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Psyching Americans UP for "The NEXT BIG ONE:" OPERATION RING OF FIRE Coming SOON?

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I noted with great interest the headlines on the USA TODAY newspaper the first week of OCTOBER. As I read the article, it became apparent to me that the government controlled/bought/censored news media are once again PSYCHING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE UP for the NEXT step in IMPLEMENTING MARTIAL LAW NATIONWIDE.

Already special interest groups with a vested interest in MARTIAL LAW being finally triggered and declared in America (such as dual citizenship people in high places of our military and government) are working with cooperating news medias to fabricate their "Moslem terrorist" future terrorists (or any OTHER group the government wants justification to go after, which someday WILL include CHRISTIANS as well), who will be officially be blamed for the coming US MILITARY GOVERNMENT "BLACK OPS" ACTS OF TERROR to be staged in various cities, with massive explosions and detonations taking place nationwide, sealing America's doom of MARTIAL LAW forever.

You see, "He who creates the CRIME, can also create the CRIMINAL."

Even as in "9/11" and OKC Bombing, etc. ad nauseum. Those working in top secret government/military/intelligence community planning sessions to devise and and carry out "THE NEXT BIG ONE" that will be used to bring down MARTIAL LAW, also work late into the night to devise the PERSON OR GROUP(S) they PLAN TO OFFICIALLY BLAME FOR THE COMING CHAOS.

Ed Pack told me that, "...they will blame AMERICA'S MILITIAS for the coming tragedy, because CLINTON HATES AMERICA'S MILITIAS! He knows that THEY know all about the MARTIAL LAW/NWO agenda, and they plan to oppose it and informing other Americans how to oppose it. So they WILL blame America's militias when it happens..."

And sure enough, 3 months later, the OKC bombing occurred. I turned on nightly news to NIGHTLINE with TED KOPPEL, and lo...there was Ted interviewing the MICHIGAN MILITIA and Mark Koernke as well! They were of course discussing the OKC bombing and McVeigh's militia ties, etc. Indeed, the government falsely implicated America's militias in this through McVeigh. This is just ONE way showing how the government furthers their MANY hidden agendas, once again through lies and deceit.

With "9/11," for example, due to US military ambitions in the Middle East and dual citizenship people wanting America to fight Israel's battles in the Middle East with arch enemy IRAQ, this terrible crime against humanity of "9/11" HAD to be officially blamed on IRAQ and IRAQIS, in order to provide justification to the world for what American military had planned to do in advance with the IRAQ INVASION.

Beware of "OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT EXPLANATIONS" in major disasters such as these!

Three months before the OKC Bombing, I was privy to covert information supplied to my friend Ed by Patriot moles planted in Capitol Hill (even into the White House at that time), who continually gathered information about the US government's dark plans to bring America under martial law.This government/military plot of "OKC BOMBING of the MURRAH BUILDING" was also for a hidden agenda, that of taking away more of Americans freedoms.;article=121808

My information source was a man called ED PACK. Ed is now dead. He was killed by the US government: he simply knew too much and talked too much. His wife had to flee with their son to her mother's home outside the lower 48 states for safety after he died. But before he died, he warned me of many things, including the OKC Bombing 3 months before he died.

Ed also warned me of "OPERATION RING OF FIRE." ( I first wrote about this years ago.)

"It will be the final tactic they use to finally bring America DOWN UNDER MARTIAL LAW," he told me. "They will stage massive explosions across the nation, blaming them on targeted groups, but it will be in fact OUR OWN COVERT MILITARY/GOVERNMENT/INTELLIGENCE BLACK OPS that will set up and stage these massive explosions. They will form as it were A RING OF FIRE across America...and THEN they will use this to DECLARE NATIONAL EMERGENCY and MARTIAL LAW at last...."

Judging from his accuracy in everything he had warned me about previously, such as the OKC Bombing, I took this warning to heart as well and wrote an article ( in fact MANY articles) on coming OPERATION RING OF FIRE.

