Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deep Reflections Regarding the Coming Persecution of God's People in North America

July 31, 2011-

Through many years of research, I am privileged now to know and understand truths that many Christians do not as yet comprehend. Now, in the 21st century, we as Christians are finding ourselves living in the time period of fulfilment of Bible prophecy that has waited now for two  thousand years to finally be manifested to the world.

Some of this Bible prophecy has positive implications for the Body of Christ. God IS pouring our His Holy Spirit on all flesh, and wonderful things have been happening. People have experienced many miraculous healings and other glorious signs and wonders. In the midst of our darkened world, God is nevertheless working in the earth for His glory.

Yet other Bible prophecy contains decidedly negative implications for the people of God.Jesus Christ warned us that, in these days of a coming world globalist government of darkness, we would be hated by all nations and delivered up to tribulation and to be put to death for His sake.

The Bible even specifies that Christians will be beheaded for their faith in Jesus Christ and the Word of God under this satanic world government. All who refuse to renounce their faith in Him will know persecution and martyrdom in some form, with many facing the modern military guillotines now prevalent throughout the world today. (Revelation 20:4)

For fifteen years now, I have been receiving information regarding the phenomenon of the mysterious modern guillotines. My sources have included CIA, Pentagon, military and civilian eye-witnesses as well to these guillotines.

I have collected the visions and revelations of Christians from all over the world regarding these guillotines and coming persecution and beheading of the saints. So many people, following my lectures have come to me and stated, "I have already received my dream (or vision) of being beheaded for my Christian faith by these modern guillotines..." Pastors and youth pastors, pastors' wives, Christian men and women from all over the world as I travel worldwide and lecture have revealed to me that God has already shown them this! "And He shall show you THINGS TO COME," declares the Bible regarding the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 20:4-b states: "And I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus and the Word of God...." and goes on to perfectly describe the time frame being that of this antichrist world government of Revelation 13.

As I write this, it is late in the evening. The sun has already set over the beautiful mountains of Montana. I am listening to the inspirational music of Aaron Copland's APPALACHIAN SPRING. Such music soothes my deeply troubled heart at times.

I cannot help but think of the recent revelation of a Christian trucker at an Assembly of God church here in NW Montana. Following the church service, he revealed to me that his trucker friends were very disturbed. They admitted to him they were bringing in loads of modern guillotines to the Billings, MT, area. So many truckers have told me of their awareness of the trucking industry hauling these modern guillotines around our nation.

As Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel of Fort Lewis, WA,  told me personally in full military uniform several years ago, the guillotines are everywhere. Fort Hood Texas. Fort Lewis, Washington. Fort Bragg, NC. And in Berlin and other overseas locations. He himself would be returning to Fort Lewis to train his men in the operation of these modern military guillotines with his 64 men in his platoon. He informed me that THE GUILLOTINES ARE EVERYWHERE!

But then, why not? This IS a world globalist agenda that reaches worldwide. The NWO hates the Bible Believing Christian. They realize that no Bible believer can accept their satanically based NWO agenda and their satan behind it! The Bible states this as well. Christians worldwide will be persecuted by this satanic NWO agenda. They will be martyred and beheaded for their faith worldwide.

We are fast approaching that final hour of fulfillment of this Bible prophecy.

These things being true, I am led as a Christian to ponder ever deeper the truths contained in the precious and eternal word of God and to be found in the timeless Words of Jesus Christ.

I am compelled by all that I research to re-examine the principles and foundation upon which my faith is built. Christianity has never been a "save your life" religion. Rather, we are continually called upon to lay down our lives for the Word of God and His truth. We are to pursue the salvation of our eternal souls rather than seeking to save mere flesh which is so temporal.

Throughout the centuries, the enemies of God and His Christ have sought to move Christians to deny their faith in Him, to renounce Jesus Christ and turn from His truth. All too frequently, this temptation has included coercion through persecution, imprisonment, deprivation, even torture and cruel mockery and death.

Under an antichrist world government we Christians will face this same kind of persecution in the 21st century as well.

