Thursday, May 13, 2010

So I THOUGHT I Was Exiting Investigative Journalism...???

Pamela Schuffert reporting on LIVE local television broadcast in Asheville, NC, May 12 2010


Have you ever grown really WEARY of something you have done for many years, and begged God to release you from it? I have. There is often so much stress, so much pressure, so much heartache and dangers involved in investigative journalism as I have been performing it, that I admit: I have begged God to release me from this calling.

But it looks like my investigating is doggedly following me wherever I go. I make new contacts everywhere. And one person I encountered recently informed me that I was needed to be on a local television news broadcast in this region, due to my in-depth research here (Asheville, NC). I prayed about this, and knew God was calling me to tell the truth to the locals, through my years of research in their area.

And so, last night I was the guest of Dixie Barkdoll, on her weekly television broadcast through URTV in Asheville, NC. Dixie is a very brave woman! She dares to expose city government corruption at the highest levels, whether DA's or others. And she knows perfectly well that she is dealing with hard-core criminals and murderers as well.

You can listen to Dixie LIVE every Wednesday night on URTV via the INTERNET, 6:oo PM EST. Simply go to:

Her broadcast is called: "What's REALLY Going on in WNC?" (Western North Carolina)And you can call in LIVE as well.

Well, last night Dixie ASKED, and I TOLD... EVERYTHING! She asked for information uncovered through my years of investigating the NEW WORLD ORDER, and satanism in the Asheville NC region as well.

Frankly, I kicked myself afterwards, because in answering her questions about city corruption and the satanism and NWO agenda here, I even named names when she asked...a very dangerous thing to do on television! Especially when some of those names have sought to kill me in the past, and have even sent me to jail and prison in NC for peaceful Christian pro-life protesting here as well.

And many of those types watch her show intently, to discover what new information she has uncovered regarding their corruption in Asheville, NC. Because my appearance has greatly changed since my last stint in Asheville many years ago, they now know what I presently look like, even. How convenient for their hit men or abduction teams....(sigh.)

But then I realized, that I am not the criminal! These people who are corrupting justice at the highest levels of this city of Asheville, NC, who are covering up satanic crimes against humanity committed continually in this region, and much more, THEY are the criminals and THEY deserved to be exposed. God has called His people to expose the darkness and to stand up for righteousness in a nation.

And I finally realized last night, I am not released from my calling from God through investigative journalism. Listening to my own words spoken on that broadcast, convicted me as I discussed on television WHY, no matter how great the cost or threat to our personal lives, we who KNOW THE TRUTH cannot be silent in this hour.


Pray for my strength and safety for obvious reasons. I am so very weary. But the battle goes on. Real Christians can never retreat. We have no choice but to press on.

Pray also for dear Dixie Barkdoll and her broadcast in Asheville, NC, on URTV. Such informative broadcasting takes a visible toll on her as well, and places her life at great risk. She is dealing with powerful people in high places and murderers as well. It is because of courageous men and women like Dixie, that sin and darkness is being exposed and challenged in our nation. Such brave and dedicated people deserve our love, appreciation and heartfelt prayers as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

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