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..Or, "Basic NWO 101" and what EVERY Christian needs to understand!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I want to simplify the NEW WORLD ORDER and Revelation 13 for all my readers. There is so much misconception and misinformation out there that confuses people trying to understand all this and what the NWO is all about.

I want to take the mystery out of it and make it easy to understand and very plain. It is important that everyone understand the truth about the NWO. Especially for Christians, who are called to spiritual warfare and conquest against the kingdom of Satan/Lucifer and his henchmen.

Revelation 13 in the New Testament speaks of a last great kingdom of darkness on the earth before Jesus Christ's return to establish God's eternal kingdom on earth. Revelation 13 makes it clear that this kingdom of darkness is directly under Satan/Lucifer ("the dragon") himself. It states in Revelation 13 that the dragon will give to this kingdom his throne, power and great authority. Yes, Satan has a kingdom of darkness over which he reigns (for a season until God himself destroys both Satan and his kingdom forever!) And his kingdom is forevermore opposed to the Kingdom of the Living God and His Christ, Jesus.

Revelation 13:2-And the beast which I saw was like to a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Revelation 13 speaks of  that people who worship the dragon, who then gives his power to "the beast" (or world government and it's leaders and satanists under it.)

Revelation 13:4-And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

The dragon is obviously Satan/Lucifer. Who worships Satan/Lucifer? Satanists/Luciferians/Illuminati, also known as THE CRAFT or THE BROTHERHOOD.

 HOW is Satan worshiped? Primarily by HUMAN SACRIFICE. Keep this in mind as you read further.

It is as simple as that. The NEW WORLD ORDER is simply Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. And the Satanists, or Luciferians (Illuminati, etc.) are the backbone. They are the mover and shakers and instigators and financiers of their New World Order. And they ALL worship Satan or Lucifer, or THE DRAGON for money and world power. Ask ANY Satanist or member of the Illuminati! They will tell you this is true! And every former satanist or Illuminati member I have ever interviewed has confirmed this to be completely true. Doc Marquis, former Rothschild Illuminati member who I have previously written about, is able to confirm this completely.

This is WHY the Christians are so hated by the New World Order! NO OTHER PEOPLE ON THE EARTH have been given a mandate and power and authority to come against Satan and his works and kingdom, like the BORN-AGAIN, BIBLE-BELIEVING CHRISTIANS! Therefore Satan hates THE CHRISTIAN, and subsequently his NWO followers also hate THE CHRISTIAN.

Former Illuminati and satanists working for the NWO agenda in the CIA told me personally, how the would sit around discussing, "How the heck do you get RID of the Christians in America who stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER?" (The CIA is one of the most wicked and satanically controlled agencies in the world.)

Elaine Knost, former satanist high priestess over Indiana, and hired as an assassin for the CIA under the leadership then of Bush Sr ("Mr. NWO") admitted much of this to me in her home in Okeechobee, FL as I interviewed her for one month in 1995. She has co-authored several books exposing Satanism in America today, that can be found in Christian bookstores. But for legal reasons, she admitted to me she never shared her work with the CIA in those books at that time. My articles and interviews with her exclusively have this information she never before revealed publicly.

Elaine told me that this kind of discussion  within the CIA helped in the planning for building of the detention camps across North America, in fact, to get rid of all NWO  resistance, especially THE CHRISTIANS.

Yet another CIA source admitted the following:"Oh, all of us in the CIA know about the detention camps and their purposes..we all know they are to TERMINATE all future resistance of the NWO as it comes down in America under martial law."

(Source: my personal friend Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI and CIA working for the NWO agenda under Bush Senior.) Michael was not among the Satanists working within the CIA that I have interviewed, however. And Michael finally came out of CIA darkness to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 1996.

Former Satanists I have interviewed, now Christians, have admitted to me the truth about THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER. Elaine further revealed to me,"Satan is demanding more and more acts of human sacrifice, to then give his followers the power to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER. Satan is especially is demanding CHRISTIANS for sacrifice!" 

