Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, It's "Pawn Shop" Time Once Again!

Or, what tragically happens when adequate reader support fails to come in...

-By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Over the past few days, I have been forced to make painful decisions. Precious items donated to me for my work have had to be taken to local pawn shops just to survive at this point. Both food and gas cost money. Such basic needs are critical to remain in this vital work on behalf of the American people.

With no financial support and no gas left, I was finally forced to part with my equipment necessary for survival. My new camp stove had to be pawned, along with cans of camp stove fuel, just to obtain gas money. Today even more items had to painfully parted with, just to obtain more gas and be enabled to continue in this work.

The only person happy about all this was the  local pawnshop owner. He gave me a quick hug and said, "Keep coming back...we LOVE you here!" Yeah, I thought with a naughty twinge of sarcasm,  I'll BET you do! Camp stoves and fuel sell quickly here near Glacier National Park.

And soon, the gas I just put in my truck will be gone as well. I have just about run out of things to pawn.

And yet I remain dedicated to this important work on behalf of my fellow Americans. But dedication to fellow Americans must work both ways. I cannot continue in this work on YOUR behalf without YOUR much needed support.

By ordering my wonderful Huckleberry products (see article as you scroll down) you can enable my work to continue and ENJOY the "fruits of my labor" literally with local Huckleberry products sent in appreciation to YOU!

Honestly, I believe that the NWO/Illuminati are laughing at the very name of "Christian" and "American patriot" as they read this article.

The NWO movers/shakers are literal hard-core satanists dedicated to destroying freedom worldwide and bringing in the NWO police state. They pour billions of dollars and sacrifice continually in their effort to  destroy our freedom in America, all in the name of satan and his world globalist agenda.

These people are watching intently to see what the Christians, who allegedly worship the one true and Almighty God, Who is allegedly GREATER than their satan, are doing to bring forth GOD'S kingdom on earth and to counter their darkness. (We know we serve the One true God and that he IS Almighty, but these Illuminati do NOT.)

And they are laughing behind the scenes when they see that Christian laborers like myself, serving God and on the front lines for God's people against their New World Order, suffer such great deprivations due to the lack of God's people failing to adequately support their labors. Frankly, the lack of Christian support for the work of God causes these very lost people to wonder about the reality of the God we serve and promote.

If I did not know the truth from the eternal word of God, I would be compelled to wonder at times as well as I experience great sufferings or hardships at times due to the lack of love, compassion and adequate support from so many who read my reports throughout the years, but who fail to send even one dollar of support. Even as I struggle to live in my vehicle ( including in winter) in order to be able to afford to perform this vitally needed journalism on behalf of my fellow Christians and my fellow Americans.

CAN it be that the forces of hell and NWO darkness are more dedicated to bringing forth their satanic New World Order in America and beyond, than the Christians are in bringing forth the will of God and His kingdom on earth?

Let the sad statistics speak for themselves.Let the progress that the Illuminati and their minions of the NWO have made throughout recent decades speak for themselves.

Christians, what are YOU doing to make a vital difference in this world today? What are YOU doing to counter the darkness, and to bring forth the light of God's glorious kingdom through promoting His Son Jesus Christ???

And what are you doing to support God's servants on the front lines for YOUR sake and the kingdom of God??? God has never called his people to stand alone! My life remains endangered every single day I continue in this work. If you are unable to send support at this time, your prayers cost nothing and are also critically needed as well.

Those of you reading my reports on your computers from your comfortable homes, with food on your tables and gas in your vehicles, need to understand the realistic  nature of the deprivations and sacrifice this work  costs me on your behalf. I never know day to day where I shall find safety to park overnight. Every gallon of fuel and bite of food must be prayed in . I must constantly pray for protection every day and night, since I have no home to "go home" to and am out in the open continually. My work requires living on the road to investigate to travel, to go on radio and television and to lecture.

In the winter it is even worse, since it is too expensive to run my engine for heat night after night. I have been forced to learn the fine art of survival in the winter, as temperatures dip below zero, blizzards often come, and I must survive night after night in my unheated vehicle.

And yet I have counted God's call on my life on your behalf worthy of suffering and loss. And frankly, nothing short of death will stop me in this critical hour of America's destiny. (And nothing HAS stopped me to date!)

If God has touched your heart through this, you can send your critically needed support to:

Pamela Rae Schuffert
140 Seven Hills Estates
Bigfork, MT 59911

And don't forget, you can now receive Huckleberry products by sending your support as well. Scroll down a few articles and read how to!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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