Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Truth About FBI Shootings at Pine Ridge, SD, 1975

Lakota Sioux Personally Confesses Participation in Shooting FBI Officers
Peltier Was Not Even in the State of SD at Time of Shootings

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I was living in Tulsa OK from 1975-1976, when a strange occurrence happened. I was living in Old Village apartments (now renamed THE VILLAGE AT BROOKSIDE apts) near E. 41st and Peoria. I had just finished performing Christian street outreach to youth, and had returned to my apartment. I met a man, evidently a Native American. He wore his hair in full braids, wrapped, and spoke with a slight accent. He approached me and asked if he could share some things with me. He also requested prayer.

I invited him into my apartment, and he sat down and began to share a most amazing account that I was totally unprepared for. Tears formed in his eyes, and he opened his mouth and said stammeringly, "...I didn't MEAN to shoot the FBI officer...I didn't mean to! It was a accident!" He began to weep profusely. I was thoroughly shocked and puzzled.

WHAT was he talking about? He told me his name was WAYNE KOSHAWAY, a Lakota Sioux from Washington state. His brother was Bob Koshaway, a Lakota medicine or shaman, as Wayne admitted to me. They both lived together in the housing unit directly behind Old Village apartments where I lived at that time.

When he was able to stop crying and regained his composure, he told me about being at Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, where Native Americans were protesting in 1975. For the first time, I heard all about what had happened at Pine Ridge at that time.

He admitted to me that another person was also involved in the accidental shooting of the FBI officers. And more. He was looking for reassurance that God could forgive him for what he had done. Deeply disturbed, I prayed with him and shared the power of Jesus Christ with him as well.

I never forgot this encounter. I moved from Tulsa soon after, back to Northern Virginia. But I remembered all the information he gave me at that time. His words haunted me.

Many years later, I met with a Chippewa Indian medicine man in Montana, Tony Crow Eagle of Libby, MT. This man was brilliant. I mentioned to him what I had heard in Tulsa, OK, so many years ago. He was shocked that I knew this secret!

He admitted, "Yes, you are correct. His name WAS Wayne Koshaway, and another man was also involved. Leonard Peltier was never involved, but he was evidently the man the FBI and the government wanted. Apparently they considered him a threat..."

I later returned to Tulsa, to the former Old Village (now VILLAGE AT BROOKSIDE) apartments where I had lived at that time that Wayne Koshaway admitted to the FBI shooting. The housing unit that the Koshaways had lived in that time had been strangely torn down since then, razed to the ground...perhaps deliberately? Perhaps to destroy any evidence of their even having existed or the Koshaways ever living there?

I wondered: are they even still alive? Since the government and the FBI had the man they apparently wanted in Koshaway's place (Leonard Peltier), what need did they have for Koshaway? For he alone held the dark secret about who really shot the FBI officers. And dead men tell no tales....

-Pamela RaeSchuffert

(Postscript-The apartment units formerly called OLD VILLAGE at that location are no longer apartments, changed to condominiums and called THE VILLAGE AT BROOKSIDE,  although the units still exist, along with the Old Village shopping mall and stores next to them and across from these former apartments where this encounter occurred. The building behind that unit were torn down at the time I visited that location many years later.)

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  1. Interesting I'm native and researching corruption with in tribes and federal involvement. Thanks