Again, this is routine in the world of Satanism. The news media will never tell you how many victims are abducted and die annually on satanic altars in North America alone every year, but the statistics are appalling. Some formerly into Satanism have estimated that the numbers reach up to ONE MILLION annually. Former FBI investigator TED GUNDERSON exposing Satanic crime in America confirmed this statistic to me

We as Christians are far too naive and uninformed about the truth regarding Satanism in our nation and the world today. And many Christians, both child and adult, become victims of Satanist abduction and sacrifice every year both in America and world wide. And the news media dutifully blacks out 99 percent of all cult related crime such as this, because of the financial power and control over the media by  the Satanists/Illuminati in the world today .The Illuminati don't want you knowing their dark secrets!


But we as Christians MUST understand and MUST stand against Satan's agenda for North America...and the entire world!

The richest and most powerful people in the world  (by the WORLD'S standards and NOT by God's) are the Illuminati and Satanists. They literally worship satan for earthly power, and they get it. But oh, what eternal damnation awaits them for this! The Illuminati/Satanists recruit people into their ranks by tempting them, even as Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan. They say, "You too can become part of the rich, the elite and the powerful! Money can be YOURS! POWER can be yours! Why, we will even give you a blank check to fill out for any amount of money you want! JUST JOIN US AND WORSHIP SATAN!"

One personal friend of mine, a retired Christian police officer who had actually investigated Satanic crime in the past,  had  been approached by Satanists in Asheville, NC, and tempted to join the Satanists with this very tactic! He had been a security guard for a big mall owned by a Satanist in Asheville, who then called him into his office and tried to recruit him. His response as a Christian was one of outrage, and to rebuke them and to walk away. This must be the response of every Christian to Satanist temptations such as this!

Victims are continually being abducted or bred for sacrifice in Illuminati/Satanist rituals. Such abducted victims of satanism/ Illuminati are brutally raped, tortured beyond belief, chained to altars and nailed to crosses, Christian victims mocked especially as they are nailed to crosses. Pregnant women abducted are chained to altars, their unborn ripped out and first sacrificed and then the mother. Little children abducted are chained to altars and cut into pieces with chainsaws and more.

Christians, I want to shock you into reality and anger and action! These are the kinds of people behind the NEW WORLD ORDER, Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. These are the kinds of people behind the martial law agenda in America that I  have been reporting on for years now.

These NWO murderers plan to do all this to YOU and your families in their NWO agenda for our nation. What they do to their victims regularly on their satanic altars, they hope to do to YOU in the future once they arrest you and take you to the prisoner boxcars and the camps!

And their NWO Satanists/Illuminati are infiltrated and prevalent throughout the US military and Pentagon, the intelligence community, HOMELAND SECURITY, and beyond...reaching into the highest levels of leadership in our nation, throughout every sector of our society. And this is also true of the NWO worldwide throughout every nation.The NWO Illuminati work hard to infiltrate people with THEIR agenda into every sector of society to exert their evil influence.

(Do WE as CHRISTIANS work as hard and invest as much time, effort and finances to bring forth GOD'S KINGDOM and will on the earth, as these satanists do to bring forth Satan's dark kingdom on earth?)

Oh, how I WISH that more Christians DID! I frankly speak this to our shame. How can Satanists be more zealous to establish satan's manifest kingdom on earth, than we are to  labor to bring God's eternal kingdom through Jesus Christ to this world? But the results speak for themselves. Body of Christ worldwide, what is our problem???

Can you continue to sit back in apathy and indifference as their kingdom of darkness advances every single day in North America, with their dark plans to utterly DESTROY US?

I was appalled by what one Christian said to me today as we discussed this subject. "God is sovereign, and He is in all this..." inferring that we just sit passively back and LET the enemy have his wicked way.

Oh, what doctrinal error so may Christians are into! Yes, God is Almighty, but we live in a world filled with sin and darkness! Therefore everything that happens in this sinful world is NOT automatically "the will of God!"

God is NOT schizophrenic! He Himself is against Satan and his darkness and sin! God Himself is against the New World Order and it's satanic wickedness!

Would any Christian be foolish enough to say that "God is in..." Abortion? Human sacrifice? Brutal torture and death of the innocents? Sin?  Or Satan's New World Order and plans to destroy Christianity from the world? GOD IS NOT!

It is therefore ridiculous to try to rationalize away all these things we face with the New World Order, by saying "God is in all of this..."!

Yes, God can and does work divinely in the midst of the darkness in this world. God can work through such circumstances as the NWO minions will create for their evil purposes, to bring forth HIS GREATER WILL and to destroy the plans of the wicked. But God is against them that do evil, and He is forever against Satan and sin and rebellion against His Word and His Kingdom.