The government censored/controlled propagandistic news media is working in sync with the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for America very closely. You will NEVER find GOVERNMENT CENSORED NEWS MEDIA uncovering the horrible truths about things like "9/11" or the OKC Bombing, etc. You will ONLY find ALTERNATE NEWS JOURNALISM instead, giving you the truth in this hour.

It is becoming evident that the major news media sources are working in synch to spych up the American people indeed for "THE NEXT BIG ONE." Here are some links on this:

Intelligent and discerning Americans are turning more and more to ALTERNATE NEWS JOURNALISM as a safer source of truth in reporting and the news in today's world of government censored news media filled with NEWS MEDIA BIAS and BLACKOUT constantly.And even THEN, you will have to exercise discernment and research to uncover government/intelligence/military infiltration and deception and misinformation creeping in at times as well.

For example, I was amused to recently find a misinformation article on RUMOR MILL NEWS, trying to discredit my reporting and interviews with Ed Pack Regarding OKC Bombing, etc. Discerning readers have long ago concluded that there is government complicity in RUMOR MILLS NEWS. They publish seemingly valid alternate news reports, and THEN include government COINTELPRO and misinformation as well. But then, the husband of RUMOR MILL NEWS was also ACTIVE CIA as well, so............

Understand that the US government desperately does NOT want the American people to KNOW THE TRUTH about their Martial Law agenda and their black ops! They fear the American people knowing the TRUTH! They will stoop to any level of lies, COINTELPRO, misinformation, etc., to DENY THE TRUTH EXPOSING THEM...right on down to murdering the person exposing exposing them whenever they feel it necessary.

This is why I have come under repeat attack in my many years of this kind of reporting. I have been falsely accused and misportrayed (COINTELPRO) on the Internet by several of their agents. Such people know NO shame and NO fear of God as well. They are sinners, refusing to walk by the code of ethics that Bible-believing Christians are held to. I have suffered death attempts on my life, and threats, including to my webmaster in the past as well.

Further warning of impending dangers due to massive explosions in various cities/regions from previous reports I have written: I interviewed one military man, USAF, who admitted that now in some of our own US military bases, SOME OF OUR OWN MISSILES HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY AIMED AT INTERNAL TARGETS...ALSO for a NWO/MARTIAL LAW-triggering agenda! This source, "BRAVO -6" admitted that the missiles in Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City had been re-directed for their NWO agenda, to four major US cities...with WASHINGTON DC being ONE OF THEM! I wrote up many reports on this previously as well.
The NWO has already declared that Washington DC MUST go up in flames, in fact, and the NEW capitol of the USA under MARTIAL LAW/NWO is DENVER, COLORADO! The NWO wants to be able to rule from the center of the continental USA and from important DUMB (deep underground military bases) established there as well. Already, the CIA has been moving their offices and some operations from Washington DC quietly to Denver. So have other government functions as well. Others have moved 50 miles outside the city, or so, to avoid what they have been warned from the INSIDE is the coming firestorm to hit Washington DC.

So do NOT be surprised if you turn on the news one night, or early one morning, and hear of various locations across America seemingly struck with MISSILES or SUITCASE NUKES, by "terrorists" or"insurgents" or "Taliban" or AL QAIDA, etc. Just as with movie scripts being written ahead of time, the news media will be handed and will follow their carefully planned scripts filled with the "OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT EXPLANATIONS" intending to totally deceive and mislead the American people into believe THE LIE, once again, as in "9/11".

We knew long ago that they would use these kinds of tactics to declare martial law, region by region, bring out the foreign troops to patrol the cities of America, seizing weapons, etc., and proceed with the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. And they have many MORE black ops up their sleeves besides......

CHRISTIAN INTERCESSORS OF AMERICA, please take this warning seriously and PRAY across this nation, with tears and fasting! How MANY people will become the tragic victims SHOULD this terrible black op take place all over America! YOUR prayers can make the difference in this hour.

-Pamela Schuffert

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