Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Will the REAL Terrorists PLEASE STAND UP?"

Setting the record straight once and for all....

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In my previous post before this one,
you will read about the threat from the Federal government against my life for my reporting.

But wait a minute...what is wrong with this picture!

I thought that the Federal government and their agencies were all about protecting the America people from the REAL terrorists! YOU know, the kind who make and plant bombs on buses, who shoot up malls, who spray anthrax in public areas, who kidnap and torture and kill innocent victims, etc.

Hmmm...lemmee think here a minute: what qualifies me as being such as threat to the Federal government, that they would threaten to terminate me, and claim furthermore that I rate high on their priority lists to "take out?"

Could it possibly be because...

-I am a committed Patriotic American citizen with actual Pilgrim heritage as well?

-I have been a Bible college student?

-I have been a missionary?

-I have chosen to be a pacifist and unarmed?

-I believe in praying for the government and our leaders?

-I have assisted numerous families while they were under attack from cult crime criminals?

-I work with the homeless on the streets?

-I believe in loving and forgiving my enemies, even those who have attempted to kill me?

-I have made pilgrimages to Dachau Nazi death camp in honor of both Jews and Gentiles alike who perished there under Nazi terror?

-I have faithfully reported to the American people the truth about those things which presently threaten our Constitutional republic, endangers our cherished religious and other freedoms, and threatens to undermine and destroy our American heritage?

And more along this line?

Is THIS the kind of behavior that the FBI and other agencies should be labeling as "terrorist" and therefore worthy to be monitored and pursued and black listed on their FBI files???

Are not the REAL terrorists and genuine threats to the American people rather the kind of people who:

-Commit black ops against the American people, like "9/11" and OKC bombings, and Waco's, etc?

-Plan and carry out mall and school shootings for the purpose of furthering and passing more gun control legislation?

-People who use our alphabet soup agencies to covertly bring addicting drugs into our nation to destroy our culture and our youth and fund their NWO agenda and other black ops?

-"Disaster capitalists" who plan disasters against the American people, to deliberately trigger martial law and to even financially profiteer off the suffering and deaths of millions of Americans as a result of their planned disasters?

-People who plan to arrest millions of innocent and Patriotic Americans, to haul them off in prisoner boxcars to FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps to be TERMINATED simply because they are deemed to be threats to the New World Order and for no other reason?

-People who so hate the Christians in America (the original founders and backbone of our nation from her inception), that they write laws making Christianity punishable by death by beheading in the future (Noahide laws and the modern guillotines now in America) and in fact plan mass genocide against such American Christians?

-Satanists and Illuminati prevalent in America, who abduct and brutally rape, torture and murder innocents on their satanist altars nationwide, including in their elite clubs such as SKULL AND BONES and BOHEMIAN GROVE? Such satanists/Illuminati terrorize the victims nationwide continually.

And much more. These are the people who are truly guilty of true terrorism and HATE CRIMES against the American people as well.

Isn't it time to truly redefine who the real terrorist threats are in our nation, and to deal with them last?

And frankly, judging by the Bible's solid definitions, I ain't the one!

Nor are millions of my equally endangered fellow American Patriots and Christians, gun owners , Constitutionalists, etc. ALL deemed "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER" and hence targets for arrest and removal under martial law.

In conclusion, will the REAL TERRORIST please stand up???

I encourage readers from the FBI and similar agencies allegedly fighting the "war on terrorism" (sigh) to determine to go after more worthy targets in the future. Thank you.

-Pamela Schuffert

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