Friday, May 28, 2010


Dear Sister Pamela,

Blessings to you (and your brother!)

...Regarding the guillotines and the NWO, I understand that the many anti-Christ Jews who are behind the NWO, who HATE "Yahushua"( Hebrew for Jesus) and who still await the "Promised Messiah," will (during the reign of their anti-Christ,) enforce the "7 NOAHIDE LAWS". But they will twist these seemingly upright moral laws to work them against all true followers of "YAHUSHUA" (Jesus.)

Even as the Pharisees of old twisted God's TEN COMMANDMENTS (especially the 4th one.)

DEATH BY GUILLOTINE for anyone who takes the SHEM (Name) of GOD in vain, or blasphemes His sacred name: to them, if one even SPEAKS the holy Name, that person will die. And, if one commits idolatry, they'll be put to death by GUILLOTINE.

If a person believes in YAHUSHUA (Jesus) they will consider that idolatry (worshipping a false god) since they reject YAHUSHUA as God......

Thanks for all you've done, Gordon


Unfortunately, Gordon this is all true. ALL Bible prophecy must be fulfilled in it's time. That includes Bible prophecy with negative implications for the Body of Jesus Christ as well. None of us like to face such things. But I have uncovered through years of research, that the modern guillotines are a reality and they are here and worldwide, to fulfill Revelation 20:11. They will seek to behead Christians who will refuse to renounce their faith and join their blasphemous NWO agenda as defined in Revelation 13.

Christians must prepare their hearts to stand faithful to the end, as these prophesied things are finally manifested.

The spirit of ANTICHRIST in it's truest sense originated with the Jews from the beginning, has been preserved through every generation of Jews, and will be fully culminated in this time by the manifested of their desired "ANTICHRIST" or "NEW MESSIAH". One Jew admitted to me one day, "...the antichrist you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world victory and TO GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY."

And once again the world will watch it's manifestation, this time with the modern guillotines operated by the military forces secretly trained to operate them on Christians and other victims worldwide, and through the rabbinical courts they are establishing for this purpose.

However, let us also recognize from a practical standpoint the utter hypocrisy of the NOAHIDE LAWS and Lubavitch Chabad behind them.

The Jewish community worldwide contains many who are involved in the occult, including Satanism and the Illuminati and Sabbateans (Jewish satanists). Simply perform a little research on the ROTHSCHILDS and on Sabbateans. Such satanist Jews formed the backbone of world globalist COMMUNISM, designed to persecute and destroy Christians and Christianity from the face of the earth.

Tens of millions of innocent Christians died as martyrs, many brutally tortured to death for their faith, due to communism in various nations. Such persecution continues in fact to this very day. And it is such an agenda that NWO Jews seek to bring to North America as well. Everything is in place for this to happen in America.

Such Sabbatean/Illuminati Jews have tragically turned from the true God of Abraham to worship an abomination called Lucifer, or Satan (which in Hebrew means adversary), and to commit sacrilege and blasphemy against His Holy Name continually. They kidnap victims and offer human sacrifice. They torture, rape, and murder innocent victims for Lucifer in their rituals, in order to obtain more money and more power from him.They work hard to fund and bring forth satan's New World Order agenda and his antichrist, or "the new messiah."

Every Jewish scholar of Holy Scripture knows the verse that "judgment begins in the house of G-d," or among His people ( in this case, the Jews, those who profess to be "His chosen."

Therefore isn't it appropriate that judgment SHOULD begin among the Jews themselves regarding the sins of IDOLATRY and BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD???

What hypocrisy to seek to somehow begin among people outside the Jewish community, enforcing JEWISH religious laws on NON-JEWS!

In fact, it is clear from Jewish Scriptures, how a Holy God of Abraham dealt in the past with Jews who broke His commandments, committed idolatry and blasphemed His holy name by worshipping false gods. Such apostate Jews even offered their own children to idols as human sacrifice, as the Bible tells us. And for these terrible sins, God's judgments fell upon both Israel and Judah, ultimately driving them out of the promised land for their abominations.

The holy God of Abraham has not changed! Nor have His judgments.

Lubavitch Chabad, isn't it time you began to enforce your own laws and God's holy laws among your own people involved in such abominations?

Frankly, this world would be a kinder and gentler place for ALL of us, if the guilty heads of such wicked human-sacrificing Sabbateans and Illuminati were rolling...instead of innocent Christians' whose only "crime" is to honor the Name of God by believing in the true Messiah you reject with impunity.

Lubavitch, the ball is now in your court. Prove to the world your sincerity of your intentions by the NOAHIDE LAWS by beginning with executing righteous judgments among your OWN Jewish people first! We are watching and waiting.....

-Pamela Schuffert

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