world, would come to address the students, with powerful messages of God's moving and changing lives. Missionaries, evangelists, pastors and other special guest speakers would challenge us for Christ, and ignite the fire of faith within each one of us with a passion to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR GOD'S GLORY.
Paul Johannson
Elim's former President and Dean of Students at one time, Paul Johannson, became one of my greatest "heroes of the faith." What a sincere and dedicated man of God he was, and remains to this very day. I never told him how I felt, content to listen and learn in his classes he also taught at that time. 

But it was dedicated men and women of God like him at Elim Bible Institute, that served to inspire me and make me want to follow Jesus, and serve Him forever.
Michael Cavanaugh
The present President of Elim, Michael Cavanaugh, is a sincere and dedicated servant of God, who had attended Elim when I did, so many years ago. 

God has used this man mightily to continue the great Christian heritage Elim Bible Institute imparts, that of being known as a special place of Christian growth and maturing, and discovering what God's purpose is for every person who attends there.
America faces an uncertain future, 
as persecution of Christianity increases

With the uncertain times America faces, it is critically important for EVERY Christian to have a FIRM FOUNDATION OF GOD'S WORD built in their hearts and minds, one that never wavers even when the storms of life descend upon them.

Through years of investigative journalism and understanding many things about America's future, I want to emphasize the importance of every Christian's life being built on that strong foundation of faith, integrity and the Word of God.

Then, whenever the storms of life and persecution, tribulation and suffering for His sake may come in the Christian's life, that sure foundation WILL REMAIN and bring you through safely to ETERNAL VICTORY.

Elim Bible Institute
For those seeking direction in their life, young or old alike, and who want to build up their foundation in Christ and the Word of God, I can personally and highly recommend ELIM BIBLE INSTITUTE as a great place for any Christian to go who wants to grow in faith and God's word, or to send their youth to attend as well. 

DO you need love and fellowship, prayer and counseling, Christian growth and listening hearts? Elim is the place for YOU! I found it to be ALL OF THE ABOVE...and SO MUCH MORE.

If YOU would like to KNOW MORE ABOUT 
here is the link for their website:

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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The FEMA Deathcamp of the MOJAVE DESERT

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Several years ago, I interviewed former Rothschild Illuminati member Doc Marquis about what he knew about he NWO agenda for America. He used to work hard for this Illuminati agenda in the past, including working at FORT LEWIS, Washington, to recruit military into the Illuminati NWO agenda. 

Then he became a Christian and began exposing the NWO agenda through "Christians Exposing The Occult." You can find JOSEPH MARQUIS ("Doc") on FACEBOOK.

Doc knew that the modern GUILLOTINES were present then at Fort Lewis, as my later reporting has confirmed. Yes, Doc HAS handled the modern guillotines! He even participated in Rothschild Illuminati rituals in which they were used...testing the waters ahead of time so to speak. I asked him, "Well, how did they work?" He replied, "Oh, they worked just fine...!" 

That's what I was afraid of. For those of you who are not aware, there are innumerable MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES present in America today. According to my research, they first began coming in from Saudi Arabia and Japan, and later Chinese manufacturers, incorporating them with the imported PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES that I previously documented, in the form of 40 foot cargo containers ordered from China through former Senator "Scoop" Jackson and his partner Richard "Prince of darkness" Perle. 

I have been investigating and documenting these strange modern guillotines for 20 years now, confirmed to me personally by Pentagon, CIA, truck drivers who deliver them across America, and many other  sources as very REAL.

Thank you, Jacob Rothschild and Illuminati family and THE NOAHIDE LAWS for the GUILLOTINE AGENDA IN AMERICA...and the rest of the world as well. 

Transplanted NAZIS always play a major role 
in the NWO agenda for "AMERIKA" today

Oh, and
 thank the Nazi NWO elements in America as well (who came into America following WW II through the CIA's "OPERATION PAPERCLIP", bringing their Nazi/NWO agenda with them), like the BUSH/SCHERF family, always pushing for "THE ORDER'S" NWO agenda in America. Read MORE about this shocking TRUTH HERE:

Hitler, a true servant and pawn of "THE ORDER" (of Skull and Bones) of the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, executed many political opponents by guillotine during his reign of terror. These occultists love using THE GUILLOTINE for their dark agendas.

Guillotine used in Hitler's Germany

You can read more about this
by reading about WW II heroine SOPHIE SCHOLL, who stood against Hitler and the Nazis, and was finally arrested and executed BY GUILLOTINE as a political opponent.  Many opponents of Hitler were executed in this manner.

