Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beware of Govenrment Infiltration into "PATRIOT RADIO"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout many years of my personal exposure and interaction with alleged "Patriot radio" alternative news reporting, I have uncovered one basic fact: the US government has indeed infiltrated their counterfeits into this arena, for their own dark agenda. While there are doubtless some sincere individuals operating in this realm through this medium (I have been one of them with several of my own broadcasts throughout the years), there are also the government/intelligence infiltrators present as well.

Basically, here is how such agent provocateurs/infiltrators operate. Their broadcasts are designed to attract and cater to that segment of American society who has become basically aware of the government's future NWO agenda plans for this nation. Such broadcasters will thus be instructed to bring onto their broadcasts various people who will report on topics of interest to American listeners who may oppose a NWO/martial law agenda for America and related topics.

These government "pseudo-Patriot radio broadcasts" are designed to attract and systematically flush out those listeners from across the nation who have the greatest potential to become actual "resisters of the New World Order under martial law." Such people may in all probability present the greatest threat to their NWO /martial law operations in the future. Hence, the government reasons that they must flush them out by all means. PATRIOT RADIO is one of those means.

Once these government infiltrators have designed their broadcasts to attract the desired listeners they have targeted for surveillance, they then have their "agent provocateur" radio host offer items for sale, such as DVD's, booklets, etc.

While bringing money into the broadcast, the main purpose behind offering any items for sale through this kind of radio host, is so that the US government or military can obtain the NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF ALL POTENTIAL NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTERS for future reference, even for "FEMA RED/BLUE LIST PICK-UPS" and many other related operations as well under martial law.

The names and addresses of every single listener to the bogus "Patriot broadcast" who bites the bait and orders products from such broadcasts, will then have his name and address carefully recorded on their various computerized lists and turned over to various government and military civilian surveillance agencies for future reference.

Although I factually know the names of several "bogus Patriot broadcasters" who in fact use this very tactic on the American people, I am purposely refraining from naming their names on my blog. IF I name their names, they will resort to the old intelligence community tactics of DENIAL and COUNTER ACCUSATION. Every CIA operative, for example, is taught this diversionary tactic when found out: completely DENY the truth, and then counter-accuse the information source exposing them.

Sadly, most Americans (including most Christians) are not intelligent or researched enough to discern the truth in such matters. And for this reason, I will not name the names of such government spies I have uncovered into the Patriot broadcasting world in America. However, the fact remain that they exist.

When I worked for one such fraud and discovered quite by accident that he was an infiltrator using shady tactics for the government, he immediately deployed the "DENIAL/COUNTER-ACCUSE" tactic against me to cover for his own black operations, quite shamelessly, lying even to some of my friends, as they later informed me.

I therefore prefer not to waste my time battling their false accusations they employ for cover-up at this time.

In researching this subject, I talked to militia trainer/leader David in New York, who not only confirmed this tactic being used presently in America, but also confirmed the people I suspected were also involved as well. David goes on patriot radio regularly with Mark Koernke.

Frankly, it does not really take too much discernment among intelligent Americans and hopefully Christians as well, to discern who is playing this kind of game. Simply perform your background research, spend time in prayer seeking God for discernment, and be observant.

Simply be aware that such operations exist, they are presently in operation, many Americans have already been deceived and sucked in by them, and such bogus broadcasters have the potential to do much harm to the Patriot community in America and to individuals by turning over such names/addresses to various government/military agencies, who may later arrest and incarcerate them as "potential terrorists," NWO resisters, etc. under a state of national emergency.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge."

-Pamela Schuffert

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  1. I ran an fm patriot radio station for three years but I shut it down when i discovered 99% of the patriot podcasts were done by direct government agents or more commonly masons. This David and Mark koernke are both dirty too.I've caught them passing masonic code many times.For instance Koernke said once "I graduated 13th out of 33 in my military class".I also caught him accidentally saying that a man him and David know is a fellow traveler.That means he is a mason and koernke is too by saying fellow traveler.
    once you find one look at there associates also they also stage fake fights with other hosts to promote each other to split off different demographics.The answer is jubilee and new natural law constitutions in each state with teeth and declaring the state constitution superior to all law.