There are two kingdoms at war with one another to this very hour: the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of the Living God! We live in a fallen world in which the will of God is NOT being done every day!

These NWO Satanists are they which "make war with the Lamb," as it is written in Revelation. We are called as Christians to make war against Satan's kingdom continually, and to oppose Satan's will, so that the will of God might indeed be done "on earth as it is in heaven." We are called to be OVERCOMERS!

Revelation 17:14-These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

The Bible commands us to resist Satan steadfastly.

James 4:7-Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The Word of God declares that "Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil!"

I John 3:8-For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

(Now do you understand why the NWO Satanic communists love to forbid and destroy THE BIBLE in every nation that they take over? Satan and his followers HATE the WORD OF GOD! Communism was founded by the Illuminati as a tool to destroy Christianity worldwide and bring forth Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER! They therefore hate everything the Bible states against their NWO and their Lucifer behind it.)

God longs to love and bless and heal His people and show them mercy. God longs to spread His king of love and mercy and salvation throughout the entire earth through the witness of His people and their ministries. God wants His kingdom spread throughout the entire creation through His people and their witness!

These NWO Satanists come in Satan's name, to bring forth his kingdom of darkness and oppression. In Satan's name, they want to rape, murder and destroy God's people from the face of the earth. They also want to destroy His Word, the Bible from the face of the earth.

Convince me therefore, that somehow "...God is in all of this." God is holy! God is righteous!

Again, God is NOT schizophrenic! God is FOR His word, He is FOR His people, and He is AGAINST Satan and his followers and their rebellion against God! Hence, He is against the NEW WORLD ORDER, or Satan's manifest kingdom on earth! A holy God is not found IN SIN!

Of course, God can permit certain things to happen. In the case of Israel in the Old Testament, He permitted enemy nations to invade Israel and Judah because of the sins of His people. He is a God of judgment who can use any circumstances he wants to bring judgment to the rebellious.

But in the case of the NWO and their agenda, they are coming to brutally murder the saints of God, walking in faith and forgiveness and fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus! The NWO is coming with Satan's agenda against God and his people. And God is in none of their wicked planning sessions to bring these attacks against His people. Rather, the Holy Spirit is present pleading with these NWO sinners to REPENT!

Can God be glorified in the persecution and martyrdom of His saints? Obviously, He can and has been for two thousand years now! And many sinners have come under conviction and repentance through the blood of the martyrs. But again, these are sinners persecuting the saints of God, working against the Word and the will of God daily, and God is not found IN SIN.

This, then, is WHY God has taken the time to FOREWARN GOD'S PEOPLE in the prophecy of the Book of Revelation, of Satan and his followers intentions in these last days! Jesus Christ declared that the Holy Spirit would show us THINGS TO COME! But understand, that not everything prophesied in the Bible means it is THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD!

There are basically FOUR KINDS of BIBLE PROPHECY found throughout the Bible.

There is prophecy pertaining to THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD, where God Himself wants this to come to pass and will bring it to pass. One example of this  is Messianic prophecy found throughout the Old Testament pertaining to the coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ to the world. it was God's perfect will to bring His Son into the world, and He Himself would bring this to pass.

Then there is prophecy called CONDITIONAL PROPHECY, such as God warning Israel and Judah to repent of their sins in various passages of the Old Testament. If they repented, God would restore them. If they did NOT repent, God forewarned them what would come as punishment. It was therefore CONDITIONAL prophecy.

There is PERSONAL PROPHECY revealed in the New Testament, where the Holy Spirit speaks words of edification and exhortation and comfort to the receiver. Personal words of guidance and direction for that Christian's life are included in this.

And finally there is PROPHECY FOREWARNING US OF THINGS TO COME. Such prophecy is not necessarily the"perfect will of God." Often this kind of prophecy is warning God's people for their own good. Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit  would "...show you things to come." Such prophecy may also be of a positive nature, speaking of good things to come also.

Many Christians are under the mistaken impression that simply because something is prophesied in the Bible, we must therefore just sit passively back and LET it happen because it is prophesied. WRONG!

The Bible prophesies that wicked men shall become worse and worse in the end times. Does that mean we just sit back and LET wicked men increase, and NOT call them to repent? NEVER!

The Bible prophesies that many will fall away from the Christian faith under persecution. But is THIS the perfect will of God? NEVER!

