Saturday, March 16, 2019

Why Christians in America Must REJECT the Evil Destiny Planned Against Them!


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Always REMEMBER: we live in a wicked world where we do not yet see all things put under the feet of Jesus, as the Bible clearly states.We live in a sinful world wherein we know that the will of God is NOT done perfectly every day, because of SIN AND SINNERS.
Christians are always called to resist the wicked one and his followers, and “he shall flee from you.” An angel of God had to warn Joseph and Mary to flee to Egypt, because of the plans of wicked Herod the great to find Him and destroy Him.Clearly, the will of the wicked was NOT the will of God for baby Jesus!
When King Aretas ordered Paul the Apostle to be arrested, His Christian friends let him over a wall in a basket and he fled to safety to continue the GOSPEL MESSAGE. Clearly the will of the wicked king was NOT THE WILL OF GOD for His beloved Paul!
When Herod sought to have Peter put in prison and killed the next day, God sent a holy angel to get him out of prison and to continue to preach the Gospel. Again, the will of this wicked ruler was not God ‘s will for Peter! 
When Esther discovered the plan of the wicked Haman to have her people all killed,    she sent Word to the King and warning to her people, and they rose up to defend    themselves from the evil decree and were saved.
 I have investigated, researched and uncovered the horrific plans in America for end-time persecution of the Christians in our nation. There is a dark plan in place to force Americans to come under the planned one world government. And plans to utterly destroy all those people who will rise up to resist this satanic plan.
Military and intelligence sources shared much with me throughout the years, even former planners and participants of this NWO plan for America, as I traveled and  researched this disturbing subject.
They confirmed that the true purpose of FEMA detention camps was to incarcerate and ultimately destroy all “FUTURE RESISTERS OF THE NWO” when they seek to abolish the Constitution and bring America under the world government.
And they told me that a prime target would be THE CHRISTIANS TO ARREST and send to the camps in prisoner boxcars I have also written many articles about.
One former intelligence source admitted, “ We hated THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA more than any other group, because we knew they would never accept our NWO  agenda with Lucifer in control.They more than any others stand in our way...”
Christians I have interviewed have even admitted they have had visions of being arrested under martial law, shackled into prisoner boxcars and taken to camps to be killed. 
Others shared with me visions of martial law being declared and being dragged before the modern military guillotines I have documented and reported on for many years. 
One youth pastor from the west coast, Pastor Richards from Bakersfield, Ca,shared  his Holy Spirit vision about this. He said that in his vision, martial law was declared, and he was brought before the guillotine, and asked, “ Well, Pastor, what will it be: will you RENOUNCE JESUS TO JOIN OUR NEW WORLD ORDER, or do we behead you?” 
He admitted that he was very afraid, but knew he could never deny Jesus Christ to save his mere mortal flesh, and perish eternally. He told them in the vision he would NEVER RENOUNCE JESUS, and saw himself beheaded for his faith. 
The vision was repeated twice, and he knew then that It was surely a warning of things to come planned against God’s children, as the Holy Spirit told him.
 The modern military guillotines and the covert training programs taking place in MANY American military bases today, is simply a fulfillment of BIBLE PROPHECY warning Christians in the end times during an antichrist world 666 government, that they WOULD FACE BEHEADING FOR THEIR FAITH IN JESUS and refusal to accept the antichrist world leader and take the mark or chip tying them in with a cashless society in which no one can buy or sell without it.
Revelation 20:4 speaks of the souls beheaded “...for the witness of Jesus and the word of their testimony...” who will later be resurrected to gloriously reign with Jesus for a thousand years.
 I live in one state where there have been many reports and sightings and confirmations of the modern guillotines being delivered by truckers or store in closed military facilities here.Prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines installed in each one have been confirmed to me personally by Christian eye witnesses as being sighted in this state. but as I was to find out, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE across this nation. 
 In fact , a former ARMY RANGER from Fort Benning, GA, ADMITTED TO ME PERSONALLY at my home little over a year ago that THE GUILLOTINE PROGRAM IS ALIVE IN FORT BENNING AS WELL.
But often BIBLE PROPHECY IS GIVEN AS A WARNING TO GOD’S PEOPLE! Just because it is prophesied in the Bible, does not mean it is THE WILL OF GOD! 
Rather, it is the foreknowledge of God warning His people of the intents of the wicked, to hurt or destroy them...even as an angel warned Joseph and Mary about  Herod’s intents to kill the baby Jesus and TOLD THEM TO ESCAPE TO EGYPT to avoid these wicked plans.
