Friday, July 29, 2011


Finally, after many years of being out of the battle arena for the lives of the unborn, I am returning once again to stand up for LIFE! I was personally involved in Christian pro-life outreach from 1988 through 1992. Under the leadership of OPERATION RESCUE and Randall Terry and Joseph Foreman, I traveled nationwide to stand up for the unborn child. I participated in many pro-life rescues at the abortion death camps across this nation. At times, I got arrested with other Christian pro-life advocates.And at times, I also went on trial for my peaceful and non-violent pro-life actions actions.  Frequently I was found guilty, and was sentenced to both jail and prison for the "crime"(!) of saving the lives of the unborn.

God taught me much about suffering persecution for righteousness' sake throughout my years of pro-life RESCUE. He also taught me about the value of love that lays down it's life for others so that they might live.I learned so much more about COMPASSION for the helpless. One of the most valuable training times of my entire Christian life was my years in the pro-life battle arena for the right of the unborn to LIVE.

Recently, I felt God calling me to return once again to this field of ministry. I have no idea how God would once again use me or with whom. I just knew in the back of my mind that God was once again calling me to STAND UP FOR HIS UNBORN CHILDREN.

I was amazed therefore when several people I encountered at a Patriot meeting in Montana, Annie and Roland,  told me they were the directors of MONTANA PROLIFE COALITION! I instantly liked them, and they liked me. I knew then that God had been preparing me to meet them from the beginning, to bring me back into PROLIFE activities.

I will soon begin traveling to state and county fairgrounds, to set up the display  table for MONTANA PRO-LIFE COALITION and to collect signatures and present their materials on behalf of saving the lives of the unborn. 

Isn't it strange and wonderful how God mysteriously works!

Pray for me to be fruitful in this new field of outreach to the unborn here in MONTANA. Pray for Annie and her husband Roland, that their labors on behalf of the unborn children may save the lives of MANY in the future.

Will my reporting continue to my readers? Always! As I travel I always obtain new contacts and fresh information.

GO to the website of MONTANA PROLIFE COALITION. It is filled with valuable information on the subject of ABORTION and THE UNBORN CHILD.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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