Such prophecies are given to us as WARNINGS. Such  are never the perfect will of God.

Some Christians have the attitude that, because the Bible prophesies throughout the Book of Revelation that this worldwide kingdom of darkness under Satan's control will come and persecute the saints and kill them, that we must therefore  passively sit back and LET Satan and his followers have their way unchallenged...to steal, murder, oppress and kill in Satan's name! And all because "it is prophesied."

This is damnable heresy. Such prophecy was written for us in these last days as a WARNING of things to come against God's people, and to help us to prepare and act accordingly, so might emerge as VICTORIOUS OVERCOMERS of Satan's dark plans! 

The word of God has given us AUTHORITY over Satan and his kingdom! The Word of God has called us to RESIST THE DEVIL! The word of God tells us that we are to DESTROY the works of the devil through Jesus Christ and His word and authority. The NEW WORLD ORDER is the "work of the devil" from beginning to end!

Clearly, we as Christians are called TO ACTION, and not to sit passively by as Satan and his followers exercise their wicked will unchallenged!!!

We have been clearly warned by God's Word of Satan's plan for a world government under his dark reign. We have been warned of his plans to persecute and eliminate ever Christian from the face of the earth.

Now, Christian, are you going to sit back in indifference, ignorance and apathy any longer???

Even as they continue to lay the groundwork for martial law, for Christian churches to be seized by FEMA, and Christians taken away to camps to be KILLED as I have described??? Are you content to sit back as lambs led to slaughter in this hour...to become yet one more sacrifice to Satan to bring forth the New World Order???

The NWO minions believe that, with every person they will arrest and kill under the NWO agenda, Satan will give them more and more power to bring the NWO to come to pass.

"This why every Christian arrested in the future under martial law as our NEW WORLD ORDER comes down, will count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN as they are put into boxcars and taken to the camps to be killed..." admitted one former CIA satanist, Elaine.  

She admitted further, "I tell you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death once they get their hands on the Christians under martial law..."

Of course. This is what Satanists do to their victims routinely after they are abducted, especially the much hated Christians. In my previous publications, SATANISM IN AMERICAN TODAY and many articles exposing Satanism in America and worldwide, I have outlined all of this in detail.

And, my precious fellow Christian, someday they plan to come for YOU!

This is also what the Illuminati communists do in every nation that they bring communism. They also set up detention camps for all opponents, they also use prisoner boxcars to haul political and religious resisters to these camps, where prisoners are routinely subjected to torture, rape, brutality,  or mockery of their Christian faith. They seize and destroy churches and Bibles. They murder Christian leaders. They destroy religious freedom.

And for many, they bring death.

Did you know that powerful NYC Satanists (Rothschild Illuminati) designed and funded COMMUNISM and the Bolshevik Revolution as the beginning of their plan to destroy Christianity worldwide and bring forth their satanic NWO agenda? Communism IS the NEW WORLD ORDER world globalist plan to destroy national sovereignty, to destroy Christianity worldwide. What the Illuminati called "communism" previously, is now referred to as WORLD GLOBALISM and the NEW WORLD ORDER. It takes MANY years to establish a world globalist government and to eradicate Christianity worldwide! Their efforts began almost 100 years ago and continues to this very day.

Did you know that KARL MARX was a satanist?

This is why Christians are hunted down under communism, their churches seized and destroyed and closed, and Christians are often tortured and martyred under communism in every nation that the Illuminati's NWO agenda takes over. SATANISM/ILLUMINATI is at the root of COMMUNISM and it's "kill the Christians" agenda.

And this is precisely what is planned to come to NORTH AMERICA in the near future.

Former Satanists I have interviewed in America have explained this to me clearly. The NEW WORLD ORDER is Satan's kingdom on earth, they are the movers and shakers, and they WILL seek to have all Christians arrested and put to death under Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER.

"We Satanists knew that no Bible-believing Christian would ever accept our NWO, and hence they will have to die..."-Elaine Knost

And that is what the prisoner boxcars and shackles, the modern guillotines and the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps I have consistently reported on are all about in North America. These are not merely detention camps, but many are DEATH CAMPS to terminate all future NWO resistance, whether political or religiously motivated.

