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Or, "Meet the Person Who Does Not EXIST!"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I recently met with a couple and their friends at an outdoor barbecue following attending one of Chuck Baldwin's services in Kalispell, MT. I enjoyed fellowship with them that afternoon as we discussed the things we all sense are coming to America.

I was particularly disturbed however with the attitude of one person there, professing to be "a Christian." I have learned throughout the years to carefully observe people who declare "I am a Christian." Do their fruits and behavior and confessions line up with the BIBLICAL DEFINITION of "Christian" or disciple of Jesus Christ?

This person immediately acted as if she "knew me." She began making statements and asking me accusing questions indicating that once again, here was yet another person who  had been influenced and deceived by Internet graffiti, called COINTELPRO.

COINTELPRO is a tactic used by the US government and various agencies to attack many people they perceieve to be "enemies of the state." It is a smear campaign intended to libel and slander the target of their wrath, with the intent of destroying their reputation or in my case, attempting to destroy my credibility as an investigative journalist exposing government and NWO corruption.

Does the US government want me to be believed? No. A visit from the FBI to my former webmaster in Tulsa, OK, made that clear. They threatened me indirectly through warning him that I rated high on their scale of priority to terminate me, due to my reporting. The FBI told him personally, "Tell her that her time is very short...we don't like her telling these things to the American people...." My webmaster was terrified by that encounter that day in his office.

One retired CIA source in Colorado warned me that my name was also put on the CIA's top one hundred hit list for rescuing one fellow researcher who said too much on the radio in Denver Colorado a few years back. I picked him up from an area where they had lured him and set him up to be killed, and rushed him to safety to Canadians who took him over the border.

Of course the US government does not want my reporting to be believed by the American people! Why then should anyone be surprised when COINTELPRO surfaces on the INTERNET occasionally regarding me, my character and reporting???

Furthermore, is anyone stupid enough to blindly believe EVERYTHING posted on the Internet without performing further background research and investigation to confirm what is being stated?

How many of you as Christians would blindly believe websites that state the "Jesus Christ is NOT the Son of God" and that it is okay to live in SIN???

Why, oh WHY then are some Christians foolish enough to believe slander and libel written about fellow Christians and servants of God without performing further background checks to see it what is published is actually the TRUTH???

Let us turn to the Word of God for further enlightenment. Jesus Christ stated in the word of God, "BLESSED are you when men shall REVILE you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against falsely for my name's sake..." He also stated clearly, "WOE UNTO YOU when ALL MEN shall speak well of you..."

I am personally never surprised when I am persecuted for righteousness' sake. I have learned from the Word of God to expect this. And yes, as I walk in obedience to Jesus Christ and His call, persecution comes! I have been to both jail and prison for peaceful/non-violent Christian pro-life activities that has saved the unborn from death.

I have been stalked and set up to be abducted and tortured and killed for my Christian outreach to those threatened by occult crime in various parts of America (narrowly escaping death that time around.)

I have lost jobs for the sake of  my uncompromising Christian witness.

I have been attacked by confirmed government assassins (my brakeline severed the night before I was to meet with a Canadian film crew to film a hidden detention camp, almost resulting in a fatal accident the following day as I drove to meet them. The garage my car was towed to confirmed my brake line had been severed deliberately.) My laptop and notebook were stolen one time by a known CIA operative who bragged about it by email afterwards. And so much more!

Frankly,  my fellow Christians should know better than to blindly believe accusations surfacing  on the Internet about fellow Christians and servants of God. Especially in light of what the Word of God and Jesus Christ Himself has to say about this.

SO many of my Christian friends are shocked at what both FBI and CIA COINTELPRO has posted about me on the Internet. They tell me that this is NOT the Pamela Rae that they have known for years! And in fact, the type of person that COINTELPRO describes me to be SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST except in their evil imaginations.

I personally encourage people to come to me first for explanations, before they blindly parrot and repost on their websites malicious government COINTELPRO regarding me. They can talk to my pastor and Christians in my church. They can talk to Christians and Christian families that have known me for years. They can talk to me. My email address is posted here on my blog.

My reporting is true. I fear God Almighty. His Word declares "...And ALL LIARS shall have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE..." in the book of Revelation. This is how I also KNOW that the vast majority of secular reporters are going to perish eternally: MANY (not ALL) are government assets publishing lies for the government to cover up THE TRUTH.

And this is how I know that ALL COINTELPRO writers are also going to perish eternally. They are being paid by the US government to fabricate lies and slander against those the government deems "enemies of the state."

In closing, the Internet has proven to be, among other things, one massive GRAFFITI BOARD!!! People can write and post anything they want to, and call it "the truth." The US government can post any malicious false report they want to, in the name of COINTELPRO...and they DO!

Christians need to become much more sensitive and more discerning regarding this tactic. A person in my position who is laying down one's life for their fellow Christians and fellow Americans, facing many hardships and dangers, does not NEED pseudo-Christians accusing me falsely based on what they have read on the Internet! A person in my position rather needs Biblical love, compassion, prayer and support from fellow Christians.

Friends, today it may be ME who is openly persecuted for my Christian witness as I stand on the front lines for truth's sake. But TOMORROW, as martial law unfolds in this country, it may be YOU, Pastor...or Christian witness...or fellow servant. And in fact, it WILL be. They have targeted the whole Body of Christ in North America for persecution and elimination. How would YOU want fellow Christians to respond if YOUR name is slandered falsely by the government? Jesus Christ declared, that we are to treat others with the same kind of love, respect and support that WE would want to also be shown.

The mercy you sow NOW, will become the mercy you reap LATER.

I encourage therefore my fellow Christians to become mature in this subject and to become educated in the tactics of the enemy.

Here are excellent links to the subject of COINTELPRO:

In closing, I had to slowly begin to explain to this person at the barbecue the other Sunday, about the slander posted about me on the Internet, what it is called, and WHY I am persecuted in this manner. I knew she had been reading Internet graffiti just by the accusing nature of her statements to me, acting as if "she knew me." But in fact, the person that COINTELPRO  maliciously describes regarding ME, simply does not exist! And she did NOT know, in fact, the REAL Pamela Rae.

Such a non-person exists only in the wicked minds of those paid to write it, and nothing more. Please grow up, fellow Christians, and get educated! Stand in support of those coming under attack for righteousness' sake! Because someday, IT MAY BE YOU!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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