Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something WONDERFUL Happened The Other Day!

Or, How Amazing Miracles Can Happen When We Obey God's Leading-

One of the greatest joys of my life is to minister to homeless people, especially the wandering youth called "Rainbow People" or modern-day era hippies. So often these precious youth slip out from the traditional "evangelism" net and the church, and are out there with very little Christian witness.

And so, I love to go to locations where they are known to congregate (city parks, etc.) and pray for God to lead me to the ones He particularly wants me to reach out to that day. And then, if they tell me they haven't eaten that day, I will go to a local discount grocery outlet and purchase some basics for survival, until they can get to "the next feed" locally for a meal.

My part-time work hours are only 6 a week at this time...a mere $55 or so weekly. However, a little becomes alot when we PUT GOD FIRST and trust in HIM! And so, a portion of everything I earn goes to personally feed the homeless and to minister to them.

At the beginning of this week, I was financially destitute...down to a few dollars to use for bus money to get to my meager job. However, I did not despair: I PRAYED and asked God to replenish me so I could do more for Him and help others.

I later went to the bus depot to wait for the next bus. Standing close to me was a man with a bag. The Holy Spirit told me to talk to him about Jesus I did so. We continued our conversation after we boarded the bus.

It turns out that he also was a Christian, but had fallen on hard times. God used our encounter to enable me to minister words of deep encouragement to him at this difficult time in his life.

And THEN, something incredible happened.

Before he stepped off the bus, he pressed something into my hand. He said, "I know that you will want to to give this back to me, but GOD TOLD ME TO DO THIS FOR YOU! Use it for your needs...." He then rose and quickly stepped off the bus.

I was mystified. I had never mentioned my deep financial needs to him, nor the prayer I had previously prayed that day. I opened my hand and took out the crumbled piece of paper. It turned out to be A ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!

The man sitting next to me on the bus, who had witnessed this firsthand, was amazed at the power of God to answer prayer. I was able to use this experience to then witness to him about Jesus Christ as well!

Glory be to our LIVING GOD Who cares about all our needs, and really DOES answer prayer!

-Pamela Schuffert

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