Add to this now the growing Islamic threat and presence in America, who also believe in executing Christians by beheading. Funny how all these groups seem to  love the guillotines in America, and even plan to someday use them against THE CHRISTIANS and NWO RESISTERS under MARTIAL LAW. 

The US military even has facilities in places like Fort Lewis (WA), Fort Bragg(NC), Fort Hood(TX) and many others wherein our own military are being trained in how to operate the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES. As one military source, preparing to train his own platoon at Fort Lewis in how to operate them, told me, "...the GUILLOTINES ARE EVERYWHERE NOW..." Remember, the NWO of Revelation 13 is a WORLDWIDE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT, so of course they are now to be found worldwide.

If this shocks you, remember Revelation 20:4 and realize that the NWO is simply the modern term for satan's antichrist world government as described in Revelation 13. The Bible long ago prophesied THE BEHEADING OF THE SAINTS who would not renounce Jesus Christ to join this antichrist "666" world government as described in Revelation 13. 

Should it surprise any end-time Christian, therefore, that the enemy has made provision to try to remove and eliminate the Christians throughout the world who stand in their way of establishing a satan-led world government??? 

Should it surprise us that they plan to use FEMA/DHS camps across North America (and CANADA TOO) in an attempt to round-up and eliminate the Christians for their NWO agenda? No, it should not. And Christians in North America must finally begin to awaken to this reality and PREPARE for the coming storm.

THE FEMA DEATH CAMP OF THE MOJAVE is a full gassing/cremating DEATH CAMP, dedicated to the TERMINATION OF ALL ON FEMA’S "RED/BLUE LIST" (plus MANY other lists) UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

I have previously documented this horrific death camp, and documented the eyewitness accounts of several former NWO supporters who were flown out there. My friends, DOC MARQUIS (former Illuminati) and ELAINE KNOST (former CIA/Luciferian), but now Christians for many years, were both flown separately to this facility in the Mojave Desert of California.

It boasts a landing strip. According to even another contact, a DEA agent I met in California at the GRENADA FORUM in Los Angeles, who personally investigated this FEMA facility, it was later DOUBLED IN SIZE TO INCREASE KILLING CAPACITY.

People have asked me, "WHY don't you go out there to that place and get photographs for documentation...???" How foolish to even think about it! The level security around such facilities is incredible! When I even asked Doc about the possibilities of going out there to locate it and take photographs, he became very silent at first. Then he said, " Pam, you can't do that. THEY WILL KILL YOU." They have security cameras everywhere around such hidden  facilities.

Such detention camp facilities are meant to be isolated and out of sight from general public viewing. Also they are remote to make escape or entrance to rescue victims an impossibility. Professional military grade motion detection devices, remote cameras, ground sensors, all play a role in keeping away intruders or investigators.

Once the plane lands, Doc explained, you travel by jeep about 14 miles to an area enclosed in desert mountains.

When I asked Doc how he felt THEN, as a NWO supporter, about touring this dread termination camp, knowing that Christians especially were to be arrested under martial law and taken here for brutal termination, his reply was chilling.

"How did I feel? I felt SHEER JOY! I could not WAIT for Christians to be arrested under martial law, and brought to this camp to BE KILLED!"

A chilling response, but sadly typical of millions of the world's satanists and Illuminati and NWO supporters. Of course, Doc does NOT feel this way today, as a repentant Christian. He warns America of what is to come, even as I do.

This FEMA death camp was shown off to my friends Doc and Elaine, as something the NWO and FEMA was literally PROUD OF! And there are MANY more FEMA/DHS detention camps whose ultimate purpose under MARTIAL LAW is NOT TO SAVE LIFE, but to TERMINATE HUMAN LIVES DEEMED UNWORTHY OF ENTERING INTO THE DAWNING OF LUCIFER’S NEW WORLD ORDER. 


And please, think TWICE before surrendering your precious liberty and your very right to exist, and going meekly to such camps under a STATE OF MARTIAL LAW in YOUR region of AMERICA.

BEWARE of FEMA-coached "pastors" who have sold out the Body of Christ for "thirty pieces of silver,"  who have been programmed by the government to tell their congregation that they literally must "obey the government"...and walk right into traps of certain death into prisoner boxcars and go to FEMA CAMPS

My beloved fellow Christians in America, I state without apology that you are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly cooperate with SATAN'S PLAN FOR YOUR DESTRUCTION! We all know this from Scriptures. 

