Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day They Threatened to TERMINATE ME If....

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I will never forget receiving an email
from my former webmaster in Oklahoma. If fear could be communicated by Internet emails, it came through clearly that day. He had a visitor from an "alphabet soup agency" (FBI) who came to his office that day, and "read him the riot act" regarding ME.

I will only mention a few choice excerpts from that threat. The following was related to me from my webmaster, Ron.

"....Tell that women that on a scale of 1-10, she rates an 8 regarding our priority to terminate her...we don't like what she is telling the American people...tell her that her time is very short. We monitor every email she sends and receives...we have reams of files on her...we are planning to take her out if she continues to tell the American people...."

None of this surprised me. I had already been informed by a person with FBI contacts in Israel when I visited in 1998 to lecture, essentially the same type of things. She pleaded with me to never return to America. "They will KILL you if you return, "she pleaded with me through tears while on the phone in Jerusalem. I told her I would pray, and if God wanted me to return, I would. And I did.

My webmaster's email continued with dire warnings, ad nauseum. I then called him on the phone. He was clearly terrified. Me? I laughed. By the grace of God, I laughed.

Too bad he did not grow in neighborhoods like I did, where I was surrounded with CIA, FBI, generals and Senators in a high end neighborhood in the Northern Virginia area outside DC. My mom was a secretary for a Congressman at one point.

I frequently performed childcare for their kids and helped host the children's' special parties of the "rich, elite and powerful." I often performed professional nanny work through what is still considered the premier staffing agency in the greater Washington DC area. At times I even took care of the children of certain families whose husbands worked in the White House. Many people in the intelligence community were my neighbors in our high end neighborhood. Yawn. The point being, I am not impressed nor unduly moved by such people and their threats. I know what they are from the inside.

I then had a mischievous idea come to mind. they monitor every email I send and receive, eh? Well, I thought, "Mr. Federal Agent Monitoring My Emails", now read THIS email!

I never had more fun in my life composing an email. But the message was straight from the Bible itself, and from my heart as well.

I let them know that God Himself had commissioned me to this task of researching and telling my fellow Americans and Christians the truth that the government has been concealing from them...the truth they deserve to know in this hour.

I told them I would never be bullied and intimidated into silence at such an hour as this, on behalf of my nation and endangered fellow Americans.

I further informed them that ONLY God Himself would determine when I would be "taken out" of this world, and not them. And furthermore, that Christians were redeemed to BE "taken out" of this world...and that this world is not my home! I am living for a world to come.

I lamented over the fact that I only rated a lousy "8" in their scopes...and after all the hard work I had done to expose their NWO agenda??? "I am miffed and humiliated that after all my hard work, I only rate an 8 in your scopes..." I wrote. I then promised them that I would now work even harder to expose their government corruption and their NWO agenda, and promised to someday rate a TEN in their scopes at last.

Finally, I let them know that I was not afraid to die for the truth.

And then, as an afterthought, I couldn't resist a little more humor.

" the Feds wanna take me out, eh? How charming! I have always wanted to be taken out by a cute little Fed, like the ones I lived next door to. I know of a lovely little Italian restaurant along the river and I would love to be taken out by one of your cute little Feds.... Hey, cutie...c'mon!"

In closing, I stated bluntly, "Now, step aside. I have been given a job by God to do, and I will not be taken out of this world until IT IS FINISHED."

By the grace of the Almighty God and His mercy, these words have graciously proven true. Since then in 2003, I have had several death attempts on my life, my brake line deliberately severed, deliberate severe poisoning during one research assignment when I got too close to the truth, a time my laptop and notebook stolen, and much more. But when God gives a task to one of His children, He will protect His own until He determines that their work on earth is finished, and He is ready to "take them home."

Frankly, do they think I fear death? To leave this world of heartache and pain and suffering, and to be present with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Glorious Kingdom of God?

I do not, nor do I live in fear of what they can do to me...and I have a very good idea of what they CAN do. In fact, I know what they do, and have done to many victims in the past, to this present hour. But I never allow myself to think about these things, and instead focus on Jesus Christ and His call on my life.

But then, Christians have been arrested, tortured and martyred for 2,000 years now. This happens to uncompromising Christians all over the world to this present hour. And Christians in North America are not exempt by any means.

But Christians who live in fear of what people can do to them, for obedience to God, will never be successful. God cannot use us when we are controlled by FEAR rather than faith. I have been forced to battle fear for many years, with prayer and the Word of God, and to seek God for His grace to continue on in His work. And I can testify that HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. I refuse to be controlled by fear.

God has rescued me many times from attack, to continue in his work on earth. But that day may finally come when God allows me to be taken home for His glory. However, if they kill me, it will never be because God's power was not sufficient to protect me.

There are times when God chooses to be glorified in the death and martyrdom of His servants. And He has been glorified for thousands of years by His confessing martyrs of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Early Church had a confession that was popular during heavy times of persecution and martyrdom: "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."

I choose to continue in the work God gives me, until He takes me home for His glory and in His perfect timing. I would consider it an honor to seal my testimony of Jesus Christ in this world, with my own blood some day. Didn't Jesus Christ seal His testimony on earth with His own blood? He is the One I follow. No true Christian, redeemed by Jesus Christ from the power of death, can therefore live in the fear of death.

"Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory? But thanks be unto God, who always gives us the victory by Christ Jesus!"~Words of the Apostle Paul

May God be glorified, both through the lives of all His servants worldwide, and through their sufferings and martyrdom as well. Pray for the persecuted Church and Christians worldwide at this time. Continue to pray for me that I may finish the work God has given me for His glory alone.

-Pam Schuffert

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