God is not schizophrenic! He is not FOR The plans of the devil against His children.and then somehow FOR HIS CHILDREN as well!
It is Satan and his wicked followers who seek to genocide God Christian children in these end times. ALL THAT THEY PLAN TO DO UNDER MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA  AND WICKED WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER SATAN is certainly contrary to the good and perfect WILL OF GOD for His beloved children!
No, it is NOT THE WILL OF GOD for His children to suffer the terrible things planned by the wicked for Christians in America under MARTIAL LAW. 
In fact, Christians in Costa Rica received information such as mine, prayed and told me God told them To FLEE AMERICA WHILE THEY COULD. And so they relocated to Costa Rica. Others have relocated to places as God led them all over the world.
Thus indicating that it certainly was NOT THE WILL OF GOD FOR HIS BELOVED  CHILDREN...even though these things are Biblically prophesied to come in these End Times. It is God’s foreknowledge of THINGS TO COME, warning His people to seek Him for grace and guidance to be delivered from the plans of the wicked.
If you are a Christian living in North America/Canada, know that The whole North American continent has already secretly been designated as REGION NUMBER ONE OF THE TEN WORLD REGIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. A military source shared this with me, who saw the map while working at Cheyenne Mountain NORAD at that time. 
 Canada, Mexico’ and America are already secretly melded together into REGION NUMBER ONE by the NWO powers that be.
 This also fulfills Bible prophecy in Revelation perfectly about TEN WICKED WORLD LEADERS who will reign over ten world regions, under the ANTICHRIST in Revelation 13.
PRAY AND SEEK GOD FOR YOUR PERSONAL WAY OF ESCAPE FROM THESE DARK PLANS IN AMERICA. As God gave Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus a way of escape, as gave Paul the Apostle a way of escape, as God gave Peter the Apostle a way of escape, and many other of His children a plan of escape from the wicked, so God has a perfect PLAN OF ESCAPE FOR THOSE WHO WILL FAST AND PRAY AND SEEK HIM  ABOUT THIS IN THIS HOUR.
In spite of a new President, I tell you the truth: NOTHING HAS CHANGED regarding the planned NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA. The FEMA CAMPS REMAIN IN PLACE. 
The prisoner boxcars remain. The covert guillotine training programs at various US BASES CONTINUE, and the guillotines remain in place where they have been stored.There remain dark elements entrenchedin America who remain determined to bring forth this terrible NWO AGENDA FOR AMERICA.
And that is why many American analysts are finally concluding that there WILL BE A  CIVIL WAR FOUGHT ACROSS AMERICA over this very subject, the forces of hell and antichrist against the Christians and freedom lovers across this nation...who are referred to by the NWO as “resisters of the NWO.” 
And that is WHY THE PUSH FOR “THE GUN GRAB” to seize weapons across America continues to this day, with false flag staged shootings happening, always accompanied by lying and complicit news media sources secretly cooperating with “the POWERS THAT BE“ who write the scripts handed to them, to deceive the American people Thru complicit news media.
 The clear intent of these false-flag staged shootings is to sway the opinion of the American public to VOTE FOR GUN CONTROL AND AGAINST GUN OWNERSHIP IN AMERICA. 
But for milions of Americans, they are not fooled nor swayed, and still BELIEVE IN SECOND AMENDMENTS RIGHTS and are determined to HANG ON TO THEIR GUNS.
Frankly, I don’t want to hang around this nation for a future civil war. Guns, violence and bloodshed are not in my Christian heart nor lifestyle. 
I do NOT want to be here when Russia and China finally attack America as well with  terrible weapons, EMPs and hypersonic missiles, chem/ bio warheads, etc. and so I too am praying for a peaceful, God-designed WAY OF ESCAPE out of this nation before all these things come to pass. US military privately admitEd to one contact of mine that they KNOW THIS IS COMING TO AMERICA, and are stockpiling at least ten years of emergency food supplies in the deep underground bases across America in full anticipation of a prolonged nuclear war.
And not one of you will be able to dictate to Almighty God WHEN HE IS GOING TO SEND HIS SON TO TAKE HIS CHILDREN OUT OF THIS WORLD, either. You may have to go through and endure MORE THAN YOU THINK before His return or catching away of the saints!
In closing, I encouage All Christian readers to please PRAY ABOUT ALL THIS. Seek God’s wisdom for your future and your family as well. and realize that GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE. 
We are all called to resist the devil and to reject the terrible destiny the wicked have planned against us, realizing that it is the will of the enemy and NOT OF GOD.
God bless you all!