Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Returned to Montana to Give My Life For Jesus Christ Completely


After being gone for several years, I have finally returned to Montana to give my life for the One I love the most...Jesus Christ. My testimony in this state will undoubtedly cost me my life eventually.

So many people that I have talked to in Montana know what is planned for this state in the future. People I have interviewed have told me that they know everything I report to them is true, and yet  they feel God has also called them to this state. And some have told me they fully expect to die in this state in the battle for freedom against the darkness of the New World  Order agenda for America. Many have told me of their visions of martial law to come, the guillotines and prisoner boxcars and the many things I report on.

I have not told anyone publicly this yet, but I am sharing this with my readers now. I have returned to Montana to die. I am a marked person for my testimony. I have suffered several death attempts on my life already in this state, one while working in Yellowstone NP and uncovering many dark secrets including the methamphetamine operations there, and underground military facilities and more. The other was when my brake line was deliberately severed one night after going on radio to expose NWO activities taking place in Montana, and prior to meeting with a Canadian film crew. But in spite of this, God has called me to return to Montana.

I have reported extensively to the people of Montana what is happening in their state. I have prayed many prayers over her people. And in the process, I developed a deep love for her people and this state. And I finally realized that if I have to die in the coming battle for freedom in our nation, I wanted to die in Montana. The bravest and most committed people to freedom and liberty, I have discovered throughout this state. And for this reason, I have chosen to make my final stand for freedom and my faith in Jesus Christ standing side by side with THE MONTANANS.

I don't want to stand with cowards and the faint hearted in the day of battle! I don't want to stand with those who will abandon one another to be devoured by the wolves!  I want to stand with true disciples of the Cross, and true American Patriots. And I have found all this and more in MONTANA.

Yes, there are wonderful and committed Christians in every other state across our nation. But it is important that each one of us  pray and allow God to show us where he wants us to stand in the coming times of confrontation and battle.

I want my final memories of planet earth to be of these majestic mountains of Montana!

Governor Brian Schweitzer, you cannot possibly be governor of this state, and NOT know about the thousands of modern guillotines that have already been brought here for the hour of martial law, to behead me and my fellow Christians and NWO resisters. Many have been unloaded by US Marines in to closed military facilities (as in GLASGOW, MT), and many have been hauled by truck into your beautiful state (and right now into BILLINGS MT). Do you care???

You cannot possibly be governor of this state, and NOT know about the many hidden detention camps in place for martial law, and the many prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned in covert locations across Montana, to incarcerate Christians and the  freedom loving Patriotic Americans and defenders of liberty, the many gun owners and militias here. Even members of city councils as found in Whitefish, MT, know about these things and have said so.

Sir, if you are a lover of the American people, your fellow Montanans and of liberty, how can you remain silent in this hour??? Knowing all this, I know that I cannot remain silent. And neither should you.

I remain peaceful and non-violent and have chosen to remain unarmed. My Christian witness and my factual reporting is far more powerful a weapon against the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda than mere guns and ammunition could ever be. I refuse to use violence to express my beliefs and remain a law abiding citizen of this state and this nation.

I beseech you, IF you are a true American patriot and lover of the people of your state, that you order the removal of ALL prisoner boxcars with shackles and ALL military guillotines from this state's borders, and a closing of ALL military detention and related detention camp facilities found throughout this state, whose purpose is to ultimately remove Patriotic Americans, Christians, gun owners and related threats to the NWO under martial law.

No, I do NOT want to see a bloody conflagration emerge as US military forces combat American freedom fighters in this state and nation under martial law! I pray daily against this ever happening. True Christians are peace lovers. And it does not have to happen in this state of Montana, IF the tools of NWO oppression are removed from this state's borders.

The guillotines, the prisoner boxcars with shackles, the chemical and biological weapons and testing on the local populations, the hidden UN bases and foreign troops practicing in these mountains, the detention camps both above and underground ALL HAVE TO GO so that this state may remain a FREE STATE.

Governor Schweitzer, it is far past time to order the removal of the detestable and destructive Pentagon testing of military chemicals on the local Montana population by deliberate low altitude spraying of the people in this state. This program that I have uncovered and have reported on previously has been going on now for many years, and you should be well aware of this covert military program by now that has brought sickness and death to many Montanans now.

Again, you were elected to protect and care about the citizens of this state.  I beseech you to show that you care by your actions confirming this.

On behalf of maintaining freedom in Montana and on behalf of my fellow Montanans,

Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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