The guillotines to fulfill Bible prophecy are here. And much more besides these guillotines is in place for the coming hour of persecution.

As I ponder on the information given to me throughout these past 15 years regarding the coming persecution of the saints under this world globalist system, I find myself drawn ever closer to the eternal Word of God and to seek refuge in His everlasting love.

I grieve deeply over the hatred that tragically dwells in the hearts of such unregenerate men and women, that they could even conceive of such horrors at all. But then, whenever satanic deception is worshipped in the hearts and minds of men, the results are predictable. People become like whatever they worship and serve. When people abandon the Living God to worship Satan or Lucifer, the demonic inspiration behind their New World Order agenda and the Illuminati, there is no end to the evil and abominations that subsequently can fill their hearts and lives.

I grieve deeply over the many innocent victims that they will destroy as they implement their dark agenda for the world.

But there IS hope in the midst of such great darkness. Their NWO darkness can never blot out the light of the eternal and everlasting God and Creator! The love and power of Jesus Christ cannot be obliterated from the hearts and lives of His people, despite persecution and martyrdom!

It is very sobering to ponder the fact that, here in this region of Montana, there is much evidence of the presence of the modern military guillotines in place, plus the presence of prisoner boxcars with shackles designed to take all opponents of the NWO to the FEMA/Homeland Security/military detention camps here.

I have been warned many times from the inside that I am a marked person, whether by the CIA or the FBI or military computers for my honest journalism. But this does not make me a criminal! I remain a child of God, walking in the glorious light of my Savior Jesus Christ and what He has done for me.

I have come to my own personal conclusions on how I choose to respond to all I have uncovered in my research. First of all, I BELIEVE GOD! God has promised us that in ALL these things, we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Jesus Christ Who loves us!

For the true child of God, death can hold no fears. The Bible declares to us that we have already passed from death to LIFE through out faith in Jesus Christ. "I AM the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he LIVE. And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die!" This is the eternal promise of Jesus Christ our Savior to each one of us!

Every day, as I ponder all that I have researched, I then return to the Word of God for comfort, consolation, and strength to face these things that will inevitably come to us as Christians in our lifetimes in this 21st century.

In the past I have worked in home health care. I understand much about the physical body. And while it remains a miraculous creation, yet it is TEMPORAL. Every cell in my body is programmed to die someday! Regardless of the care I give it, it remains destined to die.

Why then would any Christian be so foolish to be moved to deny Jesus Christ, their ONLY HOPE of salvation, to save a mere body of flesh and blood destined to die someday anyway???

The Bible warns us that if we deny Jesus Christ under persecution to save our lives or the lives of loved ones, we will perish eternally. For without HIM, we HAVE NO SALVATION! It is as simple as that. We are therefore called to faithfulness unto death. There is no middle ground. This is the eternal word of God to us.

I remind myself of these truths daily. And I realize that there can be only one response acceptable to God when these persecutions of the NWO come to us as Christians. Jesus has called each one of us to deny ourselves, to take up our cross, and to follow HIM. Whosoever seeks to save their life will lose it, and whosoever shall lose their life for His sake, the same shall find it.

The people behind the NWO agenda frequently follow my blog and other similar websites. They are very curious.They want to know what the response is of people to their NWO agenda plans. Are Christians being moved from their faith in Jesus Christ by what they have planned? Or are endangered Christians becoming even more resolute in their determination to follow Jesus and adhere to their faith regardless of the cost?

I therefore take the time to make it clear to them where I stand for all eternity in this important matter with eternal consequences. The more I uncover regarding their dark plans against the people of God, the more I am driven to find refuge in Jesus Christ and His eternal promises. I become more determined than ever to conform to His Word and to seek His grace to be kept faithful unto death with what is to come. I spend more and more time in prayer and in His Word. In that Word, Jesus has commanded us to "Fear none of those things which you are to suffer..." for His sake.

These modern guillotines, though so near to where I am in this state, have no power to rob me of my faith and my love for Jesus Christ. The peace of God has filled my heart and I sleep well at night. I laugh during the day. I have no fear in my life. Rather, I come to Him in prayer and tell Him repeatedly how much I love Him, and how thankful I am that there is a world beyond this world, and an eternal heavenly kingdom to which I shall go  to be with him when this body dies.

