Monday, July 18, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


I recently met with a Christian trucker at a local Christian church near Kalispell, MT. This person overheard my discussion in that church a few Sundays ago about coming martial law and preparations being made in MONTANA.

He took me aside and told me the following: "The truckers are all abuzz in BILLINGS, MONTANA. Truckloads of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES are being shipped BY TRUCK into BILLINGS now..."

I quickly put two and two together. A former drill sergeant from Billings MT told me previously  in my interview with him that they were hardening their US Marines men in preparation to martial law being declared, so they would even fire on women and children.

A previous report I received several years ago indicated from one US Marine that the US Marines had previously unloaded thousands of the modern military guillotines at the closed military GLASGOW BASE in Glasgow, MT.

Based on my previous information received, I believe that the purpose of the shipments of these modern guillotines into BILLINGS MT is to secretly train their US MARINE MEN in the use of these tools of terror and death on civilians who will resist the NWO takeover under martial law.

DUE TO THE NOAHIDE LAWS SIGNED INTO LEGISLATION BY BUSH SR PREVIOUSLY, I will state emphatically that CHRISTIANS will become the major target of these NWO guillotines in the future.

(Read my previous articles on the NOAHIDE LAWS and how they pave the way for REVELATION 20:4 to be fulfilled perfectly by these modern guillotines now  in place at military bases worldwide!)

Christians in Montana and beyond, ARE YOU READY TO STAND FACE TO FACE WITH BIBLE PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED IN YOUR NATION...and SOON??? And you prepared to confess Jesus Christ is YOUR Lord and Savior while facing these modern guillotines and asked that very question: "ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN???"???

Search YOUR hearts and prepare. THE GUILLOTINES ARE HERE. The truth and Bible prophecy are inescapable in this hour...even here in NORTH AMERICA.

And I will NOT give you a false prophecy stating that Jesus Christ will "rapture you out" before this can ever happen! Because as an honest Christian, I have neither Bible chapter nor verse telling us this! "NO man knows the day nor the hour...." 


-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from northwestern Montana

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