Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Personal Word from My Heart to the Intelligence Community

You know, there is never a day that goes by, that I do not spend time in prayer for the many diverse agencies in America that compose the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY. My prayers range from praying for wisdom and protection for those men and women of integrity, who are striving to validly perform their job to protect the citizens of our nation from the real terrorists, to praying for salvation for those who have sold their souls to satan and sold out our nation to the NWO agenda for "thirty pieces of silver" as it were. To put it short and sweet, the "good, the bad and the ugly."

If we believe the Words of the Bible, we understand that Jesus Christ died for ALL. I pray for some by name, and for others whose names I will never know. At times I find myself praying for the CIA spooks planted in distant lands, risking their lives to gather intelligence necessary for the protection of our nation. I pray for those men and women of integrity in our military intelligence, who believe in our Constitution and in protecting the citizens of our nation.

And at times, I also pray for those wounded souls victimized by the corrupt elements also to be found in the intelligence community as well. My hearts breaks frequently over the many things I hear about from former victims and survivors. I have even traveled to minister to some.

But I have come to realize in years of performing investigative journalism, and stumbling quite by accident at times upon people and real life situations constituting dark corruption and so many diverse tragedies, that the mercy and the spirit of God is also there, behind the scenes, moving on the hearts and minds of people to bring them under conviction and to repentance and salvation.

There is a greater battle than is often apparent to the naked eye. It is the battle for the hearts and souls of people to repent of their sins, to turn them from the spiritual darkness they are presently living in, and to the glorious love and life found in the Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

There is no sin too great, that Jesus Christ and His mercy and forgiveness cannot cover and completely remove it! As I ponder the revelations of former intelligence officers, revealing at times the utter corruption and darkness that can be found within the intelligence community, I am compelled to even more intercessory prayer for these men and women therein.

In performing my kind of journalism, I have learned some secrets of success that I would like to pass on to that element of the intelligence community who are striving to operate in integrity and for just causes. The only reason I remain alive to this day, is because there IS power in prayer, and God watches over His own. When we entrust our souls and lives and safety to the Living God,y repenting of our sins and turning to Jesus Christ for salvation, He undertakes to protect us and to bring us safely out of seemingly impossible situations, where it looks like "we're all gonna DIE!"

Don't believe me? Read the BIBLE, a true historical account of the lives of men and women changed by encounters with God and His power. It is easy to understand how God protects His own, even in life threatening situations, when people put their trust in Him and obey His word, just by reading through the Bible.

Oftentimes, the intelligence officer finds himself/herself in life-threatening situations. It is important to know that there IS a God Who HAS the power to protect you, to give you Divine revelation regarding your particular assignment, etc.

There have been so many times when I needed to find a certain witness, or to find out certain information for my reporting, in which I used Bible principles to finally obtain it. This includes fasting and prayer, and often pounding the pavement in various locations or cities, praying to meet just that right person with the info I needed. And it worked...time after time.

Put God and His principles to work in your lives and careers, and you will see the power of God in action.

However, I might add, make sure you are fighting for the right side in the sight of Almighty God and His Word. God will not work against His truth and His word! But if you are on HIS side, You will find Him on YOUR side!

Continuing to pray for you all,

-Pamela Schuffert

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