I frankly do not care what God permits them to do to this temporal body of mine. My kingdom is not of this world. I am living for a heavenly kingdom and for a resurrection body to come. I have lived 59 years now on this earth, 40 of them for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How many more years do I have remaining in this body at this point? My life is hidden in Him and my reward is far from this world, in a glorious world to come.

I do not grieve for myself with what I may face. My grieving rather is over the sheer wickedness of people who conceive of such dark agendas for this world and for the innocents. I grieve over their rejection of the One Who loved them and died on the cross to save each and every one of them. I grieve over where they will ultimately spend eternity for their rejection of His love and mercy for their lost souls. Truly, these New World Order satanists/Illuminati shall suffer far more than we as Christians could ever suffer at their hands! Our sufferings for Jesus Christ and righteousness' sake are but temporal.

But their suffering for their sins shall prove to be eternal and without end! "And the smoke of their torment shall ascend forever, and they shall know no rest day or night.." declares  the Book of Revelation regarding those who worship satan and his world leader and reject the salvation of God through Jesus Christ.

I grieve deeply over those Jews who are involved in this dark NWO deception continually. I have worked for years among various Jewish communities, including living in Jerusalem, and I understand so much now from the inside. I know the joys of taking care of precious Jewish children, and taking care of elderly Jewish patients as well. But Jews who support the NWO have admitted to me that they believe the "antichrist" will be their "new messiah" to lead them to world victory, and to "...get rid of you Christians who stand in our way!"

Dear Jewish readers, there will never BE another Messiah, except the One Who died on the cross for YOU, and Whose coming was prophesied by your Jewish prophets! And these very Christians so many of you hate in secret, are the very ones loving you, praying for Israel, and bringing in financial and spiritual support to Israel continually. Yes, my Jewish friends, my Christian friends all around me,  they love you. And what is about to happen to these loving Christians at the hands of Jews who support the NWO and their Noahide laws and guillotines to fulfill them, is tragic betrayal of genuine love at the highest level.

Behead and destroy the Christians throughout the world through your Noahide Laws and guillotines to fulfill them, and you will find you are betraying to death the only people group in the world outside the Jews that truly loves you and cares about you. How so many Jews of today could abandon the God of Israel and the Messiah sent to them, to promote a satanic NWO and to worship Lucifer in His place, I will never understand. (Many Jews are involved in what is called today "Sabbatean satanism" and many support the NWO agenda. Many Jews believe it is THEIR NWO agenda, to rise to world domination and get rid of Christians whom they believe stand in their way of world domination. COMMUNISM that has persecuted and destroyed tens of millions of Christian lives came directly out of Jewish planning circles and Jewish funding out of New York City.)

Christian friends, pray for God to touch the hearts of all such Jews so tragically involved in this deception. "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." We as Christians must choose to forgive and to pray for those who have chosen to become our enemies. Because God has called me to love and minister among the Jews, my love for these people shall never change. Jesus loved me when I was yet a sinner and sought me when I was lost and perishing. He also loves these lost souls as well. We must therefore choose to love and forgive as Jesus Christ loved and forgave us. But they have broken my heart and the heart of their God as well by their NWO darkness.

Fellow Christians, as you also ponder these deep matters of the heart, won't you purpose to spend much time in prayer, so that God may strengthen your determination to follow Jesus Christ, and to enable you to be faithful unto the end?

Jesus declared that our flesh is weak. We are therefore to spend much time in prayer seeking Him for the grace to never fall away or to be moved from our faith through persecution or life's circumstances. "Pray that you do not enter into temptation, " said Jesus Christ. "Though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak." However, this same Jesus declared to us that "My grace is sufficient for you!"  We were saved by grace, and His grace is able to preserve us faithful to the end!

"Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound,
that save a wretch like me.
I once was lost
but now am found.
T'was blind but now I see."

"Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come,
Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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