Monday, July 25, 2011


God bless you as you come to my blog! I have performed extensive research periodically throughout Montana now since 1997, to uncover and expose the NWO agenda for you beautiful state. What I have uncovered over these many yeas has broken my heart (and I am certain the heart of God as well.)

Only God can measure the heartache I have experienced and the many tears I have shed as I have driven up and down your interstates and highways to investigate, research and document the many articles I have published regarding the NWO agenda for Montana. Only God can know how many prayers I have prayed through tears over your region, for YOU. 

The New World Order has not planned a happy future for the freedom-loving  people of Montana. I discovered that your state is filled with their tools of future repression of freedom: many detention camps (including underground,) many prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned throughout your state to take people away to these camps, foreign troops training in your mountains for the coming hour of conflict, and much more.

Therefore take these reports seriously. My reports are never "urban legend" or wildfire rumor, etc. I work hard to perform this investigative journalism, so that YOU may become informed and forewarned of what is planned for our nation and your region.

American Christians and Constitutional Patriots and gun owners take particular note: YOU are among their major targets for persecution in the future! Former NWO agenda planners, including formerly with the CIA, have also told me to my face that Christians will be among the major targets for persecution, arrest and removal to the detention camps under martial law. I am deeply concerned for your well-being, for ALL of you.

These reports are intended to wake you up and alert you to what the government/Pentagon censored news media will NEVER tell you.

A properly informed American people is an ALERTED people and becomes an ACTIVATED people!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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