THE BIBLE DECLARES THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS MANIFESTED to destroy the works of THE DEVIL, who only comes to rob and kill us.

Under martial law, these henchmen acting under the NWO advocates for America's future, are literally coming in satan's name to destroy you and your fellow Christians, even including America's Christian heritage and your precious religious liberties. This is their agenda from the beginning. 

The advocates in our government and military of the NWO agenda for America, will deliberately create the "disasters" (false flags) leading to MARTIAL LAW, they will RESCIND the Constitution and it's guaranteed freedoms we hold dear, and America will become THE POLICE STATE under communist-patterned Presidential Executive Orders. 

They will then arrest and march off to the dread FEMA/DHS camps all political and religious opponents of their NWO regime of terror.

We are commanded in God's holy word to RESIST THE DEVIL steadfastly, and wage mighty warfare against the devil and his strategies in the earth today. God's word is filled with hope and encouragement about this! His word has promised, that IN ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us...Jesus Christ.

Christians, God is on YOUR side when you stand against the forces of tyranny, hell and satan's armies who come to "steal, kill, and destroy." Refuse to be taken alive to the dread FEMA/DHS camps, and instead STAND YOUR GROUND for your faith and freedom to continue throughout our land.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert standing up for Christian rights and freedom in AMERICA

Many report on these subjects from a secular perspective. But I have reported from the perspective of a Christian journalist and missionary as well. I have become one of the relatively few CHRISTIAN voices in America, warning the Christians that these things are coming to our nation someday, and the time to seek God and to prepare their hearts to remain faithful to Jesus to the END, is NOW.

Your support is needed. 
It is growing darker every day in America.
I can't continue to lay my life down to do this, 
without your help. 

Body of Christ, 
we are all in this TOGETHER.

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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

You know, the Internet can be a wonderful tool for research. Whether it is used to health issues, or to find where to purchase something, or studying a particular subject, I thank God for the help that the Internet, and often Google, provides for me at times.
However, the dark side of GOOGLE and all other SEARCH ENGINES, is the fact that the Internet can be used as ONE MASSIVE GRAFFITI BOARD. I learned many years ago, that NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS ACTUAL TRUTH. (Duh!)
For example, GOOGLE up "Jesus Christ," and you will find websites declaring He was "a homosexual," or "NOT the Son of God", or that "Jesus never existed," etc. 
Because you found it ON GOOGLE and the Internet, does it automatically make it TRUTH? NO!
Anyone can say whatever they want to on the Internet...and THEY DO! There is NO "TRUTH PATROL" (as of yet) on the Internet! Everyone MUST perform further research on ANY subject, to confirm what they read about online.
Many years ago, when I first began my investigative journalism, the U.S. government apparently felt threatened by names and facts I was uncovering and revealing. 
They struck back with COINTELPRO against me, or DELIBERATE SLANDER/LIBEL against me appearing at times on the Internet by various writers. Their accusations were deliberately inflammatory and negative, HOPING to turn the opinions of readers in the USA against me and to TRY to make my reporting lack credibility by attacking my character, etc.
It greatly saddened me to watch as naive people, who NEVER took the time to personally contact me and ASK if these accusations were TRUE, then simply parroted what they had read, and reposted such libel, never performing actual research to SEE IT THIS WAS TRUE ABOUT ME.
THIS then is WHY I warn people that IF they GOOGLE up my name, they WILL occasionally find negative articles filled with false accusations, or with libel and derogatory statements, published with the deliberate intent to discredit my reporting to the American people. This is standard government procedure.
Furthermore, Jesus declared that WE ARE BLESSED whenever we are persecuted and malicious accusations are made against us for His Name's sake. This happened to Jesus Christ, and He promised it WILL happen to His people when they take a stand for righteousness' sake. 
Jesus further warned us when He said, "WOE UNTO YOU, when ALL PEOPLE SPEAK WELL OF YOU, for so men spake of the false prophets which were before you..."
I seriously wish more Christians understood and believed His Word!
I was deeply saddened one day when a pastor's wife, whom I had known for 20 years, took aside a friend of mine, to then attack my character solely BASED UPON WHAT COINTELPRO PAID GOVERNMENT WRITERS had written against me on the Internet. 
My friend was also saddened when he heard her slander me after church that day. He knew it was not true. 
I was forced to later confront this pastor's wife about this, and she apologized to me in tears when she FINALLY understood what slander articles like this really were all about.
So IF you ever encounter such defamatory articles written about me on the Internet, and have any questions, MESSAGE ME by email or FACEBOOK, and I will be happy to give you any answers you may feel the need to know, BEFORE you begin to spread such COINTELPRO around to others, "Oh, did you read THIS on the Internet...?"
Christians, wake up and be mature on issues such as this. I also wish more Christians believed what Jesus declared, about giving an account for every careless word uttered, in the DAY OF JUDGMENT.
GET THE FACTS FIRST...or you may end up hurting innocent people, and thus unwittingly fulfill the devil's plan of attack against God's children. The Communists used this tactic when persecuting Christians in Russia, putting them on trial under false charges and then imprisoning them as well
Yes, I have suffered throughout my career because of such attacks, especially when Christians (who should know better from Scriptures) have become guilty of this as well. But I refuse to be discouraged because of this tactic, because I KNOW THE WORD OF GOD.
Furthermore I strive for accuracy in my research and reporting. And if I ever discover I am in error in any of my articles, I attempt to correct them as soon as I become aware. I fear GOD! And His word declares that ALL who "love and make a lie" shall have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE in REVELATION 22:15. Looks to me like alot of government COINTELPRO writers and lying MSM are going to have a hot time in hell someday!


Know the FACTS FIRST before you attack innocent people.

who dare to stand up 
in America. 


"You shall KNOW the truth, 
and the truth shall set you FREE."
~John 8:32~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-





By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian persepctive-

I was shocked to receive an explosive email from a close friend of mine in the UK, living near London. In that email he stated, "Well, Pam, I just watched a special on television here about FEMA camps in America. Looks like if you have any problems, you will find a nice safe refuge if disaster comes to America IN THE FEMA CAMPS..."

Horrified, I shot back a response to him by email. I explained to John that FEMA/DHS camps will be used to detain and terminate Americans on various lists for arrest and removal from mainstream society under MARTIAL LAW or a state of national disaster.

FEMA/DHS CAMPS will be used much as Hitler used the concentraion camps in Germany, ans as the bloody Bolsheviks used the horrific GULAG prison camps system. Both used the feared  camps as a way to get rid of political and religious opponents of their police state regimes under Nazi fascism and Bolshevik communism.

I state without apology what was shared with me by my military and intelligence insiders that I interviewed personally throughout the years. I was emphatically told by one respected former CIA source, Michael Maholy, (formerly interviewed by Rodney Stich for his publication "Defrauding America") that the FEMA/DHS CAMPS WILL BE USED TO TERMINATE THE FUTURE RESISTERS OF THE NWO AS IT CAME DOWN IN AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

He did NOT say, "detain," but TERMINATE. How could I ever forget those words???

For many years now, the truth about FEMA RED/BLUE pick-up lists have been available. The revelations of EDWARD SNOWDEN confirm the the US government has been secretly spying on the American people for many years. One of the reasons, is to determine exactly WHO in America is FOR or AGAINST a planned NWO (communist-patterned) takeover of America under MARTIAL LAW.

The NWO advocating elements of the US government and various agencies(DHS, NSA, etc.) have been looking for  people who are percieved to be against their NWO agenda for AMERICA'S FUTURE: Constitutionalists, Patriotic Americans, legal gun owners, soverieign citizens, fundamentalist Christians, home schoolers, etc.

Of course, every true American knows that such people compose the backbone of the Republic, and that the original founders of America were composed of such good people as well.

This indicates clearly the COMMUNIST (or Fascist) NATURE OF THE COMING POLICE STATE. The kinds of people listed by DHS as "potential terrorists" CLEARLY RESEMBLES A COMMUNIST HIT LIST!

And so, such good people who have long formed the backbone of American society, are now being watched and labeled as criminals and potential terrorists. This is EXACTLY what the Communists throughout the years as they took over various nations.

Whenever Communists take over a nation, they immediately round up THE CHRISTIANS to eliminate their influence and power. They are cruelly sent to detention camps, typically for brutal torture and death.Simply study the history of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and what happened to Christians immediately. Churches were seized and destroyed or turned into government offices. 

Christians were arrested by the Communists, imprisoned, sent to detention camps, and often cruelly raped, tortured and then killed. You can read of this happening today in North Korea and China, in fact. The horrors that Christians experience in countries like this, often defy belief. BUT IT IS HAPPENING TODAY!

This is the kind of agenda the NWO has for America, and for her Christians as well, unfortunately.

I was warned of the hostile, anti-Christian nature of the NWO many times, from former planners of this agenda for America.

One CIA source, Elaine Knost, the subject of several books in Christian bookstores exposing satanism in America, warned me in her home one day about what was to come in America. While a powerful satanist leader in North America for 18 years, Elaine was also hired by the CIA as an assassin. And from INSIDE THE CIA she learned all about the NWO agenda, as BUSH SR. ("Mr. NWO") was the director at that time.
Book in which Elaine's testimony was published earlier.

I discovered that the CIA frequently hires satanists as assassins and assassin teams, because of their ruthlessness and willingness to kill without conscience. I have several friends who were former satanist assassins for the CIA, now totally repentant over their past and Christians saved by grace, who have shared their testimonies with me.

Elaine explained that the NWO was considered Satan's kingdom, manifested on earth, among other things. And that the Christians would be arrested in America and cruelly terminated in the detention camps across America under martial law. 

"The NEW WORLD ORDER is satan's kingdom on earth, and we the satanists are the backbone of the NWO. And this is why the Christians in America have to go ! We knew they would never accept our world government under Satan..."

When I heard this, I remarked, "Well, if it is the SATANISTS (Illuminati) behind the NWO, then it won't be a very easy death for the Christians in America, will it?" She looked at me with deep intensity, her eyes burning into mine, as a person who knew the dark truth from the inside.

"You got that right...I tell you, it will be brutal RAPE, TORTURE and DEATH once they get their hands on the Christians and begin to arrest them AND TAKE THEM TO THE CAMPS UNDER MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA."

This is exactly what satanists do to victims once they abduct them for sacrifice, in fact. I have documented this in my previous publications, including SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY and my online reports as well. 

None of this should totally surprising. This is also exactly what happened under Communist revolutions and Nazi fascist dictatorships. BOTH were inspired by the Illuminati, and funded by the Illuminati bankers as well. Although many working for the Communist or Nazi goals never realized it, at the highest levels were actual Illuminati/Satanists pushing for their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCIFER.

This is what happens when the Word of God is ignored and trampled upon, just as what is happening in America today. 

When all restraint of the commandments of the Word of God are cast off, corrupt mankind then become maniacs and murderers capable of committing anything against their fellow man. This has happened BEFORE, and it WILL happen again...this time on America soil.


Torture and abuse at ABU GHRAIB detention camp

How many US military forces have  been hardened and trained in the art of torture, sexual abuse and brutal interrogation tactics by now, who have worked in such prisons and detention facilities??? It is exactly this kind of hardened military soldier that the US military will place in charge of FEMA/DHS detention camps in America under martial law. 

This is exactly what the Communists did and the Nazis as well. They placed cruel and hardened directors over their gulags and concentration camps...people who had no problem with brutal rape, torture and death of their victims. So please don't deceive yourself into thinking "it can't happen HERE" because IT ALREADY HAS and is going on TODAY with American military forces in charge of such prisons and operations.

I suspected long ago that the US government would decide to create and broadcast lying propaganda abroad, including in the UK and EU countries, about THE FEMA/DHS CAMPS IN AMERICA. They realize they MUST throw off suspicion regarding the TERRIBLE TRUTH about how Americans will be treated in the FEMA camps in the future.
Nazi death camp train hauling prisoners to the camps
(And now AMERICA has her prisoner boxcars with shackles 
and deathcamps)

This is exactly what the Nazis did during WW II. They filmed propaganda documentaries about "how well the prisoners were treated" at their concentration camps, deliberately sanitizing various facilities, and temporarily fattening up prisoners for such deceptive filming. THEY DID NOT WANT THE REST OF THE WORLD TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HIDDEN HORRORS OF CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

And the same thing is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. The world is being deceived by US government/military propaganda films that is being broadcast in place like the UK presently, as my friend near London, England, revealed. 

My EU and international readers, I beseech you to not believe these lies, and to instead pray for Americans and the many horrors they will face in these terrible detention camps in America's future. Christians will especially be persecuted in these camps, and tempted to deny their faith, or DIE.




And as one of America's true WATCHMEN ON THE WALLS, I will continue to send for the warning, until my words are forever silenced in this world. To quote Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, "We MUST take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

As the plans of the coming persecution of the Church and Patriotic Americans continue to be formed by the NWO agenda for America, I will NEVER BE SILENT, not when Almighty God has called me to SOUND THE ALARM for His people.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Your prayers and support are always needed.
Less than 2 percent of all readers contribute financially, 
perhaps assuming that "the other person" reading this will contribute.

