Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally..RETIRING from Investigative Journalism After 15 Exciting Years

Returning to Further Ministerial Training and Medical Training in Tulsa, OK-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, after 15 long and exhausting but rewarding years in this provocative field, I am retiring from investigative journalism to pursue further ministerial studies and training for full time ministry.

I am also pursuing further advanced medical training as I prepare to assume full time care of my brother, who miraculously survived a near-death experience from double pneumonia and being in a coma several months. He needs me now, and I am committed to improving his quality of life and caring for him at this time.

I will become my brother's main health care provider as I set up an apartment for him in Tulsa, OK, and take him to therapy sessions, etc. Due to his physical condition, I am also taking more medical courses in health care to better assist him.

In between all this, I also plan to enroll in a ministerial college to obtain further training in the Word of God, for future full time ministry. Full time ministry and touching the lives of others is my life's call and heart's desire.

This leaves me with no more freedom to travel and investigate and report as I have done in the past. But God often changes our direction in our lives, for His purposes and His glory as well.

Quality ministry can take on many forms. We live in a world filled with needy people in many states of crisis and peril. God will often change our direction in order to use us to minister to people in need as He wills.

I will continue to publish my articles, but they will be focused more on the power of the Word of God and the need for raising up true Biblical Disciples of Jesus Christ, with the power to change the world around us.

I will also be available at times to travel periodically and to lecture to audiences as the requests come in.

PRAY FOR ME in this time of transition.

With all I have uncovered and investigated in these past 15 years, I have come full circle and back to the conclusion: Jesus Christ is THE ONLY ANSWER for America's crisis and for the dying world around us.

America MUST return to the God of our Founding Fathers and our Lord Jesus Christ. Without national repentance, AMERICA WILL FALL.

God bless and be with you all, Pamela Schuffert

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