THE GUILLOTINES FULFILLING REVELATION 20:4 are HERE...by the MILLIONS.And they are now found worldwide, according to my CIA and many military sources. I have extensively researched and documented these modern military guillotines and their presence in many military bases throughout North America. They have been reported by credible eye witnesses to even be bolted into the prisoner boxcars and shackles I have also reported on extensively for many years. When the NWO minions finally trigger MARTIAL LAW and drag you before their modern guillotines (Revelation 20:4), they will ask the Christian to do ONE THING: renounce your faith in Jesus Christ and join the NWO... or DIE BY BEHEADING.

Revelation 20:4-b"... and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

This verse clearly speaks of the context under which it is referring to the saints beheaded. It is not referring to those who have been beheaded throughout the centuries, such as the Apostle Paul under Nero. It is clearly speaking rather of those beheaded under the world antichrist government of the BEAST of Revelation 13!

And to behead millions of Christians under the world government of Revelation 13, it would require millions of modern guillotines worldwide! One CIA source told me of being taken to Japan, where the guillotines were originally being manufactured under secret contract with the US government back in the 1970's. I have since heard that they have been manufactured in CHINA as well. And most recently, Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel of Fort Lewis Washington informed me that they were also making the guillotines at some military bases as well.

Boysel told me personally, while standing before me in full military uniform, of the secret underground building in Fort Lewis in which these modern military guillotines were housed, and how he would be returning to train his 64  men in his platoon on how to operate these guillotines in this very building using practice dummies. You can read the full article found in my blog or GOOGLE it up.

I tell you frankly, THE GUILLOTINES ARE HERE! My  Christian military and Pentagon sources do not lie, my now-Christian CIA sources now blowing the whistle on the NWO do not lie, my Christian contacts who have been eye-witnesses do not lie. The hard-core evidence does not lie. And ultimately, BIBLE PROPHECY DOES NOT LIE!

And they will have the NOAHIDE LAWS LEGISLATION to use as legal justification, already signed into legislation by President Bush Senior, or "Mr. NWO ILLUMINATI" himself! Read about this infernal legislation that paves the way for millions of dead and beheaded Christians in the future in North America!

Can you begin to understand WHY I have been so concerned for so many years about my fellow Christians in North America now??? It is because of revelations of former CIA, military, insiders,  and former Illuminati/satanists like the above, that I have been compelled to stop everything else and to research and warn my fellow American and fellow Christians.

Christians, wake up! Understand who the enemy is, and begin to exercise spiritual warfare daily against the foe!

Refuse to sit passively back as lambs led to certain slaughter.

And BEWARE of false theology that leads to damning Christian passivity, stating that "..God is in all of this..." when in fact no where in the Word of God do we read this! God himself is against Satan, against his followers and against his NEW WORLD ORDER and it's Satan-worshipping/"kill the Christian" agenda.

God's will is never Satan's will! Again, God is not schizophrenic.

It is far past time for every Christian in North America to fast and pray and intercede intensely against Satanism/the Illuminati and their dark New World Order agenda for our nation.

This is a NOT a time for Christian ignorance and apathy and indifference, but for understanding the will of God, discerning Satan's agenda, and standing in the power and might of the Living God through Jesus Christ and His authority against Satan and his followers' intentions.

God is calling his people to AWAKEN out of their slumber and apathy and ignorance of events to come, and to stand against the encroaching darkness in this hour. Will YOU purpose to stand in this critical hour and help to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE??? It is NEVER TO LATE to make a difference in this battle!  

And above all, pray and purpose to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH should YOU be dragged before the guillotines of the New World Order and Revelation 20:4. Or arrested for your faith and shackled into these prison boxcars I report on.

Fear NONE of these things! Pray continually for the grace to boldly confess "JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD" before these NWO murderers! Realize that YOUR VICTORY IS ALREADY PURCHASED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB! Your home is not in this world, and your earthly body is NOT the final body!

We as Christians are living for a WORLD TO COME, a RESURRECTION BODY and an eternal HEAVENLY KINGDOM far beyond this sinful world!

Simply explained, BELIEVE the Word of God.

"And they overcame him [satan] by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. I've just begun awakening to this nwo conspiracy. I lost touch with GOD a long time ago. For some reason I was compelled to google "Jesus nwo". The connections are startling. He was warning of this same entity in his day, made me believe the Devil does exist...and made me believe in Jesus as a Savior. Look up Larry McDonald from JBS. He was exposing this in the 70's. Too bad he got taken out for it. He is a martyr in every sense of the word. Bless us all!