So many people from around the world email me to say they appreciate my reporting
and the hard work and danger I expose myself to in performing this reporting on behalf of others. But I need SUPPORT to continue this important work!

Thank you for showing that you care and appreciate my work, free of charge,
 for YOU.


5 Walmarts closed without notice, all within JADE HELM states


BY Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Well, the plot is thickening, as they say, regarding the weird WALMART CLOSINGS across America. The truth is slowly emerging that WALMARTS WERE STRATEGICALLY LOCATED BY THE US MILITARY, to someday be used strategically during times of MARTIAL LAW or WAR. These huge buildings, built like impregnable fortresses, were deliberately constructed this way for a DUAL PURPOSE. And of course, Americans were never told...UNTIL NOW as the truth emerges.

One report I read declares that HOME DEPOT buildings are also linked in the same way, to DHS and the US military, for special use in times of martial law or war.

Huge underground tunnels (ABOVE) link the WALMARTS across America. And I believe they are also linked to DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES as well, since they will be taken over and used by the US military someday during times of emergency.

Suspicious guard tower appearing at WALMART in Hickory, NC

And now we are receiving reports of strange MOBILE GUARD TOWERS appearing across America. ABOVE is one such tower at the WALMART IN HICKORY, NC. Although this picture was taken in 2010, it nevertheless is indicative of how WALMARTS will be used in the future, since they can be set up and taken down quickly.

I have been researching and reporting on the COMING TIMES OF CHAOS AND MARTIAL LAW for 20 year now. I have told my readers repeatedly throughout the years that AMERICA WILL SOMEDAY BECOME A POLICE STATE. NONE of this comes as any surprise to me whatsoever. 

Based on the information I obtained throughout the past twenty years from many sources, including Pentagon, CIA and intelligence, I have spent many years on the road across America, fasting and praying for our nation and crying out to God on our behalf, and for AMERICA TO REPENT AND RETURN TO GOD.

When God makes the warning clear, I BELIEVE GOD and take it seriously, and respond and prepare accordingly

However, I pity the Americans who have failed to listen to abundant warnings from alternative news journalists like myself, who have become America's true WATCHMEN ON THE WALLS, sounding the warnings for many years. Those who fail to listen, to watch and pray, and to PREPARE ACCORDINGLY, both spiritually and practically, will suffer greatly in the times to come. 


I highly recommend, if you have not already done so, that you GOOGLE UP some excellent survival websites and discover the kinds of emergency supplies you will need in the coming times of crisis, and purchase them NOW. 
Purchase your quality SURVIVAL SUPPLIES NOW...while you can!

EMERGENCY SURVIVAL SUPPLIES will NOT BE AVAILABLE READILY once a state of emergency and MARTIAL LAW comes down in America, since deliveries by truck will be disrupted heavily during such times, and shelves will empty quickly. PREPARE FOR LONG TERM CRISES IN AMERICA.

And just in case no major crisis occurs this summer/year, the GOOD NEWS is, such supplies can ALWAYS BE USED IN FUTURE EMERGENCIES anyhow. You SHOULD have such supplies on hands at all times.

Above all, make certain that your sins are forgiven by receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior in your life. 

THE ULTIMATE VICTORY is to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and to KNOW that you have eternal life and an eternal home in Heaven someday, regardless of the outcome of the battle here on Planet Earth.
Jesus is knocking at the door of YOUR heart today!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave is only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."~ John 3:16


"Who is he that overcomes the world, but he that believes that Jesus is the Son of God?"

~1 John 5:5~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Your support is urgently needed at this time. 

I continue to provide housing and health care free of charge for my dear friend Sylvia, who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (typically fatal in 3-6 months following diagnosis) and lymphoma as well. She would have died without my help. 

But all of this has been costly (although Sylvia is well worth it!) Everything I would have spent on emergency survival preparations for what is coming, has been spent instead on costly vitamins, supplements and specialized foods to help Sylvia's body recover and heal.

We looked at each other yesterday, and realized that with crisis coming this summer to Ameica, we have little for survival preparations

Sylvia has not been able to work to support herself due to cancer, and my full time work has been taking care of her, volunteer.

Also I am continuing to research and report on the latest events happening in our nation and across the globe, as a WATCHMAN ON THE WALL for America.

Your financial support and prayers are therefore needed at this critical time.

My mailing address is:

Pamela R Schuffert
5618 Highway 2 West
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Or you can support my work through
Thank  you for caring and